Small flying bugs - What are they?

helios26June 27, 2013

Recently I've seen this bugs fly around in my home office while I'm working at night. They don't seem to appear during the day, but when I'm working late during the night (1am - 4am), they start to appear.

I think they're attracted to the lights and computer monitors.

This gave me an idea, and I got a plastic bowl, filled it with water/soap and shined a light down into it. This immediately got the attention of the bugs and I created a small little death trap.

Does anybody know what these are? If you look real close, they have strips of black and yellow across their back.

Picture attached:

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looks like a type of fruit or vinegar fly. To help get rid of them, get some water, vinegar, and a bit of dishsoap in a bowl. By by flies. Do you have any bananas around? They also live in drains. Put som sticky tape over the sink drain and see if you catch any. If so, flush it with very hot water, the pour ammonia in and let it set overnight.

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Thank you for your advise! I actually do have bananas in my pantry... I will have to get rid of them for now.

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