No more soda!!!!

sharon620March 18, 2007

Can anyone please suggest to me what I should drink other than water and 0 calorie soda? I have been watching what I eat and so far I have lost 23 pounds. Water to me is so boring.

Thanks for your help!


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Try flavored water -- that has totally broken the 6-pack Diet Pepsi a day habit. Personally, I love lemoned flavored water.

Ice tea is also good -- along with green tea.

You have to drink water to flush the fat -- 40-60 oz a day. Soda and coffee doesn't count. I've lost 33 lbs and the weeks that I don't get all my water in -- I struggle to lose. Water is really the key.


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I definitely agree on flavored water. I absolutely can not stand regular water, but I use 'crystal lite to go' packets and add them to my water. I love them, they have 5 calories only (the wal-mart brand has 0 calories) and it helps me get in my 8-10 glasses of water each day. I also love pop, but I only drink diet caffeine free. The caffeine is what you want to avoid too much of, so when I'm wanting a pop, I drink diet root beer or diet sprite. As long as I get all my water in, I drink as much of those 2 pops as I want. It's worked for me.

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I drink a lot of crystal lite too...In fact...I substituted crystal lite Good morning orange for our morning juice ages ago just because of all the calories and now...real OJ tastes so strange to me...

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Shelly Pugh

I have been lurking here a long time, but I have to tell you about the new Aquafina Alive waters. They are soooo good. I haven't had a soft drink since they went on sale here.

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