Do i need a modulator

orenMarch 6, 2009

My old dvd player had a tuner built in to it. I just bought a new toshiba dvd recorder and vcr combo. It does not have the tuner, only rca plugs, s-video, and hdmi. So how do i connect it so i can record over the air broadcast plus digital channels from my dish satellite box. The dish box just has the 1 sat cable coming in to it and over the air antenna in and out....So i'm just wondering if i need a rf modulator or what ...thanks

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does your dish not have RCA outputs as well? everyone i ever saw does. you go RCA from teh dish to teh new recorder. then RCA from it to teh TV. if everythign supports HDMI connections, then use HDMI in place of the RCA.

no modulator required unless you TV does not support RCA or HDMI inputs.

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It sounds like you have an older dish box that modulates the sat box output to channel 3/4 on coaxial. Then when you turn off your sat box it passes through the OTA signal. To record both, you will need a converter box that has an analog tuner (NTSC for the sat box output) a digital tuner (ATSC for the OTA) and has an output format supported by your dvr/vcr. The simpler solution maybe to get a newer box for Dish that has the right output.

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