Hi All - Back on the 'diet wagon' again! (sorry long)

trekarenMarch 10, 2009

I know it's been AGES. Probably none of my former groupies are still around are they?

Anyway I HAVE to get the weight off again. Don't have time to join WW but I'm following all my old WW principles, especially 5 fruits and veggies, a dairy, and watching the overall points.

For me I think wine was a weakness I indulged in too much ("If you bite it write it" tends to get lost in translation when it's liquid LOL). It's just empty calories and in looking at my typical week, really the only "sugary" drink I drink. Otherwise I'm pretty much a water, hot tea, coffee or diet soda person.

Work and demands of motherhood have eaten into my ability to make time to walk but I'm trying to make time for both walking AND prepping my lunch the night before, so I just grab the bag out of the fridge on my way to the office each day.

This whole entire calendar year has been an emotional rollercoaster that I won't go into. But at a certain point we have to put our wellbeing first ahead of work, for sure. Putting it ahead of family duties is harder but I told my husband he must help me in any way I need him to, in this area.

And my final step was to post to you guys and officially start my journey back to a healthy weight.

I'm starting at 170, which is about what I was before joining WW first time.

My short term goal is 5 pounds by the end of March. Those of you who DO remember me, remember I'm a tortoise. Even at my most diligent on WW, I only lost at most around .7 in a week but usually less.

But I figure just shelving the wine will save a mountain of calories. I don't even want to look up how many WW points would be in a typical Saturday evening. Just got lazy about counting if you know what I mean. :-)

Also the 5 fruits and veggies per day should have an immediate impact. I'm enjoying it too - actually stay pretty stuffed in a typical day. It's a matter of getting organized and packing before I go to bed.

This week is simple, try to get 3 days of walking in, try to eat the fruits and veggies, no wine of course, and eat sensible meals otherwise.

If I survive to next week, I'm thinking I'll add journaling back to my routine. One week at a time.

Anyway, here's hoping I see LESS of you all soon! :-)

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Good luck with your new goals! It's a great time to start!

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Didn't have a chance to post yesterday; work is kickin my butt lately.
Sure coulda used a glass of wine last night LOL but I focused on my goals instead and avoided the empty calories.

Tue night did my 2 miles, YAY! But boy am I out of shape. I think I have no muscles, just fluff. I was really feeling out of breath.

Had a meeting end early yesterday and I took advantage of the break and did 30 minute walk at work. Last night did 3/4 mile walk-jog.

Eating very well. Getting my 5 fruits and veggies and H2O in every day. I snuck a peek at the scale today even though I'm trying to only weigh once a week, and I think I see 1 pound gone.

A lot of it is probably water weight, because kickin my water up and reducing diet soda is really making me pee LOL

Consistency!!! That's my new motto!

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TreKaren~I noticed you posting before too & thought I recognized the name. Please join us back on the SS thread. Almost everyone there is doing WW. We'd love to have you. We've missed ya. You will recognize several names. :-) Patti

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I will join SS this week I think. I am so swamped most days that I can't keep up with posts, and the SS thread was so deep into last week's discussions, I felt trying to jump in the middle would take me forever to catch up :-)

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