Howdy Doodie - Let's Introduce Ourselves!

quiltingbunnyMarch 28, 2004


I know there are folk on various threads...I thought it might be nice to say hello to all of you, irregardless of what diet your are following. If there are any of you lurking out there, thinking you should be posting but are not sure - please drop by and say hello. You don't have to give any specific details but it would be pretty cool to see what regions we are all from and wish each other success.

I'm McPeg

Canadian (currently living in Scotland since 1999 - DH's family is Scottish, we are Canadian)

Trying to get my BMI down to 23

Want to have more energy to enjoy my garden more

I tend to plateau a lot but since starting my diet RIGHT after xmas...I have gone from a size 16 to 12.

No children, DH is a computer fanatic...I am an office worker and enjoy it. I work to afford my gardening habit.

Some day hope to change lifestyle and live in the country - that's our goal.

Very happy to meet new friends. Started subscribing to GardenWeb in 1999, was already participating in the seed exchange since 1997. Enjoy winter sowing seeds, anything garden related, love to cook (tee heee hee), enjoy country music and pop music. Quilt from time to time - great for having too many things on the go at once.

Favourite foods while dieting - low fat vanilla yogurt, low fat nutmeg & raison rice pudding, home made soup.

Hi Ya! Hope you are making new friends and working towards your goals!



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Hi! I live in South Central Texas. Born and raised in the same little town. I've raised my 3 sons here too. My baby will graduate from High School in May.

My most favorite thing to do is ride motorcycles. Jammer and I ride every chance we get and take at least one vacation a year on the bike. I post lots of pictures on our website at:

I work full time and also sell on Ebay.
I have been coming to the THS forums for many years and have made many great friends. I've even met many in person.

I enjoy reading about everyone's goals and strategies for losing weight.


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Hi! I live in Kentucky and have two grown children. One lives close by and the other in Nashville. My interests are writing, movies, gardening, decorating, and sewing. I also enjoy creative-type stuff and therefore save everything! This must taper down since I'm running out of space!!

I collect bears, seashells, old books, and old Hollywood movie-star photos.

My DH has some medical problems, so that requires a lot of my time, but he's still the love of my life.

We belong to church, have a really nice Sunday School class, and enjoy activities with them. This dieting group has really helped me along my "losing" way and is so much encouragement---I enjoy all of the posts!!

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I live in a very small town in west central Indiana and just three miles east of where I was born and raised. I have an older brother, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters. My parents live just 8 miles west of me. All of my siblings, (other than my youngest sister, which drifted the farthest away and lives in KY) live within a 10 mile radius.

My husband and I are in our 17th year of our marriage. We both were married and had two sons in previous marriages. The boys are all grown, married, and have families of their own. Combined, they have given us 5 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. They all live within a five mile radius. We are a close knitt family. LOL

I have been a seamstress for many, many years. Have had a shop in my home, but just recentely we have bought the old Post Office in our town and are presently restoring it for my new sewing shop. This has been so exciting! Hope to have the Grand Opening on June 5th.

My husband retired three years ago from Eli Lilly. WOW!! What an eye-opening experience!! We are still trying to adjust.

I have a collection of dolls. They are my weakness! I love to take a rattie looking doll, clean her up, fix her hair, make her a new outfit, and give her a spot among all the others. Does my heart good!

Some of my other interest are: auction sales, yard sales, interior decorating, room remodels, our garden and flower beds, reading posts on this forum, and spending time with and baking cookies with my grandkids!

Ahhhhh...Life is good in my little town.


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Hi - I've only recently starting reading the Diet Club
Forum, for about a week or so. Prior to this, I've
been reading Kitchen, remodeling and home repair because
we are trying to get our house in order. It is 85 years
old, has good bones but is in need of a lot of work.
I've recently retired to help get it back in order.

My retirement plans also include losing weight.
Funny thing is that since I retired this past January 2,
2004, I have lost 10 pounds without trying (very much).
Now I want to try harder so I can lose faster.

I also enjoy the soil and compost forum very much
and Texas gardening (I'm from Houston) as well
as the Tropicalesque forum. Our yard needs a lot of
work too and I don't seem to enjoy housework nearly
as much as I enjoy working in the yard.

I'm hoping that with help from this forum, I can
stay on track with my diet. I started at 250 pounds
in January (actually a little more) and now am at
240. I think I am a lot more active now than when
I was working at mainly a desk job with long hours
and a long commute. It surprisingly has never been
easier dieting but I know the difficult part lies
ahead. (I've tried to do this before so I know...)

