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deemarie5500March 5, 2007


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Dee- you party animal you!!!

Again, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, all of you mean so much to me and I am grateful to know you.

I am now doing my weekend laundry that I refused to do on my birthday LOL.

It is 24 degrees here and the wind is howling. I made a pot of stew for dinner.

Have a great evening.

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Wind chill is -10 degrees here today. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Where is spring?

QOD: Tell us something good that happened to you recently.

Something good from me: Yesterday I got news of a 4% salary increase and a 6% bonus (was expecting nothing because of lower profits last year.) That will help with some unexpected bills this year (particulary my dental stuff which is way over insurance coverage for 2007)

Your turn.....tell us something good!

Make today count.

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Hi Dee - looks like we have a bunch of party-poopers here LOL.

Congrats on the bonus and raise - that is great and you deserve it.

It is 5 below today and the wind chill must be close to 20 below.

QOD: Something good is going to happen to me tomorrow. A friend is picking me up at 4:30 and says I will be home around 10:00 - the rest is a mystery, but it will all be good - that I am sure. We also got a call from friends in FL yesterday and they are coming up this evening for a week - so we will be having a lot of good things happen.

Have a great day.

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I am not a party pooper!!

Raeanne, I am sorry that we didn't have more of a party for you here! I don't know where everyone is lately - it's not like it's nice outside! LOL

My day started at -10 and the windchill factor has to be at least -20. It's cold and difficult outside for man and beast.
It can't last long because it's pretty near spring!

QOD: At the end of the month I was elected to President of my driving club, Granite State Carriage Association. I had served 3 years as VP and 1 year Board member before that! Also, I severed on the By-laws Committee last year which was grueling and took the better part of monthly meetings last year! Well, they passed the vote by the general membership and that is great news! Since February 25th I have been writing the President's Message and getting everything in order so I can transition gracefully. It's been alot of work!! Hopefully it won't be like this all the time.

Stay warm everyone and check in.

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Suzanne - Congrats to you! Another worthy person that got what she deserved - because you will be a great President. We have warmed up quite a bit - it is zero right now LOL.

I was just teasing about the party-poopers. We had enough of a celebration over the weekend.

Today is my day off and I have been busy catching up at home with laundry and cleaning. I will do anything to stay out of that cold today. I did go to the gym at 6:30AM - so I wasn't able to avoid it totally.

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I went home at lunch to throw the animals some hay and I nearly died of the cold. My hands would not function. The howling wind is evil!

Dee I forgot to say congrats on the raise! Good for you.

Raeanne, good for you for going to the gym in this horrow show!

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OK, that should get some of them up and posting today! (Besh, you don't count unless you check in!) haha

Congrats Suzanne, you are our star today.

Maddie, I know you are lurking, so please check in and defend your area of the country.

Spent 2 hours and 45 mintues in a dental chair yesterday afternoon. Received 2 new posts (from 2, count 'em TWO) root canals since December 28. Also had to have a new temporary bridge constructed over the teeth because of a bit of decay. The bridge was 17 years old, but since December, this has cost almost $6,000. Insurance has not paid for much of it at all.

Today the weather is minus 10 again and a slick cover of snow on the roads caused havoc. I thought I would have no problems driving in, but it took me 1 1/2 hours to travel 18 miles. I white-knuckled it most of the way. Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I had a major headache. Thank goodness for ibuprofen....I knocked a bunch of those down with my office cup of coffee, but could have used a shot of amaretto in it (LOL!)

Let's hear from you boys and girls. Tell us something good.


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Dee - I feel your pain - I have a mouth full of root canals and work - I swear my dentist orders a new Mercedes when he makes my appointment. I am glad you made it to work safely. You should stash a bottle of Amaretto in your desk - just in case of an emergency -like today.

I am beginning to take the lack of posts here personally!

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Hello! It's like a heat wave hear at 14 degrees and NO wind!
Alas, it won't last and the wind will be back tomorrow but hopefully not so severe.

Dee, I have never had a root canal and hope to not ever!! YOu are right Northeast Diet Club posters RULE!

Good news is that we will turn the clocks forward this weekend.

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A Northeast Diet Club poster reporting!!

Hello from a very cold, very windy, very snowy southern NJ. Dummy me forgot my gloves this morning.

