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yankandtexMarch 1, 2009

We have plans to go to the Strawberry Festival tomorrow. I want to get this list up for everyone so I'm going to post it & hope that it is all right for everyone. We'll get the week jump started. LOL

BJ ~ DeeMarie 2/18

NH Suzanne ~ Raeanne 3/3

Milkdud ~ Patti 3/20

Patti ~ Donna 4/21

Donna ~ BJ 4/23

Raeanne ~ Marci 8/11

Marci ~ Milkdud 8/24

DeeMarie ~ NH Suzanne 11/20

If I need to make any corrections, please let me know. Otherwise, this is the official 2009 Un-Birthday List.

Marci~Congrats on the new car.

Milkdud~I'd love to show you the new los. I'm having so much fun.

BJ~Glad that you were able to get more organized towards the end of the week. I can imagine that drove you a little nutso. LOL

Hope everyone enjoys their week! Patti :-)

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Thanks, Patti! Strawberry Festival???? In the beginning of March? What planet are they getting the strawberries from?

Sheesh! I'm already behind the curve on Dee's b-day card! Ha! But, OH YEAH, I'm on island time--RIGHT? So, Dee, it'll be coming your way SOON!

What's your excuse NHSuzanne? You better HOP TO IT for Raeanne!!!! lol! She's out of town, though, so that could buy you some time! :-)

Ah, well, I'd better get my ducks in a row for tomorrow morning. Everything goes south pretty fast if I am not organized. And Boss Man wants me to open the office ON TIME tomorrow. I am certainly up to the task.

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Good Monday all,

We are in the midst of a major nor'easter! Oh yeah! Sounds like alot of the eastern seaboard is having the same storm.

Thanks Patti for putting the list together! Have fun at the Festival.

BJ, my excuse is snow! Not really but it sounds good. Fortunately Raeanne is very understanding. LOL BTW, strawberries are a large crop in Florida. I imagine they grow all year long but I will leave that to Patti to confirm.

Marci, it was good to hear from you over the weekend. I hope you enjoy your new car smell! and I hope you get work issues resolved to your satisfaction! Don't stay gone so long, I miss you.

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Happy Monday from a snow-covered New Jersey!

Thanks for the B'Day list, Patti and enjoy those strawberries.

BJ, take your time; we leave for a 3-week vacation on Friday. I will enjoy celebrating again this spring. What's wrong with 2 birthdays in a year? It's not like I'm OLD or anything!! LOL!!!!

Of course, I'm home with a hot cup of tea and online since 6am this morning. My director gave me a great bonus and a decent raise. Looks like a promotion might be coming in May, along with another salary adjustment. It's all good news here, even with the tremendous pressure. Compared to most, I'm very blessed.

OK, gotta run.

QOD: Please check in and tell us how you are going to take care of yourself this week.

So far, I've decided on preparing very low fat meals. We will be in timeshares for the next 2 weeks, and I told DH that our shopping will be full of fruit and veggies with low fat, low sugar snacks. Don't want to come home and undo any good I've done this year.

Make today count!

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Another hello from snow covered New Jersey!

I just got home from work, was in early. It was an awful drive this morning, when I left we already had 8 inches and it was snowing like crazy - we had sleet last night and under the snow is ice...lovely. No time to shovel this AM so just finished - we ended up with about a foot or so. I also had to shovel a path for Lacey.

Patti, thanks for posting the un-birthday list.

All who are in warm weather you are lucky and I wish I was there with you.

Well, last Tuesday I officially rejoined WW and have been counting points all week. Tomorrow is weigh in, let's see. Usually the first week is great.

Will check in later - hugs to all!


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NHSuzanne~ Ahhhhhhh...hard to believe people can grow strawberries anywhere when the wind is howling all night long here! :-)

Dee: CONGRATS! You deserve more of everything! Happy Belated Birthday, sis! 3 weeks, huh? Wow. I am working for DH (a whole week now and he hasn't fired me!), making zero $ and hour, but he's eye candy to me (harhar), and we have lunch together nearly every day, so it sorta makes up for the lack of pay.

