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john4291March 1, 2013

I have an older Magnavox TV Combo. Lost the manual. On the rear is an output called Audio Output Coaxial. How can I used it to connect my TV audio to an external source. I can play CD, DVD, and JPG discs on the TV. But don't know how to get sound out. I don't want to get video out. I tried to find a manual but the Model # was not listed on any of the sites including Magnavox. BTW the TV is a 27" CRT TV with disc and cartridge players. Thanks for any help.
MODEL # 27MDTR20/17 July 2005

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The "Audio Output Coaxial" is probably the single RCA type connector and is one of two types of digital audio outputs available - the other is an optical signal that carries the very same information over a fiber optic cable.

Either of these require an audio amplifier/receiver with digital audio inputs (coax or optical) that decode the digital stream to analog for playback through the amplifier - fairly common nowadays.

If you do not have an amplifier with digital audio inputs, does the television have a headphone jack? If yes, you could use an adapter cable to go from the 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to two RCA plugs to run into the amplifier's analog input.

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Thanks yosemitebil! The info was much appreciated. Someone in the CompHelp forum sent me a link to the actual Manual, which gave me similar info and a great deal more.

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