calcium and weight loss

naturelleMarch 3, 2004

I initiated a post on the Cooking forum regarding a yogourt I started to eat (Yoplait Source) a while back, and thought this info may be of interest here. A portion of one of my previous posts is included as a disclaimer.

"I've been researching what yogourt was all about and found the interesting article linked below. You can disregard any inference that it's only Yoplait that gives the benefit, but if the concept is factual, this is good to know for people working on weight control."

Here is a link that might be useful: calcium and weight control

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Interesting article naturelle. Okay I confess, I have never been able to eat yogurt so is this Yoplait Souce much better? I would really like to find a yogurt I could eat.

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Beverly, here's what I posted earlier. The words in parenthesis I just added. I was always aware that yogourt was supposed to be good for you, as I referenced the really old people in the Balkans or Siberia, and the digestive benefits in the thread.
I have never been a big fan of yogourt, and I saw other people loading up on yogourt and have always thought I was missing something good. I have had various types previously from time to time, but the taste never appealed to me.
Out of impulse (and reading the packaging which suggested what I thought was good stuff), I bought Yoplait Source, but did not expect much. I figured this was my once every 5 years experiment with yogourt and would not even finish the package. It comes in a four pack, blueberry and peach at bottom. Well, it was really good.

I have never been on a diet, so I really don't know what all this means, or if it's all good, but here's the nutritional info:

Energy: 73 cal
Protein: 4.1 g
Fat: 0.1%
Carb: 13.9 g
Sucralose: 17.1 mg
Calcium: 13%
Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin D 17%

Splenda not Aspartame

Too much calories? carbs? anything else? The package says it's endorsed by The Diabetic Association. The one thing I do kind of watch for in my foods is fat, and particularly the saturated fats, and the 0.1% seems to be pretty good. I'm wondering if plain non-fat yogourt (which I can't stand)is totally non-fat, ie. 0%.

All I know is, this is better tasting than any yogourt I had before. It fills the bill for a quick snack and I now have one a day. I'm lactose intolerant, but yogourt never adversely affected me the few times I had it, or at least not to the degree to cause distress.

I will also add that the portions are a nice size to make for a light, but satisfying snack in the afternoon or evening. The fruit part is nice too.

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I have read about that study before. I'm not a big fan of yogurt either, but I do like frozen yogurt and it contains the active ingredient. I bought banana split yogurt today. I'll have to try it out in a little while. LOL

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MaryAnn, I also like frozen yogourt. Have you tried the various Gelatos, they are very good. It's Italian style ice cream I believe, iced milk instead of cream. The Neopolitan is classic, and there's the one with pistachio, I forget the name off hand. The reason I sought out the yogourt and the Gelato types is I like the ice cream idea, but I am lactose intolerant and these do not affect me. It does not hurt also that they have less fat also. But other than that, they have a clean refreshing taste, the real ice creams are way too rich tasting for me.

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The fat amount in the Yoplait Source sounds just right. Now if I can only find some to try it. I looked at Target last night but they did not have that particular Yoplait. I will try other stores this weekend. Thanks for all the particulars Naturelle!

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