I'm 58 years old, and married with no children unless
you count our two German Shepherd dogs as children.
They are the light of our lives. (I have lots of
nieces and nephews too..)

I also like to read and am in several book discussion
groups here in Houston. I've also looked at the
Reading forum on gardenweb but I personally get
a whole lot of enjoyment discussing books in a
"face to face" mode. Right now, I'm reading "The Plague"
by Camus for a Thursday night meeting. It should be
an interesting discussion.

Thanks to quiltingbunny for starting this


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Hi Everyone.
Just started son this forum, but have been on GW trading for a couple years now. I am trying to go from a size 18 back to a 10 or 11. 3 bouts with prednisone for athsma and 2 kids did my body in. ( my first is older and I bounced right back after her) I am not really following any particular diet, just finding low fat, low calorie recipes and trying to excersize more. Lost 10 pounds so far. Need to lose about 30 more. Married with 3 kids. Just went from full to part time with the 3rd child. I hope to quit altogether and start my own greenhouse business one day. My kids are all over the place in age. I have one almost ready for college, one in diapers, and one in the middle, so I am one busy lady. Tried Winter sowing for the first time this year, and am looking foreward to planting all my babies very soon. I like old 70-80's R&B Music and scouring all the greenhouses.

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Hi all

I just started posting on the Exercise and Nutrition forum and chanced upon this too. I live in CT with my husband and two year old son. Apparently chasing a toddler around hasn't done enough to help me with my weight I have started exercising since the past two weeks. I would like to lose about 40 pounds at least....slowly but steadily and with all your support I hope to reach my goal. I work from home and also volunteer. I like to read and am at the computer a lot!


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Hi everyone, I come to this site every few days for inspiration. I'm down 25 lbs. since Jan. 6th.

I live in California. I'm 53 years young and for a couple of years there all efforts at weight loss seemed to be an exercise in futility. My hormones seem to have finally settled down now and I feel back in control.

Haven't decided on a goal weight yet. Weight Watchers goals seem unrealist for my body type. Although I am vertically challenged at 5'1" I can wear a size 8 at about 135lbs. I also don't want to have to "starve" to maintain.

My favorite forms of exercise are ice skating and walking.
I am going to reward myself with a new pair of skates when I hit 140.

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I've been around for a long time but just read the diet forum off and on. It's a lot more fun to eat anything you want and pretend that you're not fat. But we just returned from a cruise where I ate anything and everything - hit the scales when I got home and found that now I wasn't only 30 pounds overweight, it's closer to 40!

I'm 38 (soon to be 39) work full time and I'm also a powerseller on ebay. Married 17 years to my HS sweetheart, two kids - DD is 12 and DS is 10. I work in downtown Houston and live in the suburbs of Houston (1 hour solid commute each way every day).

I'm 5'2" and my goal weight is 135 - I've seen that weight a few times since the kids were born (mostly with lots of help from phen fen!). I've been walking at night for exercise but that will soon come to a stop - it gets waaaay too hot in Houston to walk much from about June through September. So I need to come up with something new!

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Hi, McPeg - I recognize you from Winter Sowing!

I just started thinking about losing weight yet again, and didn't really expect to find a Diet forum here. But, yay, here you are!

I'm 47, married, no kids except 2 furry ones. And lots of plant babies at the moment ;) My weight is 226 right now, which sounds bad but actually it's not the worst it's been.

My plan for now is simple--plain old calorie counting. Someone on an email list I'm on has posted about eating at a certain calorie level 6 days a week, with a higher allowance on Sundays. I think I can live with that. I don't do well with going out to meetings, or keeping track of too many details.

I've managed to stay within my limit for Day One, with room for a little popcorn tonight. Looking forward to exchanging tips!


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I'm 56..... which, when I was 30 something sounded elderly, but now that I'm here I find it to be a wonderful age. Young enough to do everything... yet old enough that I don't have to if I don't want to :)

Been married to a really good guy for 37 years. Our idea of a great day is taking a motorcycle ride (me on back) and having no plan. We always stash overnight bags on the bike so we can decide at the last minute to stay in some pretty place for the night... or for the weekend. Gotta love helmet head!

I've always loved being a mom, but I love it even more now that my four kids are living in their own homes! I have five grand kiddies. One of which will be spending the summer with us. She's too old for the summer daycare programs (just turned 13) yet too young and vulnerable to be left alone everyday for the entire summer. This will be our second summer with her. She's fun.

