Cellular phone based home security system ???

akmhomeMarch 17, 2009

We are looking for a diy home security monitoring system that when an intruder (interior and exterior) is detected it will call our/a cell phone, and when answered, we would be able to see (via remote hardwire or wireless camera monitors) and/or hear (via remote hardwire or wireless microphones) the intruder... and call a neighbor and/or the police if it looked/sounded like a real burglary.

Exterior we have some neighborhood pets and raccoons to work with, but interior is empty nester territory.

From what we understand that type of system (if possible, and not requiring a 3rd party monitor, only a separate cell phone account), would at least require a separate cell phone account with a 'sim card', and some cell phone providers do not have sim cards ?

System suggestions ?

Also, if this is not the right forum for this question, could someone suggest another thread/forum.

Thank you.

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Is there a better forum for this question ???

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I don't know of a forum that deals with alarms. Maybe a cell phone forum?

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Thank you for the reply.

Guess the main question is, where is a good place to shop for such a system ?

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There is such a thing as cellular backup for security systems, aka "Digicel" but unless you're concerned about burglars cutting your conventional phone line, which is what most security systems use, most people just rely on a regular phone line and external siren.

You can have an internet camera incorporated but it's all quite complicated, I wouldn't say it was diy unless you're very into electronics. A good alarm company can help you with this, by good I also mean, quite possibly the local company vs the big ones who advertise a lot and offer budget monitoring - they may not be able to help you, since your requirements are specialised.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cellular backup

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Might look into network camera's. Most have motion detection and will send an email alert. Some will have audio too, for listening and also two way audio.

Outdoors is hard on motion detecting cams because of winds and bushes waving around, and the moving sun and cloud shadows - but they also accept input from other detection methods.

You might also look at some of the instant messaging programs that send sms messages & some can also notify you of email subject lines via sms, instantly when you receive an email.

I wouldnt be suprised if sms is not already available on some of the newer network cams. I havent played with the newer ones.

If you have 3g internet access cell phone,, you can access your home network cam video and audio from the phone!

Lots of things you can do with little network cams. Amazing.

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I am looking for the exact same thing. It makes logical sense and I can't seem to find it either. I will look into Stintman's suggested web sites. Thanks. Having a simple system that takes a photo based on motion and sends the photo to my cell phone instantly is pretty much all a person needs. I guess it sounds simple, but maybe it isn't because someone would have already though of it and it would be prevalent on the market? akmhome is right on.

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