Where does the Direct TV receiver go?

ksokiegonnabMarch 13, 2009

Building a shelf/cabinet for a new flat TV. Components will all be hidden from view in the cabinet. The problem is that I can't figure out where to place the Direct TV receiver. Will a 32-40" set be to heavy to set on top of the receiver? It is my understanding that it must be out in view so the blue light is visible. How is this done, short of just setting it on the shelf beside the TV?

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If your tuner uses an IR (light) remote, you must be able to see the front of the tuner for the remote to work properly.

If your tuner uses an RF (radio) remote, you can put it in the cabinet behind closed doors.

If you determine that your tuner uses an IR remote control, you can buy a remote control repeater system. Then you can hide the tuner and still operate it with the remote control.

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