Didn't give in to sugar cravings tonight

alicesRestaurantMarch 30, 2004

I really wanted ice cream tonight or second best,

I was going to cook some pasta (not whole wheat)

which for me would mean a portion way too large

if I cook at home. Anyway, I didn't do it.

(patting myself on the back :)

Having raw brazil nuts handy helped a lot.

I also had a glass of water with a tablespoon

of cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey.

Not sure which helped the most but I'm going

to bed now and not feeling deprived.

I'm making up my own diet as a result of

reading and trying to follow many types of

diets. I am lucky because I like healthy

food as well as the unhealthy stuff. So

I have discovered (or rediscovered) steaming

vegetables. I'm not talking microwave steaming.

I use one of those little wire fold up type

baskets in a pot of water that doesn't cover the

vegetables. The lid goes on and most vegetables

such as cauliflower and brocoli can be steamed

in 12-14 minutes. I use olive oil and sometimes

parmesan cheese as a dressing. I don't measure

the olive oil. I'm thinking this is kind of

low-carb (in my own way). I also don't limit

myself. I allow myself as many servings of steamed

vegetables as I feel like. It is nice to feel like

I can eat all I want.

Anyway, these vegetables are wonderful. I

had turnips yesterday, just plain turnips

steamed with olive oil, salt and pepper added

just before serving and wow! I can't figure

out why I have gotten off the track so bad

when I love this kind of food.

I do have a problem with getting enough protein

since I'm vegetarian so I'm doing some liquid

protein in the blender with some carrot juice that

I make fresh with an apple. This isn't very

low carb but it tastes good and I'm losing

weight so there must be something right about

it. I also have White Mountain brand unsweetened

(regular, not low fat) yoghurt with an avocado

for one of my meals. Hmmmm, this yoghurt is

the very best...

Anyway, I weighed in this morning at 240, down

10 pounds since January 2nd. I'm getting a lot

of exercise working around the house after being

in a sedentary job for many years. It helps

a lot that I'm retired now.

I just can't believe it is going this well.

I've cut back on the eggs because my cholesterol

was getting too high. At this point, I guess

I will call this my: yoghurt, avocado, carrot juice,

fresh steamed vegetables, parmesan cheese (or other type

grated over veggies) and olive oil, nuts, apple cider

and vinegar and liquid protein diet.


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Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh Alice! Am I glad to read your post and also extremely happy that you are finding what works for you. I agree steamed veggies are great, have lots and lots of taste. Olive oil is GOOD FOR YOU, in moderation, your body needs polyunsaturated fats. I use olive oil margarine.
I like your protein drink and I should give it some thought for the days I miss eating meats (often just forget).
Fabulous! Thanks for posting, I was thinking about you a wondering how you are doing.


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Hi Alice! You rock!!!!!!!!!!! I know exactly what you mean about the cravings. Ice cream is one of my "special" foods-----I buy those "Skinny Cow" ones---they have 130 calories, 2 grams of fat, and are 23 grams Carbohydrates. They're round ice cream sandwiches, a pretty good size, too. Six in a pkg. for about 4 bucks---no, I don't work for them. lol I may have to buy some stock, though!

It sounds like you're well on the way to your goal weight. I've got at least 30 more lbs. to go, have lost about 15 in the past 3 months. I seem to fluctuate... a lot! I don't know if you read the other thread, but DH has diabetes problems so now he's cutting back on all of his sweets, etc. So, now it should be easier to lose.

Take care, have a great day and post with us----we're all doing it together----losing one lb. at a time. sue

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