Bobbin Thread Rising into Embroideries

pchoenchMay 13, 2006

I have a new (since February) Huqsvarna Rose sewing/embroidery machine. About half the time, the white bobbin thread comes into the surface of my embroideries. I have been practicing on Cotton muslin with tear-away stabilizer. What causes the bobbin thread to appear on the surface?

Thank you!

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The top thread tension is most likely too tight.

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Also try a heaver stabilizer.

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my wife ran into this the other night as well with her janome machine while doing some t-shirts. Went through all the tension adjustments, added more stabilizer poor thing was about pulling her hair out. I hate it when I hear grunts and dirty words coming from her sewing room so I tend to pop in and "support" her.

While she was sitting there fuming trying everything she could think of I grabbed the manual and did my technical step by step approach. Turned out that the drop in bobbin was either backwards or the thread had moved when closing the lid and the bobbin thread had worked its way out of a tiny little grove it's supposed to feed through, which of course messed up the tension.

Needless to say I got the "I hate it when you are right" phrase when it worked like magic.

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Good job, injury!

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also, different designs need different tensions. It must be the way different people digitize the designs. I always print out a hard copy of the design and note the tension needed. I find that wide satin stitches need a much higher tension than narrow ones etc.

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I really have the best luck with pre-wound bobbins. They cost a bit more but are worth it in the long run. Chris

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I have the same problem with bobbin thread showing through on my Viking Rose embroidery. This machine seems to automatically adjust the tension during sewing the thread tension dial moves by itself constantly during embroidering, and I don't know how to override it. Any more suggestions?

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The rule is 30% of the bobbin showing on the bottom. Once adjusted properly you should not have to make to many adjustments. Remember that the bobbin and the top thread pull on each other when the take up arm snaps up, so if your bobbin pulls all the way to the top you have a tension problem not a fabric problem. Your most likely going to experience missed stitches with that much tension mis-match. As the needle starts up the thread forms a loop that the rotary hook catches, forming the stitch. I say this because you have to think of thread tension in terms of both upper and lower thread. You can tighten the bobbin tension and pull the top thread down, but that may result in too much 'pull' between the top and bottom, resulting in poor loop formation, and so poor quality stitching. If you don't have a tension gauge, pull the bobbin out and try the old drop test. Hold the bobbin thread between your fingers and let the bobbin (in the case) dangle, jerk the thread just a bit and the bobbin & case should drop just an inch or two, if not adjust until it does. Once you happy with the bobbin tension sew out a test and adjust the top tension. One note, different threads can require different tensions, pick the brand/type you like and stick to it. If you have a combo machine and youÂre using cotton for sewing and switch to rayon or polyester for embroidery your going to have problems, same with the bobbin. Best to get a good quality bobbin thread and top thread and stay with it. Good Luck.

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I have a Viking 1+ and I was told to put the thread through the little hole at the top of bobbing case after you put it through the regular tension area when doing embroidery. Try it and let me know how you make out.

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That happened to me on my Bernina when I accidentally put my bobbin in backwards.

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I fixed this problem on my Viking Rose machine by following the advice I received from a Rose-owner/employee at my local viking shop. I had the machine serviced and only use pre-wound bobbin thread for embroidery projects. You can still wind your own bobbins for regular sewing.
Note-Viking Roses have automatic tension adjustment so you don't have the option of adjusting this like you do on other machines.

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one option that has cured the problem for us is to use a different make of bobbin cotton they come in different weights if you use a slightly heavier bobbin your problems will be solved

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I've had my Brother Innovis 4000D for about 6 months now. I have had no problems sewing, quilting or embroidering on it until two days ago. I'm wondering if any owners out there have used any embroidery bobbin thread other than the Brother brand successfully. In the middle of stitching out a design, I ran out of the bobbin thread that came with the machine, so I wound a bobbin of Sulky Lightweight Polyester bobbin thread. From the very first stitch of that bobbin, the thread was coming up to the top. No one near me sells the new Brother bobbin thread (60-wt as opposed to their previous 50-wt), so I also tried two other 60-wt bobbin threads, with similar results. I also significantly reduced the upper tension in increments, using all three new bobbins, and while improving the situation, it did not solve it completely. BTW, the tension is fine with utility and decorative stitch sewing. Any other similar experiences with the Innovis 4000D?

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Although I am on here for this same problem. I will add that there is a little slot on the bobbin where lint can get caught and if you get a business card or laminated card of some sort and pull the lip up and clean out the area, it is amazing. I had that problem for ages and now I am back with the same issue. I just thought I would give yet another solution to this very frustrating problem! Good luck ladies!

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I use Brother bobbin thread and YLI Lingerie & Bobbin thread and have never had a problem with either one. Sometimes when I'm embroidering and the design is "off" I will just use a matching thread in the bobbin (same as the top thread) and the problem is solved. (this is also good if you want to have the design show on the inside too like on a jacket but you have to change the bobbin color with the top color change) . It all has to do with the digitizing of the design, the thread used, the hooping and the tension. I can only remember a handful of times that I ever had to mess with the tension.

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