Using dowloaded .jef files in Janome 9500

cassie47355June 17, 2006

I have a 32mb flash card and pc card adapter & a reader/writer for my computer. I downloaded several .jef files to the card but the machine does not see them. I have no problem saving customized files from the machine to the card and using them but I can't understand why the machine will not recognize the files I have downloaded from the computer. Nothing in my user manual covers downloaded files. Is there special software needed also?

I tried the suggestions I found under the posts on the Janome 300 but they didn't work.

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Transfer or copy the file to your desktop and see if the software will pick up the design from there. Did you unzip the file after you downloaded the design?

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Try going to and download a free trial version of Embird. Make sure the design is in the correct hop, make sure you check the box "centre in hoop" and save to your card. Let us know how how you get on.

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I am looking at a Janome embroidery machine. I know the dealer told me that the machine only sees the first 8 meg of information on the card. I don't know if this is true for the 9500, but it is something you might want to ask.

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First,How are you getting on?
There's no simpler machine than a Janome embroidery machine. Have you formatted your card? Just put it in the machine and it does it for you. Then, you'll see 2 files on the card. Save the designs to the emb. file.

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IS it possible that the designs are bigger than your hoop for your machine? My Brother machines screams if the designs are too big, but my Singer just doesn't see them at all.

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I have 300E and must use a flash card. If your designs are to big , it will not show them. When I first use a new flash card I format it on the computer or machine. My machine has to have two folders on the card(which shows on the computer).the designs go into one folder. my folders are folder 1 is "EmbF5" the designs go in that one. and the second folder is "Ord#5".without the ". I know is the same for the 10000. Is this what you have to do. B.

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