Diet Pals - 19 to 25 April

quiltingbunnyApril 19, 2004

So, do tell - how was the weekend? I got out, did a fair bit of walking, did have treats while out at a motoring event - thought I blew it and must have done alright during the week because I am back down to 141 (1 pound down) - this is my THIRD time at this weight since Feb. 3rd time's a charmer so hopefully now I will be moving on from here. This week's challenge is to plan ahead for Thursday night out for dinner at an italian restaurant. Have planned today's meals and have to start banking a couple of points each day for Thurs. That's my plan - hopefully I can stick to it!

Let's put our best feet forward today and make the most of it!



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Good morning!

Happy birthday MaryAnn!!!!

McPeg I see the future - you will be 140 by the end of the week...
I checked out Italian cooking because we went to the Olive Garden with a group and the best choices were spaghetti and marinara sauce and minestrone soup. The breadsticks are killers and the salads are loaded with bad stuff. You will do fine.

Gosh I did great this weekend. Went to eat at a buffet - hubby belongs to a sportsmans club and they make you prepay for the restaurant as part of the membership so we eat for "free". Ate no bread, potatoes (swimming in butter). I had 2 small chicken breasts with skin picked off and green beans and fruit for dessert.

I have taken my vacation/Easter weight off (don't know how much cause the scales did not get used) and have no eating out plans in the future so should lose this week.

I have had a weird very sore throat for 2 days so am waiting on a fever to hit but so far so good.

It's hot here!

I heard a tip on the radio this week - to keep you on your diet wear jeans! The fit of them remind you of how you are doing.

Well it's clean out day for me - heading to the shed and already cleaning "junk" and kitchen drawers.

Bye all .... Kathy

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Happy Birthday MaryAnn!
You are excused for today!

Kathy - thanks for the restaurant tip. Their food is good at this restaurant and I am familiar with I can choose wisely. I will only have a main course. What is 'hot' to you? We are about 50 degrees at a good moment, 48 with rain and wind on a normal, rainy, Scottish day. No wonder I have planned my trip home for August this summer - I WANT HEAT - 30'(about 86 F) I used to get tired of - now I long for it and a loud thunderstorm too! Love the smell outdoors just before it cracks open.
Kathy, want some help cleaning out? I could use some heat!


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Come on over McPeg! I just took a break and it is supposed to be over 80 degrees F today so I need to get back at it. I want to plant flowers outside but I know it is too early and it might be snowing next week. I did my part - put the snow shovels in the shed and the lawnmower has the blower parked in. Well I have 1/3 of the shed stuff sorted (and out in the yard) so I better go try to finish by noon. Kathy

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Happy Birthday, MaryAnn!

Good news! I'm a loser today! Yep. By 2 lbs.---so, I'm thinking I have 28 more lbs to go. Yayyy!

Last night I fixed some corn chowder with skim milk and some corn muffins. The muffins were 3.5 grams of fat and 160 calories each. I figure with the corn and potatoes, I could have a little cornbread. I'll eat sparingly today.

It's beautiful here today, I'm getting all of my planter pots cleaned up and ready to go----I was planting one pot at a time----now, I'm planning on doing like 20 at once. A lady traded me some brugs and I need to get them potted.

Have a great day! My dark purple Irises are blooming! I don't know if I mentioned this, but DH bought me 2 half whiskey barrels last fall and I planted some "Easter Basket" tulip bulbs that I got at Wal-mart in one of the barrels----I think they were 40 bulbs for $5.00----I planted about half of them in the barrel-----I had to put some wire netting stuff over the barrel to keep my kitties out-------WELLLLLLLL! We have enjoyed these tulips so much-------I have probably 15 blooming right now---yellow, raspberry w/white edge----a peach, dark pink, and white. Well worth the money!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARYANN! There are no points or calories in birthday cake if you are the honoree! Have fun!!!!!!

Doing very well over the last several weeks; used very few flex points, so I should be down a pound or so at weigh-in on Wednesday. s-l-o-w a-n-d s-t-e-a-d-y...............

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Good morning everyone!
Happy Birthday MaryAnn!

I met with a personal trainer today, he showed me how to use some of the weight machines etc... at the gym, I meet with him again in 3 weeks to check my progress etc...

I lost 4 pounds this week, not sure how I did that, but who am I to argue lol. I guess it must be all the cardio I am doing at the gym. I'm down 30 pounds so far, 25 to go.

Glad to hear everyone is doing so well, we are definately a bunch of losers! lol
Let's keep it up, we can do it!
I hope everyone has a great day!

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Thanks everyone! Now I don't feel so bad about eating that cupcake! A co-worker made the most delicious chocolate cupcakes! They are more like brownies with lots of pecans. Then the ladies in the office took me out for lunch. Tonight my son and daughter-in-law have invited me to their home for dinner. I sure am happy that those calories don't count today!!

