Whacky Storm Northeast Style

mtnrdredux_gwFebruary 13, 2014

Okay, so we got socked with over a foot of snow, quite blizzardy until around 2pm.

And just now, we had lightning. And it's freezing rain.

Now THAT is a new one.

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Crazy winter. We just spent the week in Jackson NH with friends, left at 11:30 this afternoon heading north and west to get away from it, just after the snow started there. I think they're facing another 24 hours of snow. We are just west of it here happily.

I've seen snow, freezing rain and lightning in the space of a day here the odd time, very strange indeed, but becoming more common I think.

Looking forward to spring!

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Sochi, will your beautiful home be ready for spring?

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Late spring hopefully, probably late May or early June. It has been a brutal winter, so progress is slower than it might have been in a good winter. I have to go check on progress this weekend, but windows were due this week, hopefully they are installed next week. We're getting there!

How is your new vacation home coming along?

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That'd be great to have it for the season.

I think our project is coming along fine. We haven't been up though since October; hope to drop in next week. They do send photos, so that helps!

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My company let us go early, at 3 pm. Which just happened to be when the storm hit its peak here in New Hampshire. Heavy snow mixed with sleet and high winds. I had a white-knuckle drive home, with visibility at less than half a mile.

Fortunately, most people were being sensible and driving slowly. But I was very glad to get home and inside.

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Annie Deighnaugh

And more on the way tomorrow! What fun!

The sun came out and revealed the ice coating the trees...hard on trees but so lovely to see the world encased in diamond light.

And our snow piled up to the tops of the 3' pillars....don't know where we're going to put tomorrow's snow....

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It's cuckoo! We've had mostly rain here on the Cape for the last 24 hours. DH drove to NH yesterday, and also white knuckled it. He says it is still snowing there, the ski resorts are reporting 12-16 inches. I'm supposed to take off this afternoon with the kids, but I'm nervous the roads won't be good North of here. Then I guess another storm is due for tomorrow, dumping here! As of now my plan is to take off tomorrow AM. It's the start of the MA school vacation week so I'm expecting traffic to be tough. My stomach is in knots!

The good news is that the snow will help the ski resorts and Waffle business! This is our biggest week so we are hopeful.

Beth P.

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It was a big mess here yesterday too. I am so DONE with winter. But...by 7:30 tonight I plan to be in Miami as long as our flight goes according to plan!

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Good luck with the crazy storms in the Northeast! Wow, you are really getting hammered. And best of luck with your waffle business, bethpen. Hope the season is good to you.

Still have a little snow on the ground today. But we will be wearing those flip flops late next week instead of our snow boots. It is supposed to be in the 60's and maybe 70's. Whoo Hoo!

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We anticipated snow but, luckily, had teeming rain which has wiped out 90% of the old snow. Being on the ocean makes a difference. It's a little warmer here, if you can call it that lol.

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Perfect weekend for skiing and waffles! Unfortunately we need to make our way into the city to go to the theatre. I will wear snow gear for that, too.

SueB, good luck with your flight!

Bethpen, Good luck with your drive.

Annie, I admire your hard work. Admire, but not quite up to emulate!

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This has been one crazy winter!! I think we picked the worse winter in years to a build house. Here in the South we get "thunder-snow" "thunder-sleet" often. We usually just get lots of ice and a couple inches of snow fall. I don't know how y'all deal with those totals. I can't imagine!! Good luck and stay warm!

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