Diet Pals - 29 Mar - 5 Apr - Pull Up Yer Socks Week!

quiltingbunnyMarch 28, 2004

Okay, I'm a pullin' up my socks this week. Had my fun last week leading myself astray in the kitchen. Got a few cravings out of the way. Also gained a pound - so there ya go! I was a real devil last week but that was LAST WEEK!

Yellowhair - I am really happy for your loss this week. That's fabulous. Perks you up for Spring! Great news, thanks for sharing.

Kathy, thanks for the angel posting. Its incredible that after all these years she is still beautiful. Something I should aspire to this week - being an 'angel' (stop snickering....I can hear ya over here!) Sorry, that was DH snoring - I am up again tonight. Tell me sleep will improve once I hit menopause??? Aaaarrrrggggh.

Okay, so this weeks topic, in my corner - is pulling up my socks. That little ol' she devil is being relegated back into her cage - bad girl!

I made my homemade lentil/pea soup. Going to boil up some mixed veggies to add to it later for lunch. Re-read my first few weeks of weight watchers books and this week I am hoping to stick with it and focus on the quickstart week. It will mean dropping from 20 points a day to 16 and then next week I will target 18 points and then back up to 20 the following week....well let's just focus on this week.

My weight gained but my cravings are done. I can live with this.

Going to be very strict on myself this week, take some flavoured water into work today and rethinking things through...a few small steps...

-changing my milk from semi-skimmed to SKIMMED (save 2 points each day this way)

-drink more water

-eat more veggies (fruit no problem)

-get more protein in my day (its been lacking last month - I forget)

-get walking/moving more

So here I am, in all my humble self, taking another step and pulling up those socks this week.

143 pounds (I need to post my weight so I can see it again and again and again) from 142.

My weight loss has been a crawl but I am seeing results which makes me pretty darn happy. Found my WW meeting book from summer 2002 - I never got anywhere near my current weight so a little pat on my back for sticking with it - good or bad days. I am not sweating that my weight loss is slow, its just fine. If it plateaus - probably not enough water. My previous experience has been when I drop drinking water (not caffeine water....), my weight loss slows down.

C'mon gang - let's pull up our socks this week and stick our best foot forward. Even if you achieve a single, small goal towards healthier eating, taking better care of yourself and LOVING will be further ahead.

Let's make today count!


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I've really tabled off the past 4-5 weeks. I've gone from 132½ to 132 and then back to 132½! But I'm not complaining. I'm so happy to be down from the 149 that I started at. I know the reason that I've stayed the same is because I've been eating more than my 20 points a day. I'm okay until after I get home from work and then I overdo the eating. I haven't walked in 2 weeks but plan to start walking again tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great and productive week!!

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Good morning!
McPeg I doubt your insomnia improves with menopause - maybe when the change is completely over. I am not there yet but know these mood swings I get (think the exorcist) come from something or is it that hubby is getting older and more impatient too and I am responding to him?
I had my frozen fruit breakfast because I did plenty of damage at my "hooray the doctor's appointment is over" party this weekend. Next weekend we go to an anniversary party Sunday afternoon and Mom is fixing her Easter dinner (evening) so we do not miss it (we go to Chincoteague). Easter dinner is ham, scalloped potatos, corn (I always argue that corn is NOT a vegetable but it is there every time and probably at least 3 desserts. Oh geez. Then hubby said he wants to go out with his family too. So needless to say I need to crack the whip this week just to stay the same. I am working on my Mom's taxes today - hairpulling time and #2 dog goes to the vet. Hubby shared with me he has not gained much weight even though he has been eating a lot. Oh gosh - if only metabolism could be transplanted!
McPeg my angel photo received the best compliment when I showed it to Mom (printed on computer paper) and she called me a liar when I told her I took the photo. Haha!
Well have a good week all. One of the angels...

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MaryAnn - that sounds like a good plan. If anything, you should have no problem maintaining your weight after if you can manage plateaus. My problems were cravings last week and I caved.
Kathy - you certainly have your challenges ahead of you but don't fret - even if ya eat your heart out - just come back and that will be that. We can't be perfect all the time and thank heavens we aren't! I can appreciate your feelings toward you Mom not believing you took that photo...I took a photo of a lake in the highlands with the scene reflected beautifully in the water -I remember panning the view with the camera before taking it....didn't DH claim he took it as soon as he saw it! No point arguing. I know I took it and that's all that matters. No sharing the camera in future - he can use his own!!!!
Today was much better. I have resolved that I will spend a little more time doing some structured menus that are hopefully interesting and filling. I slid enough last week after lots of plateaus and I am redoing the kickstart week of 16-18 points with lots of veggies. Printed out my menus from the online site for ideas, got my point books, calculator and going to raid the kitchen this week to find out WHAT IS LURKING in there....hard to plan your meals when you don't know what you've got and

I find I spend more on food when I don't use what I have first. So a little thrift as well the next two weeks. I have eyed up some new WW frozen treats and if I complete this weeks successfully, going to reward myself with something new in the diet next week. Gotta have small goals.

