Need a diet buddy

Wheezie123March 8, 2013

Okay, I'm starting over again on my diet this year, and decided I needed a buddy to help me stay on track. A girlfriend told me she did this online and it was a great support. I weigh in at 185 and I'm 5'7". My goal is to lose 30 lbs. I did this about 6 years ago on the old LA Weight Loss system, so I'm going to try and repeat that this time. Last time I wasn't in menopause and it wasn't so hard.

Please send words of encouragement!

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Hi Wheezie. Here are my words of encouragement: yes after menopause may be harder, but certainly not impossible. I don't know anything about the LA Weight Loss system, but if you lost weight by dieting alone, I suggest you add in exercise this time.My weight loss 10 years ago was from calorie reduction only. Some of that weight has crept back on, but now I find I need to really stick to an exercise program, which I should have been doing anyway. Good luck!

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