SS Support 3/6- 3/11

Tikanas2March 6, 2006

I have no idea how to transfer today's part of our last thread over here... Could anyone teach me? Thanks in advance!

Well, you miss a few days and all he!! breaks loose : (

Besh, I am so very sorry to hear of your family's loss. Having been through something similar I know that this is certainly a lot for your DH to handle. My prayers are with you and your family.

Patti!! I had no idea! (((BIG HUGS))) to Dave! I am so sorry to hear about your SIL. Your DD is going to really need you right now. Are you really going back to TX?? I know how much you want to be around the grandbabies...I am saying prayers for y'all too.

Milkdud, I hope you check your email. I am rooting for you! This surgery will be a wonderful thing for you; think NO MORE PAIN!!

NH Suzanne, I am sorry to hear about your friend.

I need to finish reading the rest of the thread. I just wanted to catch Milkdud before her surgery. Back soon...


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Tikanas, thanks for writing to me! It's so special to have such good 'net friends rooting for me. Good night and take care!

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RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: yankandtex (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 1:02

Besh~We finally got to talk to DD tonight after 2 weeks & she might move with us back to TX & let us baby sit the DGS while she works. Yay! She is blaming herself but she is also handling herself with beauty, grace, & honor. We are pround of her. [[[[ H U G S ]]]] to you & yours.
NH Suzanne~I might have gotten mixed up but I thought that John said that he was in Orlando & then that BJ said that she was there & then there was Dave & I. [[[[ H U G S ]]]] My heart goes out to you & your friends too.

Donna~Thanks very much. I appreciate it very much.

Did anyone here write me a letter? I got one from someone that I don't know for certain who it is from. Now I feel really silly. We are looking forward to having 3 grandchildren closeby. DS#1 finds out the s*x on the 21st the day after my birthday. I told him that was a good enough birthday present for me. Drink your water & try to get me motivated to do the same. Patti :)


RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: zig123 (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 14:10

Patti,Dave NHSuzanne ~ You all are in my thoughts and prayers...((((HUGS))))
Besh ~ My heart is breaking for you and your family. Having just gone through this I realize how stressful a time this can be. ((((HUGS))))

milk dud ~ my thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery

Raeanne and BJ ~ thank you for everything. You both are such special women. I'm proud to call you my friends!

To those who mentioned my fasting. While it isn't easy,the more you do it the easier it gets, the self awareness is unbelievable, the empathy you feel for those who are forced to go without food because they can't afford it, live in famine sticken areas of the world or are deprived of nourishment for any other reason is incredible and the spiritual rewards are abundant....I'm getting off my soapbox...LOL and back to getting things done here.



RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: besh (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 17:12

Hello all,
Thanks for your well wishes. My FIL passed away this morning, 3/6/06 at 6:33AM. Kind of strange because my MIL passed away 8/26 at 8:26AM.

Love, Besh


RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: marci_pa (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 18:09

Besh - Please accept my condolences. This must be hard for your DH to lose both parents in such a short time.
I will keep your family in my thoughts.
Patti - I am also sorry for your DD's loss and the family troubles. Hopefully things will work out for you and Dave to move back to TX and be with your GKs.


RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: aka_raeanne (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 18:38

(((((((BESH & Family))))))), ((((((Patti & Dave)))))), (((((((Suzanne)))))))), (((((((Zig))))))), ((((((John & Mom))))))
Milkdud - I wanted to get on here and wish you the best for a smooth operation and speedy recovery - I can't wait to hear from you.

Patti - I hope you can make moving to TX work - it sounds like the best for all - you would be in heaven babysitting all the time. BJ was teasing about being in Orlando (i think - you never know with her). I hope Dave is feeling strong.

Everyone hang in there -I hope everyone finds peace and strength.


RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: donna_southnj (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 19:01

Patti, Dave and family - my thoughts are with you.
((Besh and family))

Milkdud - You are in my prayers - good luck and speedy recovery!!

I will check in later.



RE: SS Support Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 5
Posted by: milkdud (My Page) on Mon, Mar 6, 06 at 19:28

Besh, please accept my sympathies for the loss of your FIL.
Patti, what's left to say after our lengthy phone conversation? But, ((((((Patti and Dave)))))) anyway!

nhSuzanne, so sorry to hear about your friend.

Well, folks, I feel well prepared for tomorrow's surgery, and the good wishes from you are icing on the cake (SS cake, of course!). I'll update y'all this coming weekend when I get home. Meanwhile, take care!



I'll have to read and see what's going on----seems like a lot-----my life's a steam train right now.....puffing away.....I'm running behind it, trying to catch up. -BJ

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Highlight the postings from the other thread by left-clicking and dragging the mouse over them.

Let go after they're highlighted.

Then right-click and drag the cursor to "copy".

Click and then go to the current thread.

Log in, place the cursor into the message box and click.

Then right-click and drag the mouse to "paste".

Left click and the text should transfer.