DonnaSNJ: Snow--arg! Will winter NEVER end???? Stay safe and warm, sweetie! Good luck with your WW!

QOD: Well, I am doing a low sugar/controlled carb thing. I hope to drop a few pounds by the time I go to Mom's weekend at DD's U next month. She's taking me to a frat party and I don't want to look so much like a mom, I guess. I'm trying to limit my sugar to 15 grams a day...a REAL challenge for me! And I'm walking the dogs at the local animal shelter for exercise.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Donna, can't wait to hear how your WW weigh in goes tomorrow. I can't believe today marks my 9th week. I hope you enjoy your meetings as much as I do. I wasn't sure at first, but getting to know the members and comparing stories and laughing has made this journey so much easier than I imagined.

To those of you battling the snow, I hope you are all home, warm and dry and it melts soon. Spring is just around the corner.

Dee, congratulations on your promotions and raises, etc. And getting ready to start a 3-week vacation - life doesn't get much better than that!

Need to run. Have a great week.


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Happy Birthday Raeanne!

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Mi, mi, mi, mi....

Join in here DeeMarie!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Wonderful, kayaking, artsy, caring, loving, generous, couldn't do without her, precious Raeanne,
Happy Birthday to YOU! tralalalalalala

Hope you had a good one! :-)

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I can't sing, so I will just hum along with Patti - Happy Birthday, Raeanne!

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Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birrrrtttthhhdaay, sweet, funny, love-ya and everything-that-Patti-said-and-more Raeaaaannnnnnnnnnne
Happy Birthday to you!

Wishing you the best of birthdays to someone who is kind, funny, and grounded.

Hope your vacation was great, sister!

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Dee: Grounded????? Raeanne????? :-) Just kidding! I had to jump in there on THAT one though!

Happy Birthday, my dear, DEAR sister Raeanne! Our friendship is a high point in my life and I can't imagine the last 7 /1/2 years here without you. I joined one month before you did and I can still remember the CLICK and SPARK I felt in your first few posts. You have supported me through my "changes" in life, babies growing up, and the losses I've well as the victories! The time you take to drop a card in the mail IS noticed. You are a one in a million, gem of a friend, and I certainly know that I am not alone when I say that this thread would suffer without you. So have the birthday BASH you deserve and know that you are LOVED, LOVED, LOVED by everyone here, but especially by me!


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Happy happy birthday Raeanne!!! Enjoy!!

Well, weigh in was today and I was down 1.2 lbs. I was hoping for more but it's 1.2 less than last week. I vow to increase that loss next week.

Will check in later but I had to jump in to wish Raeanne a happy birthday - she truly is one in a million.


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Good evening, everyone It's so nice to come in here and see so many of y'all posting. What a treat!

Happy birthday, Raeanne! I send you happy-vacation-wishes to go along with the birthday ones. You are such a postive, upbeat person - it's always a joy to read your posts.

Donna, it's great seeing you post so much from your igloo! Typing does keep your fingers warm! How's the weather today? Anytime you want to come down here for a warm visit, just give me the high sign!

Suzanne, when will you get the spring thaw? I keep blowing warm air up your way, but it must not be working yet.

QOD: I'm trying so darned hard to get back on track with healthy eating. I'll do well for a couple of days, then I'll meet up with TEMPTATION. ugh! Meanwhile, I'm cooking up WW Core foods in hopes of jumpstarting my weight loss.

I had a Red Hat luncheon today and sat by two new friends who also attend the TOPS meetings, so it was easy for me to order and eat healthy - a grilled chicken tossed salad with low-fat dressing on the side. Also, several glasses of water with fresh lemon slices. Hope this pays off when I weigh in tomorrow morning!

Jan, YEA! for you enjoying your WW meetings so much. I want to get back that good feeling like you're now experiencing. Share some good tips with us. I always loved coming away from those meetings just full of ideas that others shared.

Dee, congrats on the good review! Makes you feel so validated and valued, doesn't it? You have such a good attitude about your job, and that no doubt shows in everything you do for your job.

