plan to get a new lcd tv. don't know much about them.

sweet_teaMarch 25, 2007

I am thinking about purchasing an LCD TV soon(have old kind of TVs now). Would like size around 50" or so for a large family room. Can wait a few months. Also probably need a 40" or so for another room.

I have not done much research to know what features, brands, or technologies are good. Really not wanting to have to do major research or any special set-up once we get the TV(s). Looking for something simple. Have satellite service (Dish Network). I am not even sure if I have to get new receivers when the new TV(s) arrive.

About a year ago I read a newspaper article that said that the main parts for LCDs or Plasmas are manufactured by one of 3 or 4 companies. Then the other nameplates just use the orig manufacturers parts and configure it and put their own nameplate on it. In other words, you could by a Brand X and it has the same major parts as a Sony, for example.

Does anyone have more detail?

Also - what do you suggest I get? I don't need top of the line and would like something good with good bang for the buck. I like to stick with Japanese made for the most part. Spouse likes Sony but I am thinking that Sony seems to be top price and if there is something comparable, maybe it is a better deal.(??)

I notice LGs in a lot of places.

Also - is LCD the best option? What is up with the DLPs? Is Plasma on the way out? Is it supposed to not last as long and LCD.

Thanks much for any help you can give me.

Lastly, any suggestions on the best store (online or brick/morter) to get one?

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LCD's work great in space with a lot of light but if you have a dark room then a Plasma TV would work better.

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