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joe_mnMarch 18, 2011

mentioned before i can run cable into tv and get local hd. cable acts as antenna. i was watching a hd channel feed the other day, channel 4.1 so it was digital, not the non-hd feed and i thought the picture was slightly less crisp than usual. i mentioned it to cable tech and he said it was probably not hd. i thought digital signal is either strong enough to work or you get fuzz? will a weak digital signal produce a less crisp hd image? maybe it was 3/4 hd?

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Do you have an "INFO" button on your remote? If yes, then use it to see exactly what data stream is being delivered. Is it 480i - 720p - 1080i ? Also, keep in mind that while the data stream may be HD...the programming isn't always HD.

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Umm, just because it is a digital feed, does not mean it is an H.D feed,it could still be 480i(standard definition),not all digital feeds are high definition feeds.And you are right about a digital feed either working or not, it will come in or it won,t, if you have a weak signal you would experience drop outs(picture coming and going) no fuzz in digital.

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i had a nonhd cable tuner on the tv. decided to get a hd box from comcast and ran the cable directly into tv as a test. no a-b switch like i had been using. picture was for sure hd but not awesome. hooked up hd tuner today and all is well.

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story in todays paper about dropping cable and using antenna. ha-ha. said if you want to watch anything interesting than your out of luck. ironic all new tv's are hd capable. yes you can choose to watch SD programs. not everyones life revolves watching HD tv.

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