defintions, please for - SS Support and Diet Pals

alicesRestaurantMarch 30, 2004

Looks like there is some type of regular posting

for SS Support and Diet Pals. Are these attempts

to consolidate postings so they don't move off the

forum so quickly? Or are they just a simple

way of posting regular info? Maybe someones

structured way of participating and minimizing

their own posts?

I would have posted under these threads asking

these questions but again, I wasn't sure. Looks

like there is some meaning in these somewhere.


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Alice I guess there is no real structure here so I guess that gets confusing. The SS'ers started with Suzanne Somers diet but some are doing other diets but remain friends and want to keep in touch. Diet pals is newer but the idea is still the same. You are welcome to post anywhere and anything you want to. Kathy

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Hi Alice,
Diet pals is just dieting pals - no matter what diet is followed - some are doing Weight Watchers, some are doing their own thing, doctor can join any, all or start your own - we are all here to support each other and share inspiration and knowledge.
Feel free to post anywhere, anytime. We are always happy to hear from you!


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Alice, ditto to what Kathy and McPeg said! Please just jump in wherever! We would love to hear from you.

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