Also thinking of getting DH to take a photo of me - side view - so I can paste it up on my bedroom wardrobe mirror for inspiration. Nothing wakes me up more in the morning than seeing myself - hair straight into orbit, eyes foggy and stumbling around like I just had a night out (I have never been graceful in the morning - ever!).

So, my socks are getting pulled this week and I am trying to follow the ideas from the site with a little more menu planning so I don't have to think when I am half asleep.

I'm kicking and punching my way back on track.

C'mon and join me! Let's make today count!


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Hey, everybody. Went to the grocery this morning and bought more fruit and more items for DH and his diabetic diet. I've been brooding this afternoon---think it's all of the extra work with his diet. I know, I know, with him on this diet it should be easier for me, but he has to watch EVERYTHING---carbs, sugar, and cholestrol. Took so long reading all of the labels this morning.

I'm a little irritated then I think how lucky he was not to have surgery---then I feel guilty!!! I'm crackin' up, you guys!!! lol lol

I'm cooking a chicken, will have some of this with instant mashed potatoes (with skim milk and lite butter) and some sort of greens or a salad. It's all in the planning. I think once I get it worked out---I'll feel better.

My daughter gave me 2 books on diabetic meals and I looked thru them, told her I would need a full-time chef to keep up with all of the different recipes. I'll post a breakfast one later.

Anyhoo---McPeg, I've got to pull up my socks and get back to the exercises. Take care, all. I think I'll fell better tomorrow. lol

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Yellowhair - diabetic cooking is really not that much far off from healthier eating anyway...I am controlling my diabetis with diet only and WW is helping.
I compare diabetis to running a woodburning stove. High quality wood like a hardwood will burn steady, slow and give off pretty consistent heat levels. Low grade wood burns fast, furious and gives off quick, high heats.

One way you can help curb the sugar levels is to check out a book from your library called 'the glycemic index' or search under that phrase on the internet. It teaches you what great food choices you can make for foods that burn slow and steady - and help curb hunger (great for diets), balance sugars (mood stabilizing and generally feel better both you and DH) and improve insulin levels over time.

Little things like Uncle Ben's converted rice or balsamic rice rather than a standard grade white rice...slower burning.

The library also stocks good cookbooks and you may be surprised to find things you both can enjoy and still have success.

Education empowers you to take control. The more you learn the more choices you have. DH is responsible for his health as well and if he sees you doing things without making too much fuss, he might start paying more attention to things you are learning.

If I can help in any way, please shout. I don't know about his personal food restrictions but maybe you might want to check out the forum on special diets. Usually lots of good tips there too.

Take it one step at a time. And take DH with ya on your walks! LOL,

Today I am behaving myself, enjoying my home made soup with the only exception that this is day 2 of eating it and tonight you would not want to be around me because my body is readjusting to the volume of fibre I am eating....needless to say I am spending quite a bit of time wandering in the garden this evening...tee heeeeee...

C'mon gang - let's hop to it and just do it!

Alice - ya still with us? Do check in. Been wondering how you are getting on. We know its tough at times and if ya need someone to chat with - we are here!!!! Yooooouuuu hoooooooo - see me waving from Scotland??? Hi Ya!!!!

Cheers everyone,

Going upstairs with an armload of info from the internet...going to point my recipes - MANUALLY since I can't find the calculator.

I have worked out from measurements of 1/8 cup or 15 grams to 1 cup or 110 (flours) 125 (fats) point values for:
flour, sugar, butter, margarine, vegetable shortening. My books/references cover most of the other baking ingredients but trying to figure out how to make a lower point cornbread (because I love it soooo much) me onto this track.
Have a great McDay!


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Today I am still yanking at my socks, planning my next day and thinking about further down the week. Having to get back to the sheer basics to get things moving. Also my TOM which might also explain the food craving last week and slight weight gain...ah well, time will tell. Got to the grocery store on the way into work today...did a kitchen search and out of a few basic ingredients I eat often - hit a gold mine with 'slightly bent' tins of stewed tomatos (love them), small cans of cooked lima beans (love those) - all for about 20 cents a tin. Treated myself to buy one get one with Turkeyham (turkey product made to look and taste like ham but half the points - great filler), big bag of apples - that is one food that really gets my fat moving and is noted to help burn calories - I love apples - they are Red Delicious shipped in from the USA - gotta support my neighbours!
Also got a roll of microwave saran wrap - the office one I am tired of cleaning and afraid to get ill unless my food is TOTALLY COVERED...its disgusting. Great for killing any appetite or extra food craving...just have to open the door and look at it for a minute and food isn't so appealing anymore! (thank you office slobs!)

