New to Embroidery and Applique-ing. ???'s

elismamaMay 28, 2011


I have recently purchased a Brother SE-400 Embroidery and Sewing Maching. I have purchased several fonts and appliques from various websites. I have played around a little bit. My main question is how to get everything centered. Also, when I load a purchased font onto the machine, each letter is a seperate design. If I want to embroider a name, how do I get it spaced correctly when I have to do it one letter at a time, instead of it just being the name in one design. Is there a way to make a name into one design from the loaded font? Thanks!!

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I'm had this picture since I was a child and now I'm going to work it. What I would like to know is are the horses cut out complete then the bodies put on top or are they all cut around and butted up against to each other. As all I have is the photo no instructions I'm a bit stuck any advice?

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merlejane...Wow! you are truly industrious if you are going to hand applique this picture. I might start with the full shapes & overlay, trimming away parts- to eliminate bulk- as I baste others into place. I think you want to work from the back forward to give depth. Good luck with your project.
If this is machine embroidery, the spplique steps are already decided for you in the design..just follow the instructions.

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