BJ, I would love to be a fly on the wall when you attend that fraternity party!

Patti, how was the Strawberry Festival? They have them around here in the late spring, but I've never been. Maybe this will be the year that I actually go to one. Hope you enjoy yourselves.

I'm still working out at Curves but took the last 2 days off because of this sinus stuff. I think I'm good to go for working out tomorrow though. I'm so glad that I enjoy it as it's the best way for me to control my weight.

Hubby is on the way home from work, so I'd better get dinner going - WW chili and a tossed green salad.

Have a good evening and a Happy Hump Day tomorrow!

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Congratulations, Donna, on your weight loss! If it makes you feel better, I only lost 1/2 pound yesterday and didn't overeat or cheat the entire week, even got in a few days of exercise. Oh, well, as long as we keep losing, we're headed in the right direction. It does inspire me to work in more exercise during the week, though.

milkdud, I've never been to Curves, but have read where they have exercise (hula) hooping in some of their classes. Have you done that? I just ordered a weighted hoop today online, (a 3-pound one) and hope I'm able to do it. Seems like a fun way to add a little variety to exercising. Either that or I might really hurt myself - ha!

Have a good night, everyone.

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Milkdud~We had so much fun at the Strawberry Festival. If I knew how to load pics I'd certainly share with you here. Dave took an awesome one of the strawberry shortcake.

Wodka~Congrats on your weight loss. That's great.

Dee~Congrats on your job promo! You are such an asset for that company.

BJ~They call this the Strawberry Capital of the World. The strawberries have been getting red for 2 or 3 months now & they are so good now. I didn't know Florida did this many either until we moved here. :-)

I know you ladies are probably tired of your snow. This is the first winter I've had to wear long pants. Being as hot natured as I am, I've loved it. I like having cooler temps, meaning I can handle the 60s. LOL

Well a big hug going out to everyone! Patti :-)

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Good morning!

Patti, so glad you had a great time at the strawberry festival. Many years ago my mother-in-law drove to Louisiana and paid someone a fee at their farm so she could pick strawberries all day! I thought she was crazy, but sure enjoyed eating them later! Since starting WW, I've been trying to eat as many as I can. I love those little one-point WW chocolate cakes, so will eat one of those and fresh strawberries for dessert at night. Pretty tasty.

It's going to be nice and warm here today, so need to get my inside chores done early so I can enjoy it. Hope everyone enjoys their day.


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Happy Birthday Raeanne! Hope you had a wonderful day! Yes-I skimmed but will be back in later to read and post and update! Am I too late for the Unbirthday?


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Hey Gretchen! I see you!!!!!!!!!!! Don't go away for long!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAEANNE!!!! I am sorry I missed the party yesteray, but I am positive that you had a wonderful day. I could not imagine that you didn't. I hope you are enjoying your vacation.


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Hi! I have a day of rest, well that's a relative term. LOL Then this weekend I'm going to Orlando to have a girl's weekend. I'm so excited. I've never done things like that before.

Gretchen~I'm going to try to e-mail you. If I can't get you would you e-mail me at

Besh~It was good to see you.

Jan~I know, those strawberries can be so delicious, can't they?

Enjoy your day. Patti :-)

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OK Gretchen~I don't have your e-mail so I need you to e-mail me. Sorry about that. :-(

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Patti- here is my email-gretcfhenminx AT sbcglobal DOT com

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Good Thursday all,

Glad to see people checking in a celebrating Raeanne's BD. Hope it was a good one sister.

All this strawberry talk makes me long for spring and warm soil. We picked berries like crazy when we were kids growing up in FL. Honestly, the fresh produce would be the only reason I would even consider living there again! That is a huge bonus.

Patti, I hope your wild girls weekend is fun, fun, fun!

What is everyone else doing for the weekend?

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WOW - I am feeling the LOVE.

Thank you everyone for such beautiful well wishes and sentiments - I love them all even the sarcastic one's LOL.

I missed all of you.

Patti - you are overdue for a girl's weekend - you are going to have a blast.