So this is my quickstart week - lots of apples, SKIM milk to half my points on milk in my tea/coffee, chicken/turkey to cut down on protein points but get the protein values up there and home made soup for evening. I am grazing all day with fruits, veg and lots of drinks. Actually quite full and by the time I have dinner, I don't want a big meal.

Those are my little strategies to get motivated and back on track this week to get things moving again. If it doesn't show up next weigh in and I stick with it, will have to get out more and start walking at lunch.

Make today count - you only have one shot at it - let's bullseye!


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I'm still here. Weighed this morning and gained 1 lb. this week. I'm not surprised, as I've been eating more than I should. We had a death in the family, so last weekend was off schedule for me. I wasn't able to buy groceries (I have to drive out of town for that), so I haven't had the correct foods to eat. Plus I've been planning for a weekend trip that we are planning with our motorcycle club. We will leave early Fri. morning and get home Sun. night. All meals will be eaten out, but I won't be snacking between meals like I usually do, so maybe that won't be too bad. I sure hope I can get back on schedule next Monday! I'm happy with myself and my clothes, the new smaller sizes, are still fitting well. But if I keep slipping up that won't be the case. Just checking in here keeps me focused on eating healthy and not getting too far off course.
I hope everyone else is doing well!

McPeg, use my online calculator for your points. You don't have to be online for it to work. You can save the webpage to your computer and use it whenever you need it.

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Hi all! McPeg, I'll look for that book, thanks for suggesting it.

I have found out something about myself----yes, the ugly truth----I'm not very good at being a nurse. Woe is me. lol lol----No, DH is perfectly happy to sit in his chair and let me wait on him hand and foot. He won't even fix himself a sandwich. Our son is supposed to take him out today to visit another lake and fishing area-----OH, HAPPY DAY!!!!!

Yes, I'm feeling better about the diabetic diet. This morning we had turkey bacon and Eggbeaters. Pretty good!!He's already gotten used to skim milk and whole wheat bread. I'm starting a booklet thingy with all of the low-carb low-sugar foods that he can have. Once I get a standard list, it should be pretty easy to glide thru those supermarket aisles.

And, hopefully, some of those lbs. will be gliding off me! Have a great day, ladies! It's a little cooler here, but not raining yet. Think slim!

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MaryAnn - Sorry to hear about losing a family member.
I have a points calculator, I am looking for a recipe calculator for WW points or nutritional values...I would like to point value my old recipes. I only saw the basic points calculator on your you have a recipe one where you input the ingredients/quantities? When you get back from your motorcycle weekend - do tell us about it! Some of us will be with ya in spirit! Ta!

Yellowhair - I wish we had egg beaters would be great to extend my eggs or replace them in baking. I love turkey products - they make them taste so great now even my DH loves quite a few things I thought he would not. Really glad to hear things are settling down a wee bit and hopefully starting to make sense. Once you find things you both like, it won't take long to build on them and include them into your lifestyle. And yep, I am thinking slim!

Today was a good day overall. Feeling a little tired but heck, who doesn't mid-week??? Chomping at the bit for warmer, sunnier days! Looked not to bad today, left work for my bus and froze my buns off with the cold winds! Yikes! Hopefully burned a few calories while I was



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Hi everyone!
I am still here McPeg, thanks for asking about me. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I started walking and eating healthier, I have not cheated once, and find that I'm actually craving healthier foods such as low fat cottage cheese, vegetables etc... didn't expect that to happen. What kind of soup is it that you are eating?
I have been eating egg beater eggs every morning, along with 1/2 cup of fiber one. McPeg, I'm sorry that you can't get them there. I hope that your weather starts to warm up soon.

MaryAnn, I am so sorry for your loss.
and I hope that you have a great motorcycle trip this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great night!

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Good Morning and APRIL FOOLS DAY TODAY!!!

Soups I like to make: Yellow Split Pea & Lentil or Carrot, Onion & Zucchini

Basically I take the largest cooking pot I have and the heaviest...for the pea/lentil soup, throw in about a cup of split peas, 1/2 cup lentils, chopped up onion, bay leaf and gently simmer for half an hour, add more water if needed and as many chicken broths cubes as I fancy. Let sit for an hour, boil again for another half hour, let sit and do this on and off a few times and then let it sit to cool - the sitting inbetween lets the peas swell and soften more. I figure for WW about 3.5 for a large bowl.

