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thelmaleeJune 12, 2004

I am just learning and have MUCH to learn. Do you use stablizer with everything you embroider. A lot of cotton seems to have enough sizing to embroider without added stablizer. I also need an explanation of the various types of stablizers.

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I'm sure if you go to the manufacturers' and well-known on-line web sites, they will have a chart with the different types of stabilizers and when to use them.

It is always a good idea to use a stabilizer of some type. If you run some test samples on your machine with and without a stabilizer of some type underneath, you will automatically see the difference in the stitching and finished product. You can spray starch a piece of fabric only so much.

It has gotten to the point where I use stabilizers when doing decorative stitching on a regular sewing machine...the stitching is much nicer.

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I agree with stitchntime about always using a stabilizer. even if it's those rolls of thin paper used in heirloom sewing. I know it seems like such a waste of money to embroider and then just tear or cut away the stabilizer but the look of your project will really be enhanced.

I too routinely use stabilizer for any decorative stitching along hems or plackets. It's really worth it.

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here's a link to the best chart i've seen that shows which needles & stabliziers to use for various fabrics.

Here is a link that might be useful: diamondthreadworks

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Thanks, Chris! That is great info to have!

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