musty smell in the bedroom

per08June 17, 2010

End of last year, we did some repair in the bathroom, so we moved out of that bedroom (the master bedroom). Everything was out. After the repair, we thought about move back. But we found that there is a strong musty smell in that bedroom after window/door closed a whole night.

This situation lasted for half a year, and I cannot figure out what's wrong. There is nothing inside the room now, nothing. No furniture, no bed. Nothing. hardwood floor, no plumbing in the walls. crawlspace is dry all the time. The only thing I suspect is that there are some hairline crack in the exterior stucco. I had some contractors came to take a look, they said it is OK, as there is water barrier inside.

I ever had a drywall contractor come and ask him to replace all the drywall. He said he didn't find anything wrong and replacing the drywall is a waste of money...

This is really driving me crazy. We have been out of the master bedroom for more than 6 months, and cannot move back. Any suggestion?

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The house is 50 years old. The smell is stronger in the raining day. I did a DIY mold test, and the mold level in this room is a little bit higher than the other room. I am thinking about tear down the drywall to see what's going on.

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Have you tried just leaving the windows open for a while?

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I'd be looking for the mold, for sure!
Kathy G in MI

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I always leave the windows open in the daytime, unless it rains. Here is north california, no much rain.

There is no insulation in the wall. I decide the take the wall off, then I can also put insulations in the wall.

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I would start with the drywall under the window - cut out an eight inch square piece and see if there is any mold.

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