Suzanne, I feel for you out in the cold!! Dee is right you are a star for being a good mom to her furbabies. Congrats on your newly elected position!

Today on my way to work a woman backing out of her driveway hit my Jeep - no damage to me but she did have some to her car. No one hurt thank goodness! Believe it or not it had absolutely nothing to do with snow...she just misjudged my distance.

Dee, I have had had 2 root canals and now need a crown. I go later this month for the build up. Congrats on that raise - way to go!!!

Raeanne, you are being sooooo good...with the gym. Also, good for you not doing laundry on your birthday. I am glad you enjoyed yourself, you totally deserve it!

My Dad had his PET scan yesterday and we go to the doc in Philly on 3/19. The vet called, Lacey's stones are not dissolving and need to be surgically removed but not immediately. Fortunately both my Dad and Lacey are feeling great!!

Where is everyone?? Be good and take care with this cold snowy weather.

Will check in later.....Donna

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Good Morning,

One Party Pooper checking in! lol

Raeanne, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a great day. Sounds like you are planning for a good weekend.

It's in the 50's here. Next week supposed to be 60'ish. CAN"T wait. I am sick of cold weather.

You ladies are making my mouth hurt with your root canals. Ouch!

Gotta run, Have a great day.


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What a difference a day ice on the roads, and although it is still freezing out, the traffic and driving is so much nicer.

Tonight we go out with DH's daughters for dinner. I love being with them; we have so much fun and do lots of laughing. They have both been so busy with working and school will be nice to see them before DH and I take off again for another vacation (yeah, it's about time..we are off to Orlando on Sunday). ;-)

Jen, good to see you. Don't be a stranger. haha

Besh, still waiting for you.

Marci, hope you are OK.

Amy, it was good to see you last week. Please continue to check in when you get a minute.

Zig, Joanne, John, Gretchen, Lynn, Patti....come out and say hello.

Was thinking about feeling better and doing something nice for myself, so I think I'll try to work the Weight Watchers' plan again. I started this morning counting points and writing them down.

Make today count!

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OK Dee I will join your team!! I always need some enticing!

I had a bad start to my morning. I was sitting at a red light about 7:15AM bringing DS to school and then me to work. DS and I kept smelling burning rubber and then all of the sudden, BOOOOOOOOOOM, my tire blew up! I thought we had been shot. Ofcourse the people behind me were none too happy. I wanted to move the car because we ofcourse were in one of the most busy intersections in the city of Salem. DS is saying, no don't drive on the rim, which ofcourse I know he is right. So I put on the flashes and call DH and he says drive it because I obviously can't stay where I am. I drove out of the intersection into a convenience store parking lot. As I was sitting there a friend drove by, bringing his DD to school, so I quickly called his cell and he came back and picked up my DS and brought him to school. I called my boss and said I would be a tad bit late, ofcourse she was fine with that. DH showed up. Called the garage, brought me to Dunkies for my morning fix and then to work. I walked in exactly on time! Can you believe that? It turned out that a spring on my shocks let go on the front end and punctured the tire. Yikes!

Anyway, I am sorry to be away so much. I have been working mega hours and am just exhausted at the end of the day. Ofcourse American Idol is on 3 nights a week and I have been committed to that. ;-) Tonight DS has a lacrosse game at 10:30PM, yes PM. This is the day that won't end!

So, now can I be on your team Dee? By the way, I am doing WW online, CORE, and it is going quite well. If you are thinking about WW, the online plan is not too bad.

Love you all,

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Besh, you and Donna have officially made the team. We now await John to complete the Northeast mob. lol! Glad that your auto problems were relatively minor...nothing worse than those blowouts going 60mph on a highway! yikes! I may try the online WW when I get back from vacation. I assume you need a reliable scale? Not sure I'm ready for one at home. LOL!

As this is the last day before my vacation, I have about a bazillion things to finish so that my return is not so traumatic. Would you all rather spend the day before your holiday harried rather than come back to a mess?


Check in so that we know you are all OK!

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Dee - Enjoy your trip, be safe and have fun. I feel like I am always saying that to you LOL.

Besh - glad you are safe, that must've been a scare and not a great way to start your day.


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Dee, enjoy your vacation!!!

Will officially check in later.

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