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Hi! I hit a lower weight this morning - haven't been this low for a long while - like 2 years?
Oh my I am busy these days. I mowed and potted ageratum and coleus seedlings today until I ran out of containers. If I don't soon go to the grocery store I'll have to bake bread for hubby's lunch and don't need to smell bread baking. It's warm here - have had the window ac chugging at night (no central air saves a pile of money). So now the old dog hogs the foot of the bed because he is hot which is OK because I slept with a dog whe I was a kid and learned to work around them. Had frozen blueberries yesterday and strawberries today - mmmm. Well better go - think it's nappy time. Kathy

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Kathy - congrats on reaching this loss! I can relate. You must feel fabulous! Keep on moving.
Last two days at work have been one meeting after another of sitting on my butt and taking minutes...followed by more sitting on my butt after to catch up. So I am being extra careful today about minding my points...still planning for that dinner out this week. A colleague got ice cream today for his staff...I checked my WW points chart and had to decide to dump 6 points on this treat. I thought about it and had it. No regrets. Had my 2 point dinner, had lots of fruit today and enjoyed my treat. Have not enjoyed such a treat in awhile but thought about it first.

How many of you have found a recent change to an old product? I love a dairy rice custard product in the UK that is low in fat. Recently the packaging changed - LARGER size and SO DID THE POINTS! Jumped a whole point, the quality changed and I have switched. Don't be misled by new packaging that the points are the same...double check them. I used the points calculator since the WW Online has not yet caught up to the change.

Just a thought to ponder and something to watch.

Hope everyone is having a great day today!


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Hello, Happy McWednesday - just caught up on the other thread. Thanks for the support! I am more determined this week and I peeked at the scales - this morning reads 140 (main goal for me) but I am holding my breath. I use my scales at home ALL THE TIME and sometimes I bump the dial so I measure my true weight loss by clothes and 5 pound increments. I don't sweat over a pound but if that magic 140 holds true to my weigh in Monday (hence another reason to plan for my night out) then I will be doing the happy dance around my scales.

Yellowhair - did you get your fridge organised? I have my little freezer to do SOON. Fitting into that smaller coat feels fantastic I bet!

DeeMarie - glad to hear from you. Thanks for the hugs. Your journey sounds successful. What is the new WW Flexpoints? I am still using the old system of so many a day and can bank a few for the week. Do you use say 18 points each day instead of the flexible 20 and then have a weekly bank of 35? I was just wondering how the new system works.

Alice - I still recall your first post and how unsure you felt about things. All I keep thinking is - You Go Girl! I would love to have a gym and personal trainer but the logistics of getting to the gym doesn't work for me. I am sooooo happy for you.

MaryAnn - b'days are great fun and give us a boost. This week enjoy, don't worry about a pound or two. Next week you will feel refreshed and hopefully not bored with your foods because you have had a wee break.

It's mid-week. Lottery night in the UK... Getting another 9 bags of garden compost delivered (better than chocolate to me) and looking forward to my challenge this week of conquering a night out. My next mini-goal will be to reach my 'old' heavy weight of 135. Once I hit that there will be NO STOPPING ME for sure!

C'mon gals - we are doing just great! One small step each week, back on the trail again if we slip, and we are making progress. Yes we are!

Let's make today count!



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Good morning!
I am down another 1/2 pound. That's 2 1/2 pounds from my high school weight (don't get excited I was fat in high school too). I had a lady call me "skinny" at a yard sale this weekend. She was remembering the old me - drum roll - 52 1/2 pounds ago!!!! It has been years of dieting and not dieting but I was tickled when I did the numbers and realized I was above the 50 lb lost mark again. So here I sit all pleased with myself.
Did anyone see the Dr. Phil show on Monday? There was an 800 pound man on there. I just can't imagine facing that much weight to lose.
YH your flowers sound pretty - I love tulips but can't grow them because of moles and chipmunks. What did you fill those barrels with?
I am thinking it would be expensive filling them with potting soil.
Alice I am happy for you too. McPeg was right about how unsure you were and how much better you sound now.
BTW McPeg isn't your "gym" yard work?
MaryAnn have you pulled back the eating again? It's hard once you go off to come back. I'd just as soon skip birthdays now :>
Saw that doc on tv that does the substitutes - you can have all this food or this one thing - shoot what's his name? Anyway, he has a book out for parents and showed what to give kids. For example 1 bowl of granola cereal has the same calories as 3 bowls of regular cereal. He showed pop tarts and said 2 of them have 400 calories! He had a big bowl of popcorn, grapes and other foods that totaled 400 calories and would be much more filling. I remember eating poptarts when I was a teen - oops. Well we know some of my weight is not genetic....
Bye all - heading to a huge booksale today (sold one I bought for 50 cents fo $19. yesterday)
Bye, Kathy

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How do you get into this? I just started dieting and wanted to post here. I need to lose about 45 pounds gained in a combination of pregnancy and prednisone use for my asthma. I am doing the cabbage soup diet to give me a jump start, then after a couple weeks, will move on the just sensible eating. I am on day 5 of the diet and have lost 5 pounds so far. This diet worked well for me after my last child. I lost 22 pounds that time and kept it off until the prednisone put it back on about a year later. I will do 2-3 rotations of the cabbage soup with 2 day intervals in between, then see where I am at tht point.

