Diet Pals 5 - 11 April - Easter Bunny is Coming!

quiltingbunnyApril 5, 2004

Hope everyone had a marvellous weekend. I was on my best behaviour...had friends over and a glass of wine - all pointed into my day...but I took a very small glass to have my wine in to make sure it stayed small. Managed to get some gardening in. Our weather is giving spring a good kick in the pants - sunny one minute, howling winds that rocket through the area with horrible cold rain followed by sunny breaks and lots of RAINBOWS (must be the easter eggs getting coloured).

Okay, so I have never grown up! I refuse to.

And now weigh in drum roll......

down 2 pounds! 141.5! Ta daaaaa!

(had gained but lost that too).

Now don't despair - my weight loss has been a CRAWL. Looked back at my entries at in mid-Feb I was 143 pounds. This is now almost a month later. What has kept me going is the overall body changes. Subtle...things looking tighter in the mirror, tummy going down. I have lost a lot of fat but now I am almost down to my 'old' body's overweight range I am now going to have to include more walking and exercise to get things moving along.

C'mon...let's get some spring in our steps this week so we can race the little one's to find those easter eggs that the rainbows are painting this week!

Pop in later, hope you are having a grand day today!


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Kathy - hang in there! We are only human after all. It's been wacky spring weather with cold rains and MEAN cold wind here. And, like you, I can not keep certain products in the house either - so I don't. My weeknesses are maple spreads, chocolate spread and peanut butter. There is a bit of peanut butter in the back of the cupboard but I have purchased a TON of better tasting, low fat options to enjoy. DH isn't bothing much with the peanut butter either and is also eating better these days - on his own, no word from me. Hang in there!

Yellowhair, I checked outside this weekend - have little bergamots sprouting, sweet william, lupins, hollyhock, pansies (deep red ones). Did do some gardening between weather spells and hauled more dirt and dug. Hopefully burned a few more calories in a pleasant way. Have an order of 9 compost bags and a 4 ft cedar tree being delivered on Wed. So, ya know what I will be doing Easter weekend - getting more exercise for sure!

Don't give up for those of you feeling blue - get out for a walk, even if it's in a mall. Perk yourself up - get your hair or nails done or have a lovely bubble bath and load up on face goop, hair conditioner, pumice stone on your feet...followed by your favourite smelly powder. Get some new easter house slippers or walking shoes, maybe a new sweatshirt that's bright, new pair of earrings...or get your sewing machine out if ya sew and make some new table covers or something. Put a little colour in your day!

C'mon you can do this. It's a new week. Last week is over.

Let's make today count!


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Congrats on the weight loss, McPeg! I agree about putting color in our lives---let's face it----dieting is tough---we're doing without some of our goodies----let's just replace them with better goodies and have some fun along the way.

Please hang in there, everybody---we all go backward and forward----keep exercising and drinking water---note to self: fill up 2-ltr bottle with water. Do you guys do this? I fill up an empty bottle with water, usually put it in the freezer for a while (I think it kills bad germies--I really don't know, but it does seem to taste better) and then I get it out and practically MAKE MYSELF drink at least half of it. Sometimes I drink it all!!!!

Well, I'm still nearing the brink of my 5-lb. increment---then only 30 or so more lbs. to go!! DH has lost 10 lbs. since his medical problems---is being quite good about his meals. Friday we went out to eat at Cracker Barrel and I had the broiled fish, he had the broiled pork chop dinner. I laughed and said, "Boy, what a difference a WEEK makes!!!"

My reflection is this----not to go crazy if things aren't going my way today----in a few days it could be much better!

Take care, everyone, and have a great day!

PS Tomato plants (green zebra) and marigolds are still alive and well---on my windowsill gettin' a few rays.