My other soup is fast, easy and 0 WW points. I mince an onion, shred the zucchini and carrot, throw in a pot, throw in water and a couple of chicken broth cubes and simmer gently for 20 minutes. You can add milk to this just before serving but then you have to adjust the point value. I prefer not to and just enjoy the flavours. I also enjoy adding 1 point by adding a teaspoon of low fat margarine to my bowl (great flavour boost).

Those are my favourite home made soups. I do the pea soup on the weekends and alternate what soup I make so I don't get board. I loved stewed tomato but usually use them to make lowfat pasta sauces by mashing and gently simmering with onion, spices and throw in a beef cube and pour on my pasta followed by a LIGHT sprinkle of parmesean cheese (low fat if I can find it).

I hope everyone is going to have a fabulous day today!
Alice, really, really happy to see you posting and getting on so well with all of this. Its really not bad at all...if you enjoy cooking then it's like exploring your cooking/foods all over again and an opportunity to get creative. I too love steamed veggies and I agree that they really punch the flavour up!


Let's make today count!


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Check this site out...lots of interesting recipe choices!
Gotta run, catch up later

Here is a link that might be useful: Diet recipe site

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Good afternoon! Sorry about your loss, MaryAnn. Hope you have a really good weekend.

Talked with my sister today, we will be going back to our hometown for Memorial Day---so I gotta start being good and losing more! Would love to get rid of 20 lbs. before then. This will take MUCH WORK and SACRIFICE! Two months---maybe I can do it.

Been rather good today, oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch. A few snacks, yogurt, banana, and a bar thingy.

It's a little rainy/dreary here, but I've been doing laundry and cleaning my bathroom, so I haven't fussed too much about it. It could be warmer though.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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I can never tell if I am tired or brewing a I woke up with a headache, had raison toast (no butter) and can't even look at coffee right now. Took a tylenol xtra strength and my head is fuzzy. My colleague is worse - she is going home shortly. I'm thinking its a circulating 24 flu - just in time for the weekend...of course! Did not sleep too bad (for me) - sometimes I think these things are mother nature's diet plan...anyway...getting some more water. Will see how things go by lunch.
Rackin' frackin' !!!
It's quiet at work today - completely caught up and all my bosses are gone on a business golfing event until I am reading web nutrition sites today. Don't want to go home because it will look bad with them gone and today being Friday! We'll see how I feel, might leave a little earlier today.
Hoping everyone is having a fab Friday. I am trying to and working on ignoring this feeling as much as possible!

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Chocolate Bread Pudding (LF) - lowfat
Yield: 7 servings

1 nonstick spray 3/4 c unsweetened cocoa powder
1 3/4 c sugar 3 c nonfat milk
1 lb day old bread with crusts 1 removed, torn into pieces
1 tb vanilla 1 egg
2 egg whites 1 ts cinnamon
1/2 ts salt 1 ts finely grated orange peel
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a loaf pan with nonstick spray and dust with cocoa powder. Combine cocoa and 3/4 c sugar with milk in a saucepan. Cook over medium low heat until dissolved. Cool. Pour over bread and soak until bread absorbs mixture. Combine vanilla, egg and egg whites, cinnamon, remaining sugar, salt and orange peel. Place one layer of bread in loaf pan. Pour a little of the egg mixture over. Continue placing bread and egg mixture in loaf pan until pan is filled. Pour remaining egg mixture over the top and bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until crusty on top, puffy, and set in the middle. Let cool slightly and serve warm or cold. Some liquid will settle in bottom of pan.
WW 3.5 points : Per 4 oz serving: 208 calories, 2 g total fat

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Bleech bleech bleech. Rain here all friggin week and I am getting the piano case ready (the fattest man who ever lived was buried in a piano case). The dogs and I are all grouchy and have the munchies. TOM coming too (me not the dogs *G*) I thought my resolve was so strong I could have a jar of peanut butter in the house but that was a mistake. Hubby is eating lots of it too so it will be gone soon. Good news! The rain should be gone by Monday and I will get out and work and walk again. I am spending a lot of time fixing stuff and packing to go to the "vacation" trailer.
Sounds like all of you are doing well. Still fluffing around here - darn. Kathy

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Hi all. Beautiful, but cold here today. I transplanted some of my little window-sill tomatoes and marigolds yesterday, brought them in last night---checked them after church----so far, so good!

I'm afraid I've been lazy about my exercises, will really really try to get them in tonight---I got off schedule when DH was in the hospital and now I'm struggling to get back "in the groove."

Have you found it difficult to pass up the Easter candy? Oh, my goodness. I've had to almost run past those aisles. lol

Take care, think slim!

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