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Welcome Barefoot Babe!
How do you get into this...just join us with your efforts, tell us how you are doing, use us, use this as a journal for yourself, share your good and bad days.
We do a variety of diets. I find the hardest part is dealing with your weakest moments - thats when this has been a saviour. We all have tried different diets over time and currently there are some on weight watchers, low fat, balanced meals, low carbs - the one thing we all agree on is eating healthier. Small steps are taken.
I see you are also into plants - so am I and Yellowhair too! I winter sow and have enjoyed Garden Web since 1997. Did seed trading for a long time as well. I garden as exercise and I mean serious digging, bending, hauling CLAY SOIL away and enjoy the outdoors.
If you feel you can't handle that cabbage soup diet, there are lots of others that may suit as well. Keep us posted on your activities and CLIMB ABOARD!


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Thanks for the welcome. I don't think I will have a problem staying on the cabbage diet for a few weeks, but after that, I can't stand the soup anymore. I need to find a very rigid diet. I don't do well with counting points, or alot of choices. I need a diet that this for breakfast, this for lunch, this for dinner, exactly, each day. that is the only way I stay on track. No Atkins for me, as I am not a big meat eater, and would never be able to stay on low carb for long. There used to be a web site where they planned out a weeks worth of meals for you, but I can't find it now. Anyone know anything like that? I also winter sowed for the first time this year....about 90 containers!!!!

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Welcome BB!
I have a friend on Prednisone for asthma too - it makes it harder to lose BUT you can lose (she is too)
Wow you would have loved the old WW diets - that was exactly what they did and there were not nearly the choices they have now.
The only problem I have with the rigid diets (and menus can be found in most Women's magazines) is that they tell you to eat for example 4 ounces of salmon for lunch and a half cup of green beans. OK so where does the rest of the salmon go? Do you toss the other green beans? There are no salmon or green beans mentioned for the rest of the week.
So my suggestion (and it is worth what you paid for it) is to make a list of the foods you want to eat and would fit the plan you want to be on.

For example - breakfast for me is cereal OR a Weight Watchers bagel with ff butter. That is what I like and eggs don't make me feel full. You might be different.
Snack is an apple or pear. Something I can come in and eat on the run when hunger hits - high fiber. Lunch will be a lean protein with a low starch veggie. If I get snacky in the afternoon I'll grab some carrots or another pear. That leaves a lot of room for a nice evening meal (low on starches and always a steamed veggie) or a leaner meal and a trip to McDonald's for a cone or hot fudge sundae. If I go out for lunch or supper I choose something in the 300 calorie range and it does not take long to learn what you can eat.
Evening snack is frozen fruit. A whole bag is usually about 150 calories and I don't eat the whole bag.
This works for me for now. It might not be a diet you would like but your diet is out there.

Hi gang!
Well I had spaghetti wars yesterday. Made it for supper and long after I had my bowl it started singing to me so I popped it in a bag and froze it. Today there are Snickers bars and cookies leftover from a teen class (only 3 showed up - sunny day). They are getting bagged and taken to the basement. Every day is another battle.
We are having a false summer here and I want to plant my stuff outside so badly! But I won't - not until after mother's day and that is taking a chance. We have had late frosts many times before.
I went to a used booksale yesterday along with 351 other people in line. It was huge and I bought a lot of gardening books. I checked out the diet books too but nothing jumped up. Spent my $20 (all I allowed myself to take) and got out of there. There were people buying hundreds of dollars worth of books. Most were $3. I found a stack of Country living gardening mags from the 90s for $1. Lots of good ideas there.
Well must go start the day - stay strong everybody (and especially) Kathy

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Good Thursday morning!

It's "Take Your Children To Work" day here, and I'm getting ready to perform a workshop for our department. In our division of the corporation, there are 75 children who will be here. I'm not a mom, but it's fun to show kids that anything is possible!!

