Sharp Aquos vs. Sony XBR

whenicitMarch 20, 2007

Has anyone compared the 2 TV's above in the 52" or 46" size and come to the conclusion that the Sony is not worth the extra money? We are trying to decide. I personally like the black surround of the Sharp and feel it is a good value. Have read some posts on cnet regarding 'banding' but don't really know what that means or if I'll notice. I am not really the TV watcher of the family! Is the Sony worth the extra $1k or so?


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Actually, I guess it is the Sony XBR2 (or even the XBR3) that I'd like compared to the Sharp Aquos, which I think is the LC-52D92U model or LC52D62 model. Thanks!

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Some users have reported banding with the Sharp and "clouds" with the Sony. If you read the AVS forums there are hundreds of discussions about both these problems. After reading about these problems, I decided to wait a few months before buying a large LCD HDTV. Prices are expected to drop even further then they have so far.

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Thank you, what are the AVS forums?

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Having 4 LCD's in my home from 23" to 65" and having one Aquos, we have been looking for another in the 42-50" range for our second home in FL.

IMHO the Sharp Aquos is the best LCD on the market. Sharpest image and blackest blacks. If I was to purchase a Plasma, it would be a Panasonic, but for LCD it will be another Aquos.

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AVS Forums

Thousands of posts about electonics. The Sony cloud issue appears to be more prevalent than the Sharp banding issue. Both Sony and Sharp claim to have solved these problems with the recent builds (since February). However, you definitely don't want the old LCD builds. Apparently both LCD screens come from the same plant for Sony and Sharp.
Anyway, I am waiting until it is absolutely certain that the clouding and banding issues are fixed. I bet by mid-summer it should be clear and probably prices will drop by then also.

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Thanks! This makes me feel much more secure in our purchases - we bought the 46" and 52" last night. Put 10% down and will pay remaining when they are delivered to our new house. So, one other question - should I be getting a 52" for our great room? It is not a huge room and I think 46" is fine but I just thought I'd check!!

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Just wanted to report that we are VERY happy with the Sharp Aquos and saved $$$$$ choosing this over the Sony.

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Congratulations. Now get yourself a HD DVD or Blu-ray player and really enjoy your new TV.

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whenicit, may i ask where you bought your sharp aquos from? (i suppose you got the 92U model?) thanks!

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I have a 45 Sharp and a 40 XBR3. I like them both !

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I purchased a Sharp Aquos last October. 13 months later the entire television went out. I called Sharp and they sent a technician who I had to pay $65. A week later the technician called and said it would be cheeper to buy a new television. I contacted Sharp and was told that there was nothing they could do to help. If you do choose the Sharp definitely purchase the exteded warranty.

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Check with your credit card company. Many gold and platinum level cards included extended warranty coverage for items purchased in full on the card. I've used the coverage several times over the years.


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Maybe this is too late but we bought from American TV & Appliance. And, uh-oh, a red vertical line appeared out of nowhere today...we might be having a problem!!!!!! :-(

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For what it's worth, I sell both brands. I wouldn't buy a sharp. Period. Unless I was buying a desk calculator. Their television pictures are horrible compared to the competition, and every one I've sold has been returned.

Sony makes a very good product, but frequently isn't worth the cost difference between it and other brands. Sony fans are quite rabid, and will buy anything that says Sony.

Best bang for the buck in my estimation are the Samsung and Lg models. JVC specs are very good, but the pictures don't match the competition, to my eyes.

Don't get hung up on "contrast ratio" on any of them. The numbers quoted are a bunch of marketing hooey. There are no standards as to how to measure contrast, so the manufacturers all measure it as they please. It's like measuring you car's MPG as Miles Per Jug (with every manufacturer using a different size of jug), instead of Miles Per Gallon.

Extended warranties can be a good investment IF they actually cover anything. Many are full of loopholes. Some don't cover in-home service. Some will only offer you "fair market value" for the set if the repair costs more than the warranty company figures the repair is worth. Others will replace the set with one with like capabilities.

Prices will continue to fall somewhat this year, but not like they did last year. Right now our television prices are moving 3 or 4 days a week--both down and UP. Last year they just dropped continually. Flat panels were selling at Christmas about where the retailers thought they would be selling in 2009. If prices do drop this year like they did last, you can count on fewer manufacturers and fewer retailers both--there wasn't much money made at either level on TVs last year. The only real winner was the consumer. There is a number of large USA retailers laying off, restructering, cutting back growthand changing directions already for 2007/2008 based on lack of profit in 2006.

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