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Besh ~ my heartfelt sympathies are extended to you and your family. You all are in my thoughts and prayers (((HUGS))))

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Milkdud - You will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. Hope all goes well with your surgery.

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Hi All!

Zig, I admire your once a week fast. I know just what you mean about how it changes you inside and out. My plan is to fast during the week before Easter.

Donna, Are you bike shopping? 3 years ago, DS and I did a 30 mile bike marathon called "The Tour de Sewer" lol! because the route was along a river bed leading ultimately to the Pacific Ocean. The rally benefited a local eye bank which does so much for the site impaired in this area. I'd like to be in shape and limber enough to do it again. I am doing daily stretching and have just been given my physical therapy program to rehab my knee. Let me know when you get your bike! How is WW going?

Did everyone notice how BJ was able to "drop by" to fix this thread. Apparently she plays the viola too! : )

I have caught the "bad cold" going around and feel like my head will explode. Tight chest, lots of coughing, yuck! DS put on a big pot of homemade chicken soup and I am ever so grateful (that boy surprises me sometimes!).

Joanne, You and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Patti, what can I say? I am so glad that Dave made it thru! I wish that I had checked here earlier as I would have advised you to NEVER wait with chest pain that isn't instantly relieved by nitro. You know that your whole family is in my prayers.

Besh, how are you and your DH holding up? It is times like these when I wish that we were all neighbors who could help out in a real, rather than virtual way when tragedy strikes.

Off to check on the chicken soup. DeeMarie, I need you to tell me to never, ever give up...



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Morning everyone

milkdud ~ thinking and praying for you today and wishing you a speedy recovery

Besh ~ I hope you and your family may find comfort and peace by sharing the memories you all carry in your hearts.

Tikanas ~ Do you fast the entire week before Easter? I fast from Noon on Good Friday until after Communion on Easter Sunday. Want to join me?

BJ ~ Thinking of you. Hope you will soon have time to do more than just pop in and tease us.

This is such an amazing group of loving, caring people and I am so glad to be back posting again. Thank you for making me feel apart of your family.


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Good Morning,

Besh, My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Milkdud, Best wishes for your surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Tikanas, Hope you feel better soon. Your son is so sweet to fix you soup. Your lucky to have him. One of these days I am going to surprise you and give you a phone call.

Patti, My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Tell Dave to get well soon too.

Zig, on the fast, do you drink fruit juice? I know that's a probably a silly question, but I thought there were different kinds of fasts. Maybe not. For lent, our office decided to give up one thing we really like. I decided to give up my diet cokes. It's been easier than I thought it would be.

Better run. Hugs and prayers go out to all who need them.


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[[[[[[[[[[[[[to all my SS friends and family]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Wow, lots going on here over the last week or two. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are struggling during difficult times.

Eating and exercise has been good, but drinking water is way off....I have the swollen ankles to prove it. Gotta get to that, but work is hectic so I don't want to be running to the Ladies Room while I'm in meetings!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good evening all, How is everybody today?

Jen, it is nice to "see" you. How was your trip?

I really understand about the water/ladies room dillema, DeeMarie! As a visiting nurse, I know the location of every Mc Donald's bathroom within a 40 mile radius! Thanks for the never give up rally. I needed it : )

Zig, You are on! I am fasting from breakfast of Maundy Thursday till after Communion on Easter. Let's do it together. I received my Leslie Sansone video today. I think I'll wait till this cold is gone before I start. It's all I can do to get thru the day right now...

I can't wait to hear how Milkdud's surgey went.

Patti and Dave, are you alright? I'm thinking about you!


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Good THURSDAY Morning!

I'm excited as this is my last working day until Tuesday, March 21. It will be nice to have another vacation so soon. After 36 years of working without a break in my career, I am finally taking all the vacation that is due me!!! It's about time I started to get priorities straight! lol

Still holding good thoughts to all of you, particularly Besh, Patti & Dave.

Zig, you are always in control with your WOE and I envy that. It takes no time at all for me to slip back into old habits. I must say that I'm being very good about exercise...consistently 4-7hours per week, but no weight loss. I feel good tho!

Marci, where are you these days?

Amy, please check in.

You too, BJ. Hope all is well out there!

Tikanas, feel better. I would not exercise during colds. I remember how awful I felt last year with pneumonia; the thought of anything more strenuous than moving from sofa to the kitchen for a cup of tea was mind-boggling!

Jen, tell us about your vacation! Bet you were glad to see those two cuties waiting for you.

Raeanne & NHSuzanne, I will think of you on my vacation whenever I raise my glass (now why is that?!)

My best to all those whom I did not mention.

Need to get back to work and clear some items up here.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Lots and lots of hugs and good thoughts for Besh, Patti, Dave and Milkdud.

Tikanas, I am going bike shopping this weekend! We are supposed to get some great weather this weekend so I will really have spring fever. The bike trip you took with your son sounds cool and the reason terrific. What a great thing to do for yourself and it benefits others too. As far as WW it's going - over the last 2 weeks I lost one pound (at least not a gain I keep telling myself) so am down for a total of 9 1/4. I am happy with that - my clothes are feeling looser and people are asking me if I am losing weight :-) I think getting the bike will make me more committed. How is the aroma therapy working? Get rid of that cold!!

