The places I don't eat anymore....

kathy_March 13, 2004

I know these posts are rather trivial but it crossed my mind the other day when I opened the mailbox and there were Long John Silver coupons. Haven't had Long John Silver's food in years. Never had a p'zone from Pizza Hut either but have had pizzas but not very often. Kentucky Fried is almost a no go too. Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans? Nope. These days it's Wendy's (chili), China buffet (and nothing breaded and fried or cornstarched (ex. Gen Tso's chicken), McDonald's salad, an occasional turkey sub and that is the extent of my "fast" food. Where do/don't you eat out these days? Kathy

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I avoid:

Ivar's quick bar on the waterfront
Pizza places
KFC or any fried chicken outlet
Taco places and try to avoid Mexican restaurants
Jack in the Box
Dairy Queen or any ice cream place

If I want food on the fly, I now stop by a grocery store and get something from the deli---like a healthy salad or a
sandwich and toss the bread. Or I pick up something from the soup bar.

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A funny thing happened today we ended up at Long John Silvers after going to see the last of the Lord of the Rings movie. We had no popcorn at the movie - $5 for a small popcorn?
I had a chicken sandwich which was breaded and fried but not very big. Ate 2 fries and felt a lecture coming on so stopped there. The "diet" meal there had fish, corn, slaw and rice so hopefully I did not make the wrong choice.
McDonalds get criticized all the time about it's fatty food but I think LJS might have worse choices.
Tomorrow will be a green day!

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I don't go to:
Pizza places
Mexican places
Long John Silvers
Captain D's
Cracker Barrel
Burger King
Dairy Queen
and my favorite place of all: Qdoba

Sometimes I will go to Chick-fil-A and get a salad but I try not to even go there.

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Have you tried Long John's baked fish?? It's delicious! Served on rice.

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I love Long John's baked fish meals. If I get a meal that has breaded meat, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, I just remove it, maybe just a bite or two of the breading (so I don't feel too deprived ---lol).

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I don't do any fast food.

When I do eat out it's almost always Fajitas (without tortillas) at a mexican restaurant. Chopped steak with sides of veggies and a green salad or a buffet where I can choose lots of healthy salad fixings and take my own dressing.

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There is no place that's off limits to me, but in my small hometown we only have a Dairy Queen and 2 Mexican food places. I have learned to look up the points at Dairy Queen before ordering from there. I ate a grilled chicken salad there tonight. It's only 5 points and very filling. I would love to go to Long John Silvers, but the nearest one is 45 miles away. I would definitely go over my points for the day!!

I usually eat Friday's lunch with the ladies in my office. We go to one of the Mexican food places, and they are so nice to let us order a child's plate. I usually get carne guisada and rice. It's delicious! And a child's plate is just the right amount.

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I have found healthy alternatives at many fast food restaurants. I usually have a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo or any dressing. Taco Bell's new fresco style is great - I order the chicken soft taco for around 3 pts. (WW) I've even had chicken nuggets. The key for me is to have no mayo, no dressing, nothing breaded/fried, absolutely NO fries, no sodas (I bring in my own water bottle), etc. I've been very successful with my diet while still being able to eat at some fast food establishments.

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Mary Ann, you could definitely eat at Long John Silvers if you walked there! I'm sure a 45-mile walk (both ways) would burn off just about anything you order!!

Seriously, I have rarely eaten at fast-food places, because it never appeals to me. In my entire life, I've eaten 3 times at a McDonalds, and twice I was sick with food poisoning for days after eating that "meat". UGH!!!

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I absolutely adore greasy Mexican food, but don't know of much of it I can have except the chicken fajitas (which aren't greasy) without the fixings. My doctor told me specifically "no guacmole." We have a Mexican Restaurant here that has been here since the 1960's so it's my favorite as well as most people's and it's killing me that I can't go there anymore.

Maryann, what is guisada??? I know you have much more authentic Mexican food there than we do.

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Mexican food doesn't have to be greasy. Look for places that have "mariscos" seafood. Don't be afraid to try "lengua"sp? beef tongue (very lean). Like MaryAnn I find most family style Mexican restaurants are happy to provide a child's plate or 1/2 orders.

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