McPeg, the new WW FlexPoints works this way. You get to eat your points for the day based on your weight....26, 24, 22...down to a low of 20. In addition, EVERYONE gets 35 "flex" points per week. You can use none, some each day, or you can use all of them in 1 day!!! Many people in my meetings use all their points per week and still lose. I used most of mine in the beginning few weeks, and still lost (20 lbs in 11 weeks!). However, if the weather is bad and I don't get much exercise, I eat only a few of those flex points per week. I don't want to get into the habit of denying myself any flex points, because it sets you up to abandon the method if you feel deprived...and I have a long history of every diet in the world that deprived me. Using Flex Points for my example: tonight, DH is going to a speciality store to buy home-made raviolis. Not a great choice, but I have not had them in many, many months. Therefore, I'll enjoy them and use some of my flex points for that. We'll go for a nice walk after dinner, and I'll add a huge salad next to my plate of that wonderful cheesy pasta to stop me from overeating!!! Hope this makes sense to you!! Please feel free to ask questions if I can help you.

Gotta run!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Hi everyone!
My weigh-in was Wednesday morning and I lost ½ pound!!! I'm feeling great! I'm still not back to counting the points, but I'm making good choices in what I eat, (well most of the time). I'm still a junk food person, but I'm hoping that i have developed some eating habits that I can live with from now on. I'm on week #33 and have lost, and kept off, a total of 16.5 pounds. I know that's not alot, but I am very happy with my weight now. I would like to loose 3 or 4 more pounds and think I will eventually, but it's not a big deal!

Looks like everyone else is on track. Welcome barefoot babe! This is a great place to come for motivation and friendly chats. Unlike you, I can't go on a strict diet. I don't want to deprive myself of something I really want! I know if I would go on a strict diet that I would lose, but then gain it back because I would eventually start eating what I wanted again. That's why the WW point system has worked for me. I've learned to eat healthier and still not deprive myself. We all have to learn what works best for us.

Happy Thursday all!!!

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Welcome, Barefoot Babe! And congrats on the loss, Kathy!

I've got a luncheon thingy today, not sure what they'll have for the meal-----yesterday went antiquing/junking with a friend from our church----soooooo much fun and so many new goodies! I bought 3 new (new to me) summer tops!

Quiltingbunny, I haven't gotten my fridge organized yet---boo hoo---been a little hectic this week---but I'm hoping to do it before the weekend. I've GOT GOT to get DH's food better organized----he tried to fry some turkey bacon this morning and smoked up the whole house!!!!!!

Kathy, I put a bunch of leaves and some compost down in the main bottom of the barrel, then regular potting soil on top. Then, I bought some of the wire stuff---almost looks like wire fencing----one roll, and stapled some of that to the top of the barrel. When the flowers started getting near the top of the wire, I removed it and the then they grew----really pleased with this.

Have a great day, everybody! It's raining here, but the trees have really come out in the past 2 days.

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I have always had a border-line reading on my iron count when donating blood. I would eat Smart Start cereal a few days before donating and my iron levels would be fine. Since I started counting points and eating right I have given blood several times and my iron level has been perfectly normal each time.

BTW, today I received my 2 gallon pin for donating!

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My friend had to lose a lot of weight for her overall health condition and her doctor had recommended her some products that made her lose almost 20pounds. It's all natural and contains aloe vera, flax seed, glucosamine, all kinds of's in liquid form and she just had to add it to some juice or yoghurt. If anybody is interested I can try to find out the name again and maybe it helps you as much as it helped her.

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I have a hectic day at work - read your messages and will post back later! Love to see new faces, hear of your losses and activities.

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Well, I am 7 days in and no cheating so far. If I can do that, I can usually stick it out. I have more trouble starting than staying. I have decided to get rid of each size as I leave it...NO SAVING JUST IN CASE!!!!! I went to excercize last night and My son lost the PS game that I use. I had my husband buy me DDR which is a dance game. It is attached to a floor pad, and you have to follow the dance steps on the screen. It is a hoot! It is really popular with the teens in arcades, but I would never do it in public. The first few times, I looked like an uncoordinated chicken, but after a while, I can actually do better than my 17 year old daughter at some of them. I am not one who can just excersise. It has to be fun. I can bike ride, play a sport or dance, but no weight machines or things like that. I just find it too boring. Luckily, my son found the game, so I can do it tonite. I am already sick of the soup, but I found some great diet meal plans on the web, and have printed out menus for the next month. As long as I can stay away from chocolate and peanut butter, I will be fine. I am buying cookies and desserts that have nuts in them so I will not eat them (allergic) that way there is no temptation!!!!!

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Hi everyone!
Welcome barefoot babe! I did that cabbage soup diet several years ago, however I no longer have the recipe, I would love to have it again if you wouldn't mind sharing it. How are you doing with it? I remember getting really sick of it too after awhile lol, but it did work.

MaryAnn, congratulations on your 2 gallon pin!

It looks like everyone is doing really well, that is great!
I have been doing good, lost 32 pounds so far. Still eating healthy, and spending alot of time at the gym.
I hope everyone has a great day!

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