Suzanne - Have you read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"? It is about a family that only eats locally grown/produced foods for an entire year. They show how creative they could get during the winter months. It really makes you stop and think about what we are eating. I put down the most delicious looking strawberries this morning because they were from Mexico. I know this won't last but I am going to be more conscious of where my food comes from.

I am sorry that I can't respond to each one individually, but I am up to my ears in cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry! WELCOME BACK TO REALITY.

I will be back and that is a promise not a threat!

Love you all and missed each one of you.

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Strawberries here: 5.99 a pint! OUCH! I looked this morning at the market because I thought I might get some. Nooooooooooo Way!

Wodka: My mom used to pay an apple farm to let us kids and she pick apples all day. And I remember doing that same thing on a strawberry farm too. My sister ate so many strawberries, she got ill on the way home! We would travel outside Alaska and my mom LOVED to go to U-Pick farms.

DonnaSNJ: Did I say CONGRATS on the weight loss? Well, CONGRATS!

Milkdud: CONGRATS ON YOUR 1/2 POUND!!!!! And half pound gone is one that is not gained!!! lol. Hey, I saw some Red Hat Ladies the other day. They actually had on red hats with purple feathers and were going to lunch! Do you wear a red hat when you go out with your gal pals?

Hi Gretch! YAY! Good to "see" you, sistah! How's it goin' in the midwest?

Well, the biz is slow here. Sales calls mostly. But I am happy to be using my mind, reading, etc. I will get a new computer in the next two weeks at "work" and then learn the law apps, QuickBooks, and all that goes with it. Should be a fairly challenging learning curve--THANK GOODNESS--I need something to give my brain a work out!

Hey, speaking of workouts, has anyone tried Wii? DH bought one about a month ago and I did the fitness test on it--BAD GIRL rating for me. :-( But my kids LOVE it. I need motivation--and time to exercise, soooo..

NHSuzanne: Is it warming up at all in your neck of the woods? I just keep picturing you tunneling your way to the barn...


Love and kisses~ Have a GREAT day!

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Greetings all,

Welcome back Raeanne! YES, I read Animal Vegetable Miracle last year and have been trying to eat as locally as possible ever since.

Anyone here who cares about planet earth and what goes into your body should read this book. Barbara King SLover is an excellent writer and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her adventures with her family. Here is something to ponder........the average American meal travels over 1,500 hundred miles to get onto your table. Imagine the cost of fuel? It's called "oily food"! We try to eat completely locally 3-4 times per week and try to keep most of the food we buy otherwise no more than 100 miles away. Believe me when strawberries and asparagus are in season I am going to stuff them down like there is no tomorrow! LOL

We got over a foot of snow on Monday but it's back to normal now. The temps have been frigid but today is in the low 30's and the brilliant sun makes it feel so nice! Spring is in the air for sure..........

I just placed my order for some baby chicks! I cannot wait until they come!

Milkdud, I usually roll down to the barn!! Someone wasn't thinking when they put the barn down the hilL!!

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QOD: For now, I'm trying to put exercise first. For too long, I've made too many excuses on not enough time, etc. It only takes an hour to walk, and that leaves me plenty of time to do my other priorities. Not saying it always happens that way, but that's what I'm shooting for.

I stay motivated by coming here and also attending the WW meetings. By them being held on Monday, it helps keep my eating/exercising in check over the weekend. There's something about weighing in and being accountable and honest about my WOE that makes a difference this time.

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Popping in again today!

Welcome back, Raeanne! laundry---it NEVER ends. Now that Baby V is in daycare, his clothes are very muddy at the end of the day. he was much cleaner when I had him all day, but he is having such a blast now and outside more, I'm sure.

Lots of veggies and fruits form Chile and Mexico here. We have no choice, since ONE GUY owns both small grocery stores. ARG! But I do try to buy this state's veggies as much as possible and when I go to the mainland, I stay with locally grown food.

