Has anyone seen Dr. Shapiro's

naturelleMarch 16, 2004

Picture Perfect Diet presentation. It happened to be on our local PBS feed from Buffalo, as part of a fundraising drive. It was very interesting. The principle of his diet is to make good food choices for weight loss and hearthealth, and that there are misconception of what our choices are. To reinforce the relative merits of alternative food choices, he shows pictures. I don't remember the exact details, but for example, he would show a chicken caesar salad (loaded with the extras), and asks if you would consider that a diet choice. Of course, we all choose that for a "light" lunch. Well, he shows that equivalent to that salad for 1200 calories, you could have x, y, z, a and five r's. But, in reality you would likely be satisfied with z, a, and one r, all for 300 calories. The alternatives he shows are satisying, delicious foods too. He went through several combinations of this's and that's. One of the illustrations was like comparing a breakfast of cream cheese and bagel versus, as an alternative, TWELVE slices of bread, soy sausages, eggwhite omellete and MORE, for the same calories, or obviously dropping a few of the extras for a fraction of the calories. There were more extreme illustrations than that.

They showed how the doctor worked with firefighters, and changed their food choices. They ended up eating as much nutritious and delicious foods than they would want, yet they lost weight and were hearthealthy as well.

It was awesome to pictorially see the comparisons, on one side there would be two cookies, and on the other side for the same calories, a tableful of food. Obviously, you can't eat all the food on the table, so you'll be ahead of the game.

I'm not on any strict diet (I could/should be, perhaps, as I'm about 10-15 pounds overweight), but I take a great interest to be aware of my weight and eating healthy, as I get older (LOL I'm already old!).

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I saw him on The View I think. I thought most people would be aware of basic nutrition and it was rather dumb to make those kind of comaprisons. Then I received a call from a younger friend and had to explain what fats are, what carbs are, how calories work, how to know if something is fried in fast food, etc. So I guess there is a place for Dr. Shapiro after all for the uninformed. He puts on a grand show doesn't he? Kathy_PA

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Yes, it is a grand show, with his mature movie star looks, his delivery, and his dramatization of the subject. Very slick. But, actually, Kathy, we may well be aware of basic nutrition, but what hits you is when you see the choices side by side. You see that you can eat tons of delicious, nutritional and healthy foods and watch the calories.

Perhaps, we should not readily accept simple choices like a chicken caesar salad for lunch, and think about other fine choices that have a quarter of the calories. It's easy for us to rationalize that two cookies would not hurt as a snack, but when you see the tableful of healthy foods which is equal calories-wise to those cookies, it strikes home. We would be better off to eat a quarter of what's on the table.

I'm as guilty as anyone else. There are times, when I have probably had a 5,000+ calories day, because I've eaten a bag of Lay's chips (not in several months), plus three squares. Really, that is unnecessary.

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