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Last week is not over yet!!! At least the eating part. Mom had her Easter feast yesterday since we will be gone at Easter. Tonight we are going out to an Italian restaurant - the specialty is all you can eat spaghetti. I am NOT ordering that!
Getting plenty of exercise cleaning today. Lunch was turkey salad made with ff stuff and a pickled egg. Hubby just told me the doc says he should eat lower cholesterol food - I am starting to think it would be easier to give up doctors! His chol. is not high but he has high bp (very genetic - *G*) and is approaching that magic age (50) when everything starts to fall apart and needs overpriced pills. I would love to be the ones who lecture doctors when they turn 50.
It is NOT raining today (after a weeks worth)! The wind is about 30 mph though. My perennials are coming up too and the windowsills are full of annuals. I would like to know why seed packs all say start 6 weeks before the last frost and then I have 4" zinnias an 1/2" ageratums. Well I better get back to cleaning.
There is cake here but it is not mine and I refuse to think about it (hey it's not chocolate anyway) Bye, Kathy

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Hi Ya!
I loaded up on flavoured water for work today - it was half price...I have decided part of my plateaus has been lack of water. And I like taste - so I usually spread the bottled water out further by add half plain water to my glass - the stuff carries the flavour quite enough for me and the different flavours keep me interested to drink it. You are spot on the money with the water.

Kathy, the only saving grace I have is most of my family is in Canada and I am not getting dragged into these things. It was tough when DHs gran was ill and passed on and we were out constantly with them. I did my best and carried on. Don't sweat it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and report back to us. We with ya all the way.

Okay - where is everyone else??? I know a couple of folk are on holidays...look forward to hearing from ya when ya get back.

I bought one tomato plant - it's on my window for the moment and will eventually be moved into my plastic greenhouse later when the little babies have been planted. Its so cool in Scotland that tomato plants need some shelter from the cold winds. As for window sill plants - they are mainly lupins for me this year.

Have planned my entire food for the day. More water and apples, salad.

Make today count and have a great one!


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Brrr it's cold this morning! I am going to mow the first time for the year.
Went out to eat yesterday and ate healthier than everyone else. Sometimes that is the best you can do. The place we wanted to go was closed so I suggested Fridays and the others wanted Italian buffet! So I had Italian buffet (the menu choices were worse and the buffet had a great salad bar) but no diet dressing. An elderly woman stood and watched everything you took - guess she owned the place.
Sue those tomato plants sound interesting. Bet you can't wait to get them in the ground. Some of my flowers are getting planted in VA this weekend - hopefully they will survive. We will attend sunrise services there along the bay (if you ever saw the Chincoteague pony swim that is where they swim across). It's pretty and last year a seagull landed on the big wooden cross and laughed at the preacher. The preacher would stop and look up and the gull would stop and look down. Then all would start again.
McPeg thanks for all your inspiration. Some days I come here just to read and thinking I should not post since I am such a "fraud" but then I do because I enjoy everybody's posts so much. Now I need to get my b*tt on the lawnmower seat! Lots to do today. Bye, Kathy

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Kathy - no one is a fraud. Take from someone who knows...last three years I got half way through everything and went off plan and right back onto beer in the garden, food, beer, more food and attitude out the window. So I use the posting and journalling and mental images of where I want to be this summer, where I want to be a year from now and how I hope to continue taking better care. Not that I am an angel - heavens I'm not! I just got REALLY MAD AT MYSELF because I did exactly what I have been doing now - coaxing, coaching and moving along on this forum and then CRASH - had a beer afternoon and never returned. My friends missed me, I did not respond to posts that said hi and basically pretended none of this happened and labelled myself a failure.
Here I am. In all my glory. Blemished, unperfect and one of G*ds human creatures in all my humility sharing my steps...good, bad or ugly.
I am soooooo glad you keep posting. Every step in the right direction is one step better than the wrong direction...don't beat yourself up. If you have a few nights out and a few days with healthier food choices - you are still that much further ahead by being aware of your choices, making better ones when you can than if you didn't bother at all.
Always glad to see your posts and I know how it feels. I just got REAL MAD at myself last December and decided to kick my butt from here to the moon. I'm back fighting! Conquering small goals, trying to keep my mental health on track and getting to feel much better about myself. I'm reaching out to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you along!
One of G*ds little angels (hheheheehehehehheeee)


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Good morning everyone!
It is a beautiful day here, it is going to be 71 and sunny. I am really looking forward to my walk this morning. I have been listening to a book on cd, it seems to make the hour go faster.
I have still been eating healthfully, down 25 pounds now. I am really looking forward to summer, and getting to wear some of those cute summer clothes, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I hope everyone has a great day!

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McPeg, I just love reading your posts. You are indeed an inspiration to those of us who struggle on this journey to good health. I call it my journey to good health now instead of a diet, because I need to lose weight to live better. The reason I do so well each day is by reading what others have to say in the form of encouragement, successes, and stumbles here and there.