NHSuzanne- Read the local feed store's ad for buying baby chicks...kind of WILD!---Especially the LAST 3 SENTENCES. They really tell it like it is around here!:

"Have the foxes, coons, eagles and those awful dogs decimated your flock?
If you are ready to add to your flock, replace, or just trying chickens for the first time, Compost It is ready to help. We will place an order for chicks through the Murray McMurray catalog set for delivery in early May. This opportunity is designed for those of you who would normally balk at the minimum delivery of 25. We will pool your order together with other small orders. I only have one catalog so come by the shop to peruse. I will also have a few chicken tractors for sale and they come with two free chicks should you choose to purchase one. They are made locally by Steve Gutman so you will be keeping your dollars close to home while experiencing the joys of eating your own eggs delivered fresh daily.

You will receive hours of enjoyment until your chicken gets eaten by a fox, racoon, eagle or dog! Sometimes they just die of a heart attack. All this is worth the pain and agony, though, and teaches young people about loss very effectively."

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Suzanne - I knew you would have read that book. I am not finished with it yet, but thoroughly enjoying it.

BJ - We got Wii a few weeks ago. Our friends have it and we had a blast with it, so we finally got our own. I actually workout on it the days I don't go to the gym. I can give myself a pretty well rounded workout with it. We also have a lot of fun boxing. OMG - I guess that advertisement tells it like it is. Glad Baby V is doing so well.

QOD - I just make it a priority and do it. My workouts with my trainer are done the very first thing in the morning. When I don't go to the gym I try to do a high cardio workout either on Wii or on my own. That is done first thing in the morning or on full days right after work.

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Good evening, everyone!

BJ, I have to ask: does your boss chase you around the desk? LOL

Raeanne, welcome back to reality! I overheard a woman at Curves this morning talk about how she's dropped a clothes size since using the Wii Fitness stuff. Keep up the good work!

QOD: I just roll out of the bed in the mornings and dress for working out. I don't let myself think otherwise! (There are some exceptions to going straight to Curves though.) I know that it's the best way for me to lose weight and sizes.

I had a dr.'s appt. this morning (first thing) to go over my lab results. My numbers weren't too terribly bad after all, but I have a ways to go yet. My dr. was very pleased that I'm doing Curves and TOPS though, so he didn't fuss about my weight today. He's really supportive which is so nice.

BJ, I always wear some kind of red hat to the get-togethers. I have a red straw hat and purse, a red felt cowgirl hat, a dressy felt hat, a baseball cap with a Red Hat woman sewn on it, and a sun visor with whatever I think of to put on it. We have to wear some kind of hat to the events, but I can't wait to take them off because I just don't like wearing them! But, I do enjoy mixing and mingling with the members, so it's worth it.

My 2 DGDs are coming over Saturday morning for the weekend. They haven't been here since Christmas, and they want to see their Papa and Lucky (doggy). We'll drive them home Sunday afternoon and do some "big-city" shopping while over there.

One quick brag: I weighed in 8.7 pounds less at my TOPS meeting on Wednesday. That's two weeks worth of weight loss, but I was so shocked and happy. I'm also back to cooking and eating healthy, so I guess it's working.

I'm working on Patti's birthday card this evening. It's so much fun doing it!

Wishing everyone a good Friday!

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Patti - I made a mistake in my email... big surprise..DUH

it is gretchenminx AT sbcglobal DOT net\

I think I need to get some sleep!

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This is goodbye for a while. Not sure when I'll be online, but I return home on Monday, March 30.


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DeeMarie never lets me have ANY fun! Bah!

Gretchen~I'll e-mail you.

BJ~You sound mighty busy.

Milkdud~Congrats! I didn't realize that you had my name. LOL I just post the names & don't pay any attention. It gives me a surprise that way too.

Raeanne~Glad you had a good time. Sorry that you have so much catching up to do.

NH Suzanne~It was in the 50s & 60s here the last few days & suddenly in the mid 80s today. What a change.

QOD~Huh! I did walk over to my friend's apartment the other day, does that count? :-)

Wodka~That is a good idea, having WW on Monday so you stay accountable over the weekend.

Have a good weekend. I'm leaving in the morning & will be back sometime on Sunday. Patti :-)

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