brownthumbiaMarch 3, 2008

I don't know if this is the place to ask this but I hope someone can answer this for me. Has anyone had any dealings with U.S. Cellular? Our two year contract is just about up and when we signed up with them at the time we signed up for the shared plan. (3 of us). The agreement was that we were each going to get a $30 rebate. Well, so far, we haven't seen one dime from them even after many phone calls to their representative, and to the company.

Last month we were promised the credit on the monthly statement. Nothing.

So, our problem is that in the area that we live in it is called a 'dead area' and we don't get a decent signal except from U.S. Cellular The only reason we get such good results from them is because they installed a tower just a mile out of town so we really are kinda stuck with them if we want to continue with a cell phone.

I just wondered if anyone else has dealt with this company and what kind of service you got from them. Thanks for any opinions or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. BT

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I can't say I've dealt with them, so I can't help you there. I would ask though, was the original rebate supposed to come from US Cellular, or the manufacturer of the phones? I used to deal in cell phones, and can say about 75% of the rebates offered to consumers come from the phone manufacturers (Motorola, Nokia, LG, etc).

Other than that, I would double-check with the other carriers. It's possible someone else has towers nearby, or if not, have plans on putting them up.

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A letter to the State Attorney General, cc to U.S.Cellular, may get their attention. Too many complaints and they could have problems renewing their business license in that state. that would cost them a lot more than honoring their rebate promise to you.

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