How many HDMI cables needed in setup?

tabbaldwinMarch 29, 2007

I bought 1 HDMI cable with an up-converting Sony DVD player. It's going into a setup with a Sony SXRD XBR 70" Tv, HD-DVR box from cable company, and Onkyo receiver with surround sound. For optimum viewing, do I need more than this 1 HDMI cable? Seems like the cable that that goes from DVD to receiver would then need another one to take it from the receiver to the TV?



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I would recommend that unless your Onkyo has hdmi that you connect the dvd player via hdmi directly to the tv. Then use an optical audio cable to run to the receiver. Hopefully your tv has hdmi, if not you will need an adapter to convert it to DVI. The first generation 70" did not have hdmi, it had dvi. I would do the same for the HD-DVR box. BTW, the blu-ray players are awsome!!! I have a PS3 connected to my tv and the picture quality is much, much better.

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Thanks, Scott. This is a new 70" (with the "new" price tag), so it'd better have HDMI--the literature on the current 70" says "3 HDMI inputs". While not specifically discussed, the salesguy did mention making sure the DVD player upconverted and had an HDMI cable, which I'm assuming he would not have said if the TV were other than HDMI capable.....but, I will check and make sure.

Thanks....didn't know before how--if you ran the DVD HDMI directly to the TV--you'd get sound through the surround speakers.....good thing I'm having someone else install it, eh?

Does the PS3 play high-def or Blu-ray? We'll be looking at a "gaming system" for our Christmas.....last I ever played was Atari.....showing my age?


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