can a Job help teach me to upload pics?

docmooMarch 11, 2012

Please, Is there anyone with the patience of Job that could help me to learn how to transfer my digital pictures into these forum discussions? I have Kodak EasyShare where I can directly email my pics; I can also transfer pics out of EasyShare into a folder in my computer. But I don't see an image file location or know how to name it ... whimper. I can follow a recipe if someone could write it out for me. Is my hero out there? Thank you.

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You need to not only transfer the pictures to your computer but also upload them to a hosting service like Flickr or Photobucket. From there you need to insert the appropriate HTML into your message to display the photos.

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Thanks mike, So how do I "upload to photobucket"? and how do I know what the pics HTML is? and by insert, do you mean I just type it in?

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Well, Job hangs out in the Appliance forum and at least on the subject of photo posts is a humorist and a hand holder.
Here you go:

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo posting 101

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chas you are my hero !

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