Someone needs our help!!! Group hug time!

kathy_March 4, 2004

Sorry you are having a bad day McPeg so here are a batch of hugs ((((((((HUGS))))))))) Hang in there tomorrow's Friday!!


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McPeg .......

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(((((((((((((((HUGGLES TO YOU----FROM ME!)))))))))))))))))

((((((((((((((((((BIG SQUEEZE)))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((AND A SMOOCHIE TOO))))))))))))))))))))))


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McPeg - sending lots of hugs your way ((((((McPeg)))))

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Thank you so much everyone. If ya thought PMS was fun, through in those mental hormones - seratonin and melatonin and mess them around at the same time.....

Booked Monday off as hols (mental health day).
DH is working all weekend and I am eyeballing window washing at home, painting and what ever other mischief I can get my hands on to perk up the place.

LOL to all my pals,


Who is feeling really loved right now!

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GOod Morning McPeg,

Hope it's not to late to give you a big (((((((((HUG))))))))), don't know why you had a bad day yesterday and it doesn't matter. I hope you have a much better day today! Monday off sounds great. Spring cleaning sounds good to me too. I am hoping to find some time to do that myself.

NH Suzanne

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Mentally unbalanced - chronic depression I take medication for and have lived with since the age of 7. My mood swings, sleep patterns shift and I get knocked right off balance due to a chemical inbalance. Prozac helps. I have mild sedatives which at least stop me from being awake around the clock.
Today I just feel angry at the world for NO REASON. It will pass. It always does. Will take this mood out on housework and annilate dirt at home this weekend and my windows are going to sparkle so bright they should blind the neighbourhood by the time I finish....


(Problem today is wanting to eat....another joy)

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[[[[[[[[[[[[ McPeg]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

I always found that making bread (kneading, kneading, kneading!) was good therapy; however, do NOT forget to give the bread away!!!!

Best regards,

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McPeg, good thoughts coming your way! Cleaning the windows sounds like a great plan. My sleeping habits have been disturbed lately with DH's back problems---he now sleeps half the night in bed and half in a chair. So...

Life is full of adjustments, right? Whether we want 'em or not. Take care of yourself and have a great day!

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McPeg, I did not find out about your problems until now. I hope your game plan for the weekend is working out and you are feeling better. I have seen you at the Winter Sowing forum. I also got into WS'ing to keep myself busy this Canadian winter (about 50 flats). I have started many plants inside, as well.

To fill you in on your home country, we have had a break in the weather the past week or so, with temps well above normal and lots of sun, all the snow is gone and the ground is getting soft. Even if it gets back to winter for a while, it will not be long. I'm sure a good therapy for you too is getting dirty, tired and sore, and having a sense of accomplishment, working the dirt.

Warmest wishes for feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you everyone!
I took another sedative last night and got to sleep in this morning and let it do its work. Four nights and I am starting to finally feel rested. I think this is the after burn of two months of DH's Gran fading and finally passing on. There has been no Peggy or Dave time and I think our bodies are telling us off big time.
I have taken Monday off.

Today I have some running around to do outside, in the SUN, FRESH AIR. Going to treat myself to some heated propagators for my plants, get some more Weight Watchers treats, Low fat yogurts. Made a huge fresh fruit salad last night and sprinkled with splenda - should be nice today.

Going to get at my windows - got my squeegie. (put on some twangy country tunes and MERLE HAGGARD)
Going to get some laundry flying about.
And going to put on Gone with the Wind when I do my ironing. (love that movie)

Tomorrow, if this sunny weather holds, going in the garden. It's starting to warm a wee bit around here.

Thanks for the home news and thank you again for all of your well wishes. I am feeling better this morning. The mood has lifted. My office is trying to help - I am being relocated to a quieter corner (bless them too) and have advised all the Directors in a private email about my illness and why I don't attend the celebration/good work booze nights (I can't handle those).

Managed to eat a decent dinner last night (good thing). Hardest thing for me when my mood drops is wanting to eat - which is no good.

LOL to all my pals,
and yes, I am winter sowing plants which need to be checked as well this weekend.


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