cordless phone with loooooong reach?

pupwhippedMarch 16, 2008

Don't call me stupid, now, cause this is my first post on electronics. We purchased a lake place that has two seperate buildings...and older cottage type built in 1952, and a newer building about ten feet or so away. I bought a cordless phone at Wal Mart that has the base unit and two other extra phone units (don't even know what to call these things), and although I like the phone, it does not have the range to use in both buildings. What phone would you suggest to solve my problem? I think this phone was the 5.8 mhz...or whatever those letters are? See, don't go calling me stupid, even though it might be justified here. LOL! TIA for any help.

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get a 900Mhz phone. the lower the frequency the longer the range usually. our old 900 mhz phones worked about 200 yards from the base.

newer 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz phones do have an extended range, but sometimes they just don't carry thru buildings as well.

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Thank you so much. I will get the 900Mhz phone. Would those be at Radio Shack and such? Or, is there an Internet source that someone could recommend? Thanks.

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I bought some DECT 1.9 Mhz phones from Philips off ebay and . Best wireless phones I've ever had. Small things though. Works in my pocket while I'm about 200 feet away as a crow flies on the otherside of my neighbors concrete block home while hosing off her pitb dang pool filter.
Only phones that I've ever used that seem to have zero static no matter where you are - and they use standard aaa nimh rechargables.

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Thank you Mikie. Appreciate your response. I'm going to check those babies out.

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I agree with Mikie: go with the 1.9 Mhz DECT phone. That frequency is reserved just for voice communications, so interference from other sources is virtually zero.

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I bought the Uniden Dect 6.0 from Costco and am very happy with it. I have a large house and it is the first cordless phone (of the many I have bought) that makes me and the rest of the family satisfied. Earlier I bought a Vtech Dect 6.0 because of its great modern looks. But it didn't work nearly as well as the Uniden Dect 6.0 in my house.


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Found you have same Philips dect phone with me. It was good, but I have a problem is I lost the user manual and I forgot the PIN, I don't know how to reset it and register to the base. Would you help me out please ?


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There's several Philips Dect models. Here's instructions for 221/225;

Press PIN and it blinks the programed pin code in the display.

Change PIN;
Hold down PIN key for 2 seconds, use the Volume UP/DOWN to change the first digit.
Press the PIN, change 2nd digit with up/down.
Press the PIN, change 3rd digit with UP/DOWN.
Press the PIN to confirm last (3rd) digit.

UnRegister handsets;
Menu, Settings, press OK.
Del HS and press OK.
Select handset# you want to unregister - press OK.

Register handsets;
Menu, Settigs, press OK.
Press and hold the paging button for four seconds, then press OK while on Register.
.... Or Select Register and press oK, if you dont see a paging button,,, I guess.

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Because it's an old post I'll state some basics only.

These basics apply to any time period.. not just old or new technology.

The lower the frequency of the system or radio (1) the better
it will penetrate walls or trees or buildings. Thus the old
43 mhz in 1980's was the best for going through these materials. The reason for new frequencies , usually higher, such as 900 mhz is marketing. A new thing that sells is presented as 'the best', more powerful, or longer

The truth is that any frequency will go farther if the power
level is higher. But, alas, these levels are limited by law..
and even if the power is limited but you put your unit up
higher, 2nd story is a good place, there are laws that limit
the range no matter the power. i.e. a system can't reach
farther than 1000 feet (this is a faux example).

So what's the best? Truly 900 mhz .. using spread spectrum was my best results for ordinary legal cordless. The problems that can occur with 900mhz had to do with competition with 900 mhz wifi signals and interference. The best way is to try it and see. If you don't have wifi then 900 mhz is probably best for cordless phone. And putting the base station as high up as possible makes the
range better.

In my experience the Uniden was the best 900 mhz when their
model stated 'spread spectrum' I won't get into why it's
good.. take my word for it.

the FCC would not care if your phone went 100 miles as long
as it does not interfere with others. I believe the DECT
system , which is a type of computer control of a radio signal is possibly the best for clarity and distance. The
reason being that because it's new (in 2008) the computer
which controls the DECT phone is sophisticated enough to allow long distances while avoiding interference.

As of today , Nov 2010, I'm seeing long range, 1 to 4 mile
phone systems being sold as DECT (I think) .. normally on
ebay these have stated they're not eligible for sale in the
USA. This disclaimer is no longer being shown.. that leads
me to believe that there might be long distance cordless phones allowed, now, that will reach to 1 mile or farther.

They often rely on a tower antenna going up on top of your
house to get more than 1/2 mile. And the cost is often
over $300..

This all doesn't answer your question, probably, since I think you wanted
an actual model number. The closest I can suggest is to find any spread spectrum 900 mhz phone .. AND be sure you
can find replacement batteries for the handsets.. and then
even if they're used they should give you the best distance
possible from an ordinary cordless phone. I'm a degreed
scientist in electronics, material sciences, and chemistry.
In my case I put a Yagi antenna on a Uniden 900 mhz phone
base and got over 1.4 miles of useful distance with the
antenna at about 14 feet up on my roof.

Hope this helps. This information should be good forever.
The only 'time sensitive' information is the section about
DECT type phones because that standard might change over time.

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