PE Design 2.5 up to 5 (I think)

JmyelouJune 16, 2014

I just installed my old windows XP so I can use either one on my monitor,Was like seeing an old friend again.However PES design had been removed but Babylock is still there.Pes Basic will not work with Babylock and I still need PES.Can anyone tell me where I can find a copy of Pe Design 2.5 to 5.I keep looking on E Bay but not using computers much I am not good at searching this type of thing.Thanks

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Pes Basic is only for transferring designs from computer to the PES Basic card. It will not serve as the security device to make any PE Design software program work. I have PE v2, v4, and v5--I had never tho't to ck my v5 card writer with any of those programs to see if it was compatible---until just now. And it is not recognized for v2 which is in an old XP laptop. I do, however, know that the cardwriters for v2 and v4 and Babylock 1.1 ARE compatible and I can open the programs with any of the boxes connected. I received your email, but was unable to answer as you have not set up your page with your address.

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