Dateline Sunday

kathy_March 14, 2004

Tonight they will followup on the people who were on different weight loss programs last year to see how they are doing. Kathy

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Well all but one of the participants returned to their old ways for a while especially over the holidays.
I wonder if they knew Dateline would do a followup?
The men did the worst. The ladies - one gained a little (the marathon runner) but was happy where she was. The lady on WW gained and returned to the meetings so at the followup she was only up 3 lbs. The lady who was the largest had the personal trainer had lost another 10 pounds. She logged in and heard his advice on the computer and kept in touch with her internet friends who were had the same trainer.
The men returned to their diets again because they hated the feeling when they gained the weight (we know what that feels like!). Kathy

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I missed the program, but here's a good write-up about it, Dateline Dieters

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Thanks MaryAnn! I can count on you for the links. Kathy

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I really enjoyed reading that. I know for myself, I have lost a lot of weight in my 20s and over the last 10 years ate and drank it back on. It will be a lifelong challenge for me and I am sure one of the successful tools will be reporting in somewhere, somehow to keep me focussed. Right now I do WW online and really report in at this forum. I love the reference material on site, once I reach goal, I may quit the WW online site and just report in here. If I start slipping again, I will report back to WW to attitude check myself.

I agree with the comment it takes 2-3 years to develop a new relationship with yourself and that we all make about 100 decisions a day on foods.

Well, if we didn't have these challenges life would be dull. We are lucky that this is our problem and not the problem of being hungry - like so many in this world.

Thanks for the article!


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