Brother Innov-is 4000D or Baby Lock Ellegante?

kitchenredo2June 5, 2008

I am thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing a sewing/embroidery machine....... I've learned that Brother manufactures machines for Baby Lock (which explains why they look so similar). Which one would you purchase - is one company easier to deal with than the other? Are there features which make one machine superior to the other? For the amount of $$ I would spend I do not want to make the wrong decision.


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They are the same machine with different names. Only the Brother is able to stitch any Disney designs (thus the D in the name).

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If they come from different dealers I would say go with the dealer you are more comfortable with, or that offers better classes & support. This is the voice of experience...I got my Brother machine at a show and then found out there are no Brother dealers anywhere near me, so I've never had any classes on my machine. I know I could utilitze it much better if I could take some classes.


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I have the Brother Innovis 4000LTD. It is the same machine as the Baby Lock Ellegante but the price is much cheaper and you get the Disney designs. With the Ellegante you get the Nancy Zieman designs. My Brother dealer is not that great and the classes I received were really not all that. I chose the Brother for the price point. If you can find the 4000LTD you may get an even better deal. This is my first embroidery machine and I love it. It is very EASY to use.
Good Luck!

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