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yankandtexMarch 12, 2007

Raeanne~I had a feeling that I was missing someone's birthday. I am sorry that I missed your's!

I finally got caught up reading so now I can post. LOL

Dee~I wish that I had caught you before you left so that we could have met up while you were visiting in Orlando.

The good thing that happened to me is that I lost 11# last week. I know that it was mostly water weight & that I have more weight to lose than anyone else here but I am still happy with that number.

Tikanis~I'm ready for you to give me a call GF.

Take time out to be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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Am I going to be posting on here by myself this entire week? That isn't very fair! LOL Come out, come out, wherever you are. I'm here & I'm ready to play. It is about time for me to weigh again. I'm looking forward to it. I'm certain that it won't be as much as last week but I'm hoping for numbers as close as those. Ha! Well, I don't know what to talk about to myself b/c the weather here is in the 80s as Dee can attest to when she gets to a computer or gets home. Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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Patti - I can't stand to see you talk to yourself and had to post before you started to answer yourself too LOL. How far are you from Orlando? I may go visit friends that live there soon. Our high was 52 yesterday - it is probably the equivalent of your 80's for this time of year LOL. Welcome home and say hi to Dave.

Now, it is someone elses turn...

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Good Evening Everyone....
Sorry I haven't stopped in to write. My parents are staying with us for the month of March and have been busy with them. We have had visitors each weekend since they have been here and this weekend is no exception, then we go to Tampa the next weekend to visit my cousin. Plus I am still working. My head hits the pillow and I am out like a light.

Hope everyone is well.

Take care!!!!!


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Lynn~I'm not far from Tampa.

Raeanne~We went over today & picked up a man from the Orlando airport that was moving back here from Whitestone, NY. He lived here a year & moved back up there for 5 years but he says that he is here now to stay. I said that we would see. LOL I thought this p.m., "if I get on & I have to write to myself again, what am I going to be able to tell myself?" So, I was glad to see that you both had posted.

OK. There are many more MIAs. You were talking about me & now I'm putting out the message for you. Are you taking a Spring Break from the boards too? Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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I too am sorry that I haven't been posting. I wasn't feeling well last week and did the bare mimimum. DD was home this weekend and this week has been crazy so far.

But I am feeling better now and hopefully the rest of this week will go smoother.

I will try to post this weekend, but I also have to work on our TAXES! UGH!

Have a great day!

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Good morning all,

Patti sorry to leave you here talking to yourself. LOL

Marci, I have to work on taxes this weekend too. Ugh is right. Hope you are feeling better.

Lynn, houseguest every weekend is draining!

I will be posting pictures here soon! I found a couple neat ones you all might like to guessed it CHICKENS with a twist!!

It's been crazy here but is starting to settle down a little bit. Tomorrow should be a better day.

The weather is crazy 60's here yesterday, 40's this morning and raining and tomorrow a Nor'Easter with lots of snow expected!! Wow, we have it all here in NH!

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Happy Friday NH Suzanne!! Hello, hello????? Anyone out there? I feel like Patti felt on Monday LOL!

I warned you all! I came across these photos from last summer. I shared them at the Farm Life Forum where we were discussing free ranging hens with wild turkeys.

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NH Suzanne~That reminds me of our free range turkeys around here. Right now is mating season & the males are really putting on a display. They have the females running all over the place & they have their feathers out.

I was sick yesterday myself. I knew that if I got out of the house for any amount of time that I would get sick b/c of the pollens in the air. And, sure enough I did. So, yesterday, I spent the entire day in bed. LOL Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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Suzanne - great photos as always. I can't wait for my turkeys to come back to visit my bird feeder.

Patti - Sorry the pollen got to you.

Lynn - You must be exhausted. I guess DH is doing well.

Marci - take care of yourself. Glad you got to see DD.

We got about 10 inches of snow although the weather keeps saying we only got 6. Either way it is much better than the 18 they thought. It looks so pretty right now, but the roads were quite slick on my way to work.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Raeanne~I'm going to keep you from talking to yourself. LOL I'll bet that DeeMarie's body will go into shock after all this nice weather here & then going back home to the snow & cold.

Today it is Dave that has the sore throat. Sometimes I feel like he is trying to sabotage my WOE. He isn't eating the same way that I am & he is complaining that my way takes up too much space in the refrigerator. Well, that's b/c I don't need any of the cr*p in the pantry anymore. LOL I've been doing crunches which are hard for me to do right now b/c I had surgery on my stomach twice in the same place--once for a C-section & once for a hysterectomy. Then I let myself go after 5 years & I haven't really been motivated except for a couple of times since then to lose any weight. I keep wanting to but I don't do what I know that I should. Well, I mean I don't feel that I eat that much but I know that I was drinking too many of the diet drinks. I'm now drinking the cranwater or water. Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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