Need the best set of instructions for PE Design 5

staasiaMay 12, 2005

Hello everyone!

Can you recommend the BEST set of instructions to learn how to use the PE Design 5 program?

I have Penny's books that cover up to PE Design 4 but, have not yet used them because I have PE Design 5.

I saw some instructional cd's on eBay for about $44 plus shipping. Has anyone seen those?

Someday I hope to learn how to use this program which I purchaced about a year ago. I have everything that goes with the cd, so I don't need anything more....just need to finally figure it out!


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Stasia - there is a great series by Loes Van Der Heijden for each version of PE Design. I have v. 2.5 and found the CD extremely well done and helpful. I open PE Design and make it half screen size, then open the CD tutorial and make it half screen size, so I can see both at once.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loes V. website

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I have a copy of PE Design 5.0 Tutorial on a CD which I would be glad to send you-I have never been able to install PE Design on my computer something wrong with the software- but your welcome to the Tutorial CD- you may contact me if you wish

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Thank you for your suggestions.
As much as I would absolutely love to get Loes' series, I was hoping to find something less expensive.
I am sure, Momyers1 that by putting your email address on the post, you have gotten replies from others. I did email you back. Thank you for trying.
Again, special thanks to both of you.
Stasia :)

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