My passion is writing, I'm 2/3 into my first novel. It's on the back burner right now... as I fear all the characters would suddenly become cranky (and kill their husbands for losing more weight in less time). But I digress...

I taught art for 20 years. Then taught craft classes... and found it to be more fun. Now I just enjoy collecting great ideas and making things for my friends and family.

I love to read (currently reading All Over But The Shoutin'... great book, incidentally) cook and bake, play with clay (Hearty as well as kiln fire) draw and paint. I LOVE computers! Mac's in particular. Photoshop 7 and MS Word are always up and running. I enjoy surfing the internet for clever ideas. Then my freakishly organized self takes over and spends an inordinate amount of time creating a perfect system whereby I can find things anytime anywhere. Needless to say I don't need the organization forum :)

I'm extremely happy... ('cept when DH tells me about his double digit weight loss). I have great friends and an awesome family. Life is good...

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Hi all -
I'm also 56, Candy, and starting the South Beach diet this week. Two years ago I lost 22 pounds in two months on Atkins and then gained it back. I think SB is perhaps more healthy than Atkins, but know that low carb is the way to go for me. I have a goal to lose 63 pounds. It's a lot, I know, but I'm willing to stick with it as long as it takes. These extra pounds didn't just jump on my body in the last 4 months, you know?

On day 3 today I can tell the carb cravings are leaving my system. I've got just a few "forbidden" foods in the house, such as real bacon and 1 apple. Gave away the last of the homemade Snickerdoodles on Monday and plan to throw out (homemade) bread before it calls to me - bread is a weakness.

I'm single now, work full time, love to quilt and sew, read, putz around the house, and visit the forums here. Last year I started teaching some quilting classes and hope to do more this year. I also make custom quilts on commission.

I look forward to checking in on everyone's progress and sharing tips and dieting strategies.


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Hey there...
I'm June from North Carolina...

I am in the process of losing weight, slow but sure. I started with WW in January, but all the lo-carb training I've had thru the years, just didn't compliment Weight Watchers. I'm back on lo-carbing and am intrigued by the SOUTH BEACH method. I am trying to find a method that will work as an eating plan for the rest of my life. I need to lose about 60 lbs. and figure it should take be about 9 months.

I love to swim, and have used that as a form of exercise (besides 45 minutes of mowing the lawn, all the garden work I do). I'm healing from a herniated disk and I still have to be careful. I used to walk in a hilly area, and found that causes me problems still. Need to find a flat area.

I work 2 jobs (Full-40 hrs. and Part time-12-15 hrs.) so my time is limited, but it's ALL doable! I have really tried to TRAIN myself that setting aside time for exercise is important. It's just got to be something you do, you put it in the days schedule, like eating...ha ha!

I had worked up to swimming a mile in March, but a bad sinus problem and prednisone kept me from the water (chlorine is an irritant, so I couldn't swim and I'd spent a small fortune on meds and was scared to swim) but...I'm now BAAACCCK!! I've got to build back up to swimming a mile (22 laps, 44 lengths of the pool), but I KNOW I can do it! Not bad for an overweight, 53 yr. old broad! In a way it's a funny form of just get into a groove and swim, swim, swim!!

The exercise HAS lowered my blood pressure, I feel better, I sleep better and I feel good about doing something for myself. Even if the weight isn't coming off as fast as I like, I still feel good knowing I'm doing something!

One thing I found out. You HAVE to find the EXERCISE that you like. I have a hard time sticking to walking (esp. when it's real hot), a hard time sticking to step aerobics, and a hard time sticking to weight training. But give me water, and I'm a FISH in water. It's the one exercise that I have done consistently and have worked in my schedule. I have to pay for being a member of a sports center (discount thru work), but it's money well spent! So find whatever that works for you and try to make sure that it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

I do love to travel, especially here in North Carolina, see the sights in the mountains and the hills. I'm trying to learn the hammer dulcimer. I live alone, but I'm not lonely. I have a sweet kitty - Silver Streak! My boyfriend of 4 years moved out of state, so I'm kinda looking, but I don't mind being alone. I love to read and I collect GARFIELD! My back bedroom is full of orange!

I read this in a magazine and want to share it with you..
In the first month of exercising regularly, you'll start to feel the difference.
In the second month, you'll see the difference.
In the third month, others will notice the difference.

I'm sure you are all beautiful just as you are, but I wish you all the best in your endeavor to be sleek and slender! It's so nice to have friends to share this struggle with...

June Lynn

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