Thanks for keeping this going! The success I've enjoyed so far (15 lbs gone since 4-Feb, and a doctor who is pleased!), is due in a large part to those who hang around here to listen and advise.

Continued success and Happy Easter!

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I'm a grinning from ear to ear reading the posts...

Atta girl Alice! Whoooo hooooo! You go girl! Love the idea of walking to a story. Sounds so relaxing. Your results are excellent and doesn't it feel great knowing you are in control and have choices! I still remember your first posts and you seemed unsure. You have been making choices that you can live with and seeing results. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. An inspiration!

DeeMarie - glad to see you post too. Been wondering where folk have been lurking and glad to see ya back and going strong. Thanks for the compliments on my posts. I am using my past to propell me forward. I try to blend my little ol' she devil horns in with my 'enhanced blonde' but sometimes they poke out and I just have ta have something 'special'...I do and get it right out of my system. Excellent news on your loss too! Journey to good health is right on! Any new clothes yet?

Well gals, here we are - stepping forward, shaking a leg and getting on with things. Good, bad or ugly - that's life. We've only got one shot at it, so let's make it count. We have been truly blessed to have choices like this...many folk struggle to find a meal in this world and here we are choosing our own. No matter where we get to along our path - we have been truly blessed.

Make today count!

Cheers for now, will check in tomorrow!


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Hi everybody. Kathy, yes, I want to get my little plants into the ground, but I'll have to wait a while longer---may have killed my squash plant. I need to check on

Gals, I'm in a rather bad mood today! I think it's just too much "togetherness" with my DH. I love the guy, but... I need some time for myself. Know what I mean? I'm going into MY room, which is actually the dining room where I have a computer in an armoire and some of my things in a file cabinet, some books, etc.-----and chill out in MY ROOM---ALL ALONE.

Walked this morning, had toast and turkey bacon and some apple butter --yum yum. Okay. I had a real egg. I'm bad. Haven't had lunch yet.

McPeg, I love those flavored waters. I've tried doing some of my own flavorings, but they just don't taste as good as the store-bought kind. Peach is my favorite.

Take care, all. I've got a ton to do, we haven't decided yet if everyone's coming here for Easter dinner or we're going to a lodge or something. I may vote "lodge." They have a nice buffet dinner and then we usually walk, tour, etc. Lodge, I say. Lodge!

PS This year, after seeing the movie "Passion of the Christ" I just don't feel right about doing the Easter bunny thingy ( and I love bunnies and stuff) so I'm thinking about instead doing some cookies in the shape of fish and having a story with each person's gift about the resurrection and how Jesus met with Peter and other deciples along the sea and they ate fish and talked before he ascended to heaven.

A celebration without bunnies. I wish there was a separate spring holiday with bunnies and stuff---aside from Easter. Oh, well. Traditions are sometimes hard to break. I'll have to find a low-fat cookie recipe 'cause I know I'll want to eat a few.

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I won't give up my bunny! I always had a real bunny for a pet when I was a kid. The one I have now was at my sis in law's pet store and he was so tiny I was afraid he would end up in someone's snake (yes really!) so I saved his life and he had a good Easter that year.
Those fish cookies sound like a good idea and you could make yours out of real tuna (groan). Just kidding of course!!! That's a sweet idea. I bet you could make a cookie cutter like a fish.
I understand the hubby thing - I am heading for a 5 day stretch with mine. He went along to the grocery store today and wanted me to buy a cake mix to take along. I don't even have a cake pan there and did not buy that mix. Good grief.
Well gang I must go since we are heading to the beach house (trailer 7 miles from the ocean - a poorman's beach house). If you stand on our roof though you can see the Chincoteague bay which is a ten minute walk away. Funny story - hubby would see the tops of boats on the water going by while working in the yard. Then he realized the boats were really on trailers going down the road! He cannot see the trucks but can see the boats.
Lots of work to do and there is a craft show and decoy festival on Saturday. I'll go up in the lighthouse too and try to get some photos. 89 steps and the view is great but the trip up is not for the claustrophobic because it gets smaller the further up you go and when you get to the top there is not much room to walk around.
Hope to get lots of beach walking done - the last time we were there the blowing sand made it impossible to walk.
DeeMarie and Alice - good for you!!
Thanks for eveything McPeg. I'll talk to all when I get back. Have a nice holiday! Kathy

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Have a great time, Kathy! Sounds like a really nice place. We haven't discussed Easter Sunday yet, it usually gets decided at the last minute. Cumberland Falls lodge is still on my mind. BTW, our church has an Easter egg hunt. Your wabbit sounds sounds so nice, and lucky to have a mama like you.

