Analog to Digital TV?

bob44March 15, 2008

As time goes on, I am replacing my analog tv's with Sony XBR tv's. My quest is to get a video picture for recording my wife's daily day time shows. The digital channels are clear, but subject to momentary blackout or partial pixel loss. I do not have cable or satelite service. I have purchased two new dvd recorders that will record the digital channels as well. Okay, so now I have dvd rw recordings with some blackout and pixel loss on our recordings.Is there anything I can do to improve the recordings? Thanks

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What are you using for an antenna? Sounds like you may need a new one, or it needs to be repointed.

Here is a link that might be useful: AntennaWeb

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Feb 1 2009 the FCC will cease ALL analog broadcasts. Your Analog TV will only be useful for cable or sat. In order to view any OTA broadcasts you will need to buy an extra Digital box to convert the digital broadcast to Analog for Analog TV's

I am assuming that you already have the digital Tv's
You do NOT need any digital equipment to record digital TV all digital TV's that I know of have analog outputs.

That being said jimisham is correct, Digital is either good or bad unlike analog which will snow up you can still see a signal. If you have drop outs you need a better antenna or point your antenna better. Maybe you have a VHF only antenna or the VHF is a bigger part of what you have. You will still get signals even with rabbit ears but you have to be close to the source.
The best bang for the buck is a CM4228 cost about $50 is UHF only which is what all digital channels are and will be, but will get ch 8-12 pretty good also untill the cease to broadcast on those channels. , if the stations are in different directions you will need a rotor.
One good thing is digital travels further with less signal strength and at this time many stations are NOT broadcasting digital at full power yet.
I use a CM4228 and get all the network stations at about 50 miles from here is High Definition without drop outs.

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