Adhesive stabilizer residue on towels

tangledupinthreadsJune 3, 2008

I have used Sulky's Sticky + to embroider some hand towels. Has anyone found a successful way to remove all of the sticky paper from between and inside the letters? I am giving them as gifts and would like for the back to look presentable. Some came off easily but the rest wants to pull the loops of the towel out if I continue further. They are actually a cheaper towel to be used as kitchen towels and I'm not sure if higher quality terry does the same -- I'm new at this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have found that using sticky backing, it can pull off some pile. And anything used on towels should be wash away. I have had best luck with just a tear away/wash away backing, and the water soluble toping so threads won't sink into pile on the top. It should all dissolve away with one washing. It is almost impossible to get all the stabilizers off on an intricate design. The toping can usually just be spritzed with water, the thin clear toping will dissolve easily. Maybe just put a little note in with the gift, that any stabilizers remaining will wash away with one washing.

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Ienamae, thank you so much for your advice. I keep reading and reading about products and trying to educate myself but it's so nice to get information from other's experiences. Do you have any trouble hooping thick bath towels? I got the Sticky to avoid having to hoop, but not happy with the result as I said. Have you ever used an adhesive spray with regular tear-away, or the wash-away that has an adhesive when you moisten it? I would like to hear how that works for you or for anyone else who reads this. I am slowly learning and loving it! Thanks

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You can wet the sticky, and it will pull away better. I usually use WSS on top, so you have to wash it anyway to get rid of it.

I haven't used sticky any more since I got Magna Hoops. I use a tear away on the bottom that I hoop. I put the magnet in the hoop, and then the towel. I use WSS on top, and then hold it all together with the plastic template & magnets. I did buy extra magnets, because I am using VERY thick towels. You may want to see if they make the hoop for your machine.

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Buy Sulky Totally Stable and iron it on to the back of your towel covering the area that will be attached to the sticky stabilizer on your hoop. You will then be able to place your towel on top of the hoop and adhere it to the sticky stabilizer. Be sure to use a good quality water soluble stabilizer on top so your stitches will not sink into the terry cloth pile. After you have stitched your design, you can remove your towel from the sticky stabilizer without any problem because only the Totally Stable will be attached to it therefore the loops on your towel will not pull. Then you can easily remove the Totally Stable as it will not pull on your towel--it's amazing stuff!

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mugsisme, this is a bit off topic, but could you give me the low down on the magna hoop? I would really like to have input from someone that owns and has used it (ie, likes, dislikes, advantages, disadvantages). I have been embroidering for about 5 years now, doing things by way of the old hooping process, but I really want to be sure the magnahoop is worth the money before I jump right in and invest in another embroidery "aide". I have been thinking of purchasing one for either my 5 x 7 or 6 x 10 hoop for my Brother machine as I can't afford both sizes right now. Is there a size that you prefer over another? Does it really hold the fabric snugly as Eileen says? Eager to get your feedback. Thanks for your assistance. It is much appreciated!!

As for the topic I interrupted, when doing bath towels, I use a cutaway on the bottom and a thin, clear solvy as a topper. (And even though it is difficult, I do hoop the towel.) When embroidery is complete, I trim the cutaway close. (By using the cutaway, your embroidery won't fall into the pile of your towels after repeated washings.) With the topping, I use tweezers and a gentle pull to remove from spaces within my design and then hit it with the spray bottle of water to remove my center markings and any left over topping. Hope this helps.

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All these stabilizers are so expensive. The easiest option IMHO is to use a wash away in the hoop and spray it with a little spray adhesive - 505.

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Thank you all for your comments. I am learning more and more each day--maybe at a snails pace, but learning just the same!!

You have given me great ideas and advice. I have bought some spary ahesive and like using it much better than the sticky stabilizer. There is so much trial and error and it really helps my confidence and my pocketbook to get hints from others that keep me from making all of the mistakes! I plan to get some Totally Stable next.

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I also like spray adhesive but since you are new to embroidery I would caution you not to use spray adhesive close to your computerised machine I have read that is not good for it I use a box bigger than my hoop. hoop the stabiliser put it in the box as far away from my machine as I can get and spray I may be too cautious but I don't want to have expensive repairs on my machine Sandie

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I have trouble with this also. I currently have a tear and wash stabilizer on the back of the towel wich has loose loops and the lettering on the design is skinny and I cant remove the stabilizer without messing up the loops. I just cut around the whole design hoping that it will go away when washed. Any suggestions for skinny letters on towels?

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