Problem with HAINA machine (Tajima clone)

elis.gJune 12, 2009

2 years ago I bought a 1 head 12 needles embroidery machine from China, and still haven't manage to make it work.

The factory's representative seems to keep hiding behind poor english and alleged misunderstanding. Issues she never had prior payment (aparently).

She had said that there will be an explenatory DVD included but the video is just an advertisment of the factory. Also it is in Chinese (go figure)!

I don't even know how to pass the threads from the roll to the needle. Not even to the bobin.

I am in an urgend need for help.

Any Idea will be much appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Some photos of the machine.

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I currently work in the embroidery machines brand HAINA and machines are good quality, I wanted you to check a connection.


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I also have a Haina ive owned for a few years thats not been used as i havnt got any instructions, but ive just rethreaded and turned it on and now have a blank screen please help :-( it has power but no info

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Please help :-(

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Does your machine get it's info via computer, CD, or card? There has to be input of something to show up on the screen. Have you done a google search for a user manual? MY! Wouldn't I love to own a multi needle machine!!

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