Dee - thank you for the never, never give up each day - I really, really need it some days. Have an absolutely fabulous trip!!! Raise a glass for me.

Where the heck is everyone? Gotta run - will probably check in tomorrow but if not definitely over the weekend.
TGIF tomorrow - yay!

Take care....Donna

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Jen ~ I'm just doing a liquid fast with my own rules. What I drink just depends on how I feel. A usual day would be water, coffee, herbal or regular tea. Some days I may add a half glass of orange juice mixed with sparkling water or a glass of tomato juice. I know other people that include broth, pop, sports drinks, ensure or a similar type drink. I have hypoglycemia so occasionaly I will have a very small homemade protien shake if I need it for health purposes.

Dee ~ Thanks, I try. Have a great vacation

Donna ~ congrats on your weight loss.

Tikanas ~ Hope you are feeling better. Welcome aboard. I'm game for beginning on Maundy Thursday Are you planning on eating breakfast on Thursday or starting the fast before? Are we doing a pure liquid fast, coffee, tea, water, juice or something different? Does communion on Maundy Thursday count? I know you're not feeling up to exercising but have you had a chance to view the videos?


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DeeMarie, I don't even know where you are going, but I wish you a bon voyage. I think that it is wonderful that you now have your priorities straight! You have worked hard and are now able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. (hope that didn't sound too corny)

Donna, if by "aroma therapy" you meant the chicken soup that DS made for me and the Vicks that is rubbed on my chest, then yes, they are helping! I really can't smell a thing. I want to hear about the bike when you buy it. I think you can Google "tour de sewer" benefiting the Doheney eye bank, for more info. It's my goal to do it again next year. Wouldn't it be fun to do together??

Zig, It's a pact! I think I'll start with my last meal on Wed. nite. I'll do all liquids (water mostly) till after Communion on Sunday. Communion on Thursday or Friday is not a break in the fast as far as I'm concerned. My Mom and I used to do this fast together when I was little. This with some meditation and self reflection will serve me well.

Come on, Jen... we want to hear about your vacarion!

Joanne, thoughts and prayer for you and your whole family.

Patti and Dave, I will call as soon as I get my voice back.

Where are you Raeanne?? NH Suzanne? John?

Bj, it has been WEEKS now!! Unacceptable girlfriend... check in please!!


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Hey guys!

Dee - I can't keep up with your trips - ENJOY and definitely think of me and Suzanne when you raise your glass LOL.

Tikanis - don't even try to keep up with Dee's trips - she has her suitcase packed at all times. How is the knee?

Donna - I hope you find the perfect bike for yourself - that is great way to exercise. I have never been a big bike rider - I like my feet planted on the ground, or water LOL.

HUGS to everyone that still needs them (take one even if you don't)

We may have to continue our John and BJ rumors - the 2 of them popped in and out of here awfully quick. Come on guys, come back....

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Tikanas ~ I responded you your email, but got disconnected from my server just as I pressed the send button so I'm not sure you will get it. It's a deal and I'll start Wednesday night too. Maybe we can work out times since I am 3 hours ahead of you so we will start and end at the same time...what do you think?

The more the merrier anyone else who wants to join us is welcome... right Tikanas?

Donna ~ Good luck with the bike search. Bike riding is my least favorite form of exercise, but DH and DS love it. Every year they ride the DALMAC which is about a 225 mile ride from Lansing to Mackinaw City the week before Labor Day.

Besh, Patti and Dave, Joanne, John and mom, NHSuzanne ~ you are all in my thougths and prayers


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Good Afternoon,

Vacation news? It was a blast. The worst thing was we had a hard time calling home to the girls. I had bought calling cards but for some reason, they were not working. I used the same ones in Jamaica and had no problem but anyway. Lots of sun, never had to leave the resort. It was all inclusive, so it was awesome. I had WAY to many banana monkeys and margaritas and came back with 5 pounds, BUT it's gone now so no problem. The girls were fine and did not get sick, DH and I did not fight, so all in all the vacation was fabulous.

I have started to do "The Firm" exercise tapes. I have had the fanny lifter since Tara was born, so now I am putting it to good use. I really like them, it would be much better if I wasn't always pressed for time but thats life. Hopefully I can drop a few sizes before Easter. The workouts are tough but at the end, I feel as if I have accomplished something.

DeeMarie, Have a great Vacation!

Patti and Dave, I am sending loving thoughts your way.

Amy, we miss you. Have you checked in lately?

Tikanas & Zig, I am debating on the fast. The last one I tried I verily made it through 1 1/2 days. Giving up diet sodas for lent was one of the best things I have done. Now I need to give up iced tea with splenda. Maybe next week.

Well, better run. Have a great day.


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Happy Saturday morning!

A beautiful day here in the northeast - in my travels today will shop for a new bike.

Hugs to all - will check in later.


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