Large Hoope for Brother SA350?

mamabearbMay 22, 2009

Hey all,

Currently I have the Brother SA350, with the standard 4x4 rectangular hoop it came with. However, whenever I go to embroider letters, I can't fit more than 3 characters of any alphabet when I choose the Large font size setting. This is kind of a drag, I need to use Large sometimes but need more than 3 characters. I saw that there's a compatible Brother hoop (SA434 I think?) that increases size to 4x6 - but it talks about it having repositioning capability... which I think is just that you can actually move the little snaps over where it attaches to the embroidery carriage - like it has 4 things sticking out instead of the normal 2... I was looking for a hoop that would just let me type several consecutive large characters.

If this makes any sense, LOL, could someone let me know if they think the larger hoop would let me do that - or whether I'd have to end up just repositioning the hoop mid-design?



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I'm assuming you mean the Brother SE-350 machine. I use the SA434 super hoop on my SE-350. If you have a design larger than 4x4 that you want to use, you will have to use the larger hoop and split the design or re-hoop your fabric. I choose to split my designs and use the larger hoop rather than re-hoop the material. I use Embird to split my designs. One thing to note when splitting designs and using the SE-350: the machine automatically centers the design in the hoop no matter if you have the design at the top of the hoop or at the bottom. For instance, I had a design that was 4x6 that I split into 2 sections. The first section sewed fine. I moved the hoop to the next pegs and there was a gap between the bottom of the first section and the top of the second section. I worked for a week trying to figure out the issue. What I have to do is insert a letter into the design(anything will do) at the very bottom of the second section of the design, as close to the bottom as I can get it. Make sure it is the last thing to be sticthed, then just don't stitch it. It keeps the alignment of the section correct. I use PE-Design also, but Embird has the splitting feature which PE-Design does not. If you're just using built in lettering, I don't know how that would work with the repositionable hoop as it would probably center the letters too, leaving a gap. If you're wanting to stitch a 6 inch word, say 'embroidery' horizonally across a t-shirt wihtout having to re-hoop the material, create it in PE-Design instead of using built in lettering, the rotate the design to where it looks vertical. Then you would just hoop the t-shirt 'sideways'. Of course, this is just what I find works best for me. There are many different ways to skin a cat and others may have different procedures. If you are just using the machine, no software or cards, you're going to be stuck just re-hooping your material to get anything bigger than 4x4.

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