Brother se270d monogram question

raidermamaMay 22, 2006

I just purchased the brother 270d and wanted to embroider names on two lines. I did the first name on the first line and can't figure out how to get the second line evenly spaced below the first name so I can do the last name:

example: John (first line)

Doe (second line)

Is is possible to have the machine do the first line and drop down by itself to the second line and if so, how do I do this??

I would appreciate any help!!!


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I don't know anything about the 270D, but I have the Brother 8500D. You can "edit" designs on-screen by using arrow keys. Can you do that with the 270? It shows measurements on the screen on the 8500, so you'd be able to get them centered. If you can't do that, you'll need some kind of embroidery editing software like Embird so you can do it on your computer and then you'll need a reader/writer box so you can write the design to a card that fits in your machine.


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I have the 270D. What I do is use a medium font, and after I have the name typed in, go to the bottom right hand button on the screen, sorry can't remember the name of it. There you can choose where on the screen to put the object. I put it as far up as it will go. (if it's too big, this just doesn't work) I stitch this...then after it's done, I do the same with the last name, moving it down the screen. On the screen there is another squre looking button that will actually move the hoop around the space the stitching will go, so you can adjust as needed. I would suggest a test run on a scrap first, as my directions are lousy! Sorry

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