I'm feeling much better today, DH's gone to Wal-mart to return a video and shop. He shops more than me. lol I'm working on a little project and I've actually got a schedule made out for today, sorta like a time management thingy.

Foodwise, I've had some water, a very small amount of diet dr. pepper and a 1/2 cup of cereal with skim milk.

In the last week or so, I've been having some irregular heartbeat problems---nothing drastic---just occasional. Used to have these right after menopause---but thought I was over it-------but I have taken some of these lately----a new sinus medication (stronger), one estroven pill, a little bit of Splenda-----and, of course, the stress from DH's foot. I think it's the sinus medication. Sometimes it takes me days to get over other sinus stuff. So, I quit taking them. I think I'm better. lol

I exercised last night, did some more this morning along with walking. And I'm drinking more water. Have a grand day, everyone and don't forget to drink your water and smell the flowers! Ummmmm!

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Yellowhair, please check your medicine! Certain sinus medicine contains ingredients that raise blood pressure and heartbeat; especially the "non-drowsy" version. Feel better.

Well, just got back from weigh-in, and I've lost 17.5 pounds since February 4 on weight watchers. This has made such a positive effect on my life. I still got over 60 pounds to go, but this is a great start for me. I'm looking for a kick in the butt when I go off course, so I'll be coming here for inspiration and a chance to share and help others, if I can.

Have a wonderful day!

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Hi everyone! How do you keep falling off the diet wagon and getting back on? I've got the falling off down pat, but it's the getting back on that I'm not good at. I lost eight pounds fast, then had to go to the coast and put all of it back on in less than a week. I may have told you all of this before and if so I am sorry. The thing is that I didn't even eat what I wanted to while I was gone. I'm having a hard time starting back up now. The mornings start out well but as the days wears on I get worse and worse.

Yellowhair, I know exactly what you mean by all the togetherness. Why is it that some men never need to be alone and never need another friend? They just want to be under your feet day and night on and on! I love him dearly but I desperately need some time to myself and with others.

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OOoooohhhhh my head hurts!!!!!!
Went to a b'day party last night with the office for a colleague....I was real bad...very bad. Should not be a problem consuming water this morning. That's the end of night outs and parties and dinners for the next month or so...I do not expect to have any weight loss on Monday after yesterday....I was soooooo bad!
Today back on track.
Beverley - we are not angels and we keep coming back.
Glad to see ya posting. If your mornings are fine, target your lunches next. Just keep on trying and incorporating little things that help you towards your goal. Don't beat yourself up just keep trying.
Well, gotta get some more water and dig out that tylenol.......


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Hi all. BeverlyAl, I'm having to get back up on the wagon, too, and I agree that it's not easy. I've started weighing myself more often, so I can catch any runaway lbs. And we're on the same wave length about our DH's. A little time alone, or away, is soooooooo important.

McPeg, it's okay to be bad sometimes--lol--I had a little Easter candy today. And some Pepsi. Yes, I'm bad. I'll get back on track Monday with twice the exercise. At least, that's the plan.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Hang in there and if we slip a little, we'll start fresh on Monday. Let's don't worry about it now.

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Hi evryone!
McPeg hope your head is feeling better.
dd and I joined the gym today, she had her orientation today, mime is tomorrow morning. I can't wait to start our work outs tomorrow!
I have still been eating healthfully, I had tuna salad for dinner.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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I agree with everyone - it's Easter Weekend - traditions abound for many of us. Family, friends and the celebration of 'rebirth'. So, if we could incorporate those happy
moments and thoughts - enjoy ourselves and on Monday let's celebrate a rebirth, spring and charge forward.
No feeling bad from the weekend - for anyone!
I have my laundry running, dishes in the sink and will be tottering outside shortly, come drizzling rain or not to continue my garden work. I will be posting photos on next week's thread for ya to dressing the garden with 9 large bags of compost, dividing and moving my herbaceous plants and generally getting wet, muddy and burning a few calories.
Have a wonderful day today!

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