Cheaper to pay someone or learn to do it myself?

bleedingtreeJune 14, 2005

I am a web designer with heavy experience in Photoshop. None of that means a thing, however, when I read on how to digitize my logo.

I have a local person who can digitize it for $60. I will want my logo in different colors. Will I have to pay that for each color.

Also, how difficult a transition is it to go from web designer (very little print background) to someone who can digitize his own stuff? I understand that there is a special set of software and a "box" I need to do so....I just don't know what all is involved.

Is it more effient just to have someone else do it for me?


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Not to mention that the least expensive true digitizing software I have seen is about $300, and most of the proprietary softwares (that go with specific brands of sewing machines) run more like $1000 and up.

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My software UPGRADE was $1300! I vote for having someone do it.

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I did this logo for this guy for $25 and after two months he still hasn't paid me. He told me a check was in the mail but, never received anything, now he refuses to answer my emails. I thought I was doing him a favor, the other person that was going to do it, was going to charge $60. Guess not.

Karen Castillo
Karen's Digitizing

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Bleedingtree did pay me for the logo, some kind of mix up. Thanks


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Pay someone to do it for you! $60 is a reasonable fee. This skill is not for everyone and is very time consuming. It is fun for some people and a nightmare for most.Chris

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My favorite story is an acquaintance asked me to machine embroider a large monogram and put the year on her quilt block, so I did. She gave me a nightlight. The second one I did, she gave me two homemade cookies. The third, nothing, so I told her that for future ones I would hafta charge $5 to cover thread, stabilizer, time, etc. Haven't heard from her since. Unbelievable!!!

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