magnavox problems

tillette66March 2, 2009

My model number is 50MF231D/37. I am having troubles getting my tv to power on. When we turn it on nothing happens no picture and no sound. just a black screen and the green led light is on and will blink when you change the channel. We have been having to unplug and plug it back in about 30 times before it will finally come on. and lately it has been taking longer. all it does is clicks and then double clicks and the light comes on but nothing else... can you help please. the television is only 2 years old

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I have a 37 inch Magnavox LCD TV Model # 37MF331D/37 It is about 3 years old and It will not come on come on the indicator light is green and just blinks at times it seems like it want to go on and flash a blue screen slightly but then right back to black gray. Could it be the power supply

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have a small magnavox tv the demo will not cut off and keeps scrolling on the screen. How do you cut it off.

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I have a Magnavox 37MF331D that has a similar problem. When turned on the green power light blinks and then eventually goes off, when re started the light comes on solid then turns off again. This sometims takes several tries before it eventually comes on and works fine for the rest of the day. It took nearly 30 minutes to come on this morning. I would like anyone to respond if a solution has been made to Thank You!!

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I bought my sister a Magnavox 20MT133S about 4 years ago. She doesn't watch a lot of TV so it has been used gently. Yesterday, without any warning, she turned it on and there was no sound. The picture is fine. She tried plugging earphones into the jack but that doesn't work either. I had her try re-setting the various audio settings but nothing works. Apparently, this model has no SAP, so it wasn't that either. Should we trash it and buy another?

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