New to Machine Embroidery...Brother Innovis 4000D

SewReelMay 18, 2013

Hi Everyone:
I have just discovered this forum and have already learned a lot. I recently purchased a slightly used Brother Innovis 4000D (I know this machine is several years old) as my starter machine into machine embroidery. I have been a sewer, clothing designer and quilter for many years. IâÂÂm wondering how IâÂÂm going to master this machine. Are there videos, etc. out there? Or am I better off using the tutorials that came with the machine? Of course, IâÂÂm too late for classes on this model, but any help or resources anyone has would be appreciated. Is trial and error my only option? IâÂÂm in Southern Oregon if anyone is nearby with this or a similar machine.

Thank you:)

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Some posts re this machine, right here on this forum:
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I own the ULT 2003D, which is basically the same machine. I love it--easy to use and beautiful stitchery. I also have the ULT2002D which has been upgraded to the 2003--only difference now is the stitch count for servicing is not available on this one---and it is the one I have set up for embroidery all the time. My machines use cards and floppies. Does yours connect to computer/USB stick? I use PE Design v5 for software that gets my designs to machine from computer (or I use floppy) There are many free software programs for formating, digitizing, sizing, etc. I'm happy to help you in any way--been at this a long time--started back when 4x4 hoop was only available on machines.

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Thank you Dancingirl. I had read several of the forums you recommended. I have more reading to do. My machine takes USB or connects to the computer directly. I am trying to figure out if I need any updates (not sure if it has had any) and/or what software I need for the design/digitizing. I am assuming/hoping I can draw my own designs and put them into the machine to embroider them. But I am guessing I need some type of additional program for that. Once I get this part down, would love to have an embroidery-only machine set up as well. less switching back and forth. I thought this would be a good place to start. Thanks again.

I think I'll do some sewing, button holes, etc. and get to know the machine, then just jump into the embroidery aspect and try some designs that are built in.

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Oh, and if anyone can recommend any good books about getting started in machine embroidery...i.e. what stabilizers to use, hooping suggestions, etc. feel free to post it. Thanks:)

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Many users of Embird like it very much--I just can't get the hang of it. But you can try out a free dizitizing software before making a decision to spend $$.
At the site you can also d/l video tutorials and some basic images-
Another free software at
Hope this will get you started! And you'll want a format converter, and a program for seeing the designs on your computer, and design organizing folders....seems there's always something else.

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SewReel, is there a Brother dealer near you? I know you have an older machine (mine is even older!) but they may have classes on basic ME techniques and processes.

My PC8500 came with a really, really good manual that walks you through the whole embroidery process (and all its other sewing functions) step-by-step.


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Thanks Donna. There is a Brother dealer about 45 min away that I'm going to check with. I was going to get some advice from them about software and updates I may need too. I wasn't thinking they would have classes but good suggestion to check. And, since my new (1st) Grandson (born Valentines Day) lives in that same town...I love going down there.

I love this forum!

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You can prob get a lot of "tutoring" by watching youtube videos. Have you googled your machine+youtube? and browsed thru the videos showing 'how to'?

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Dancingirl...yes, YouTube was the first place I looked for tutorials, but all I could find was a short video just showing the machine embroidering. Thank you for the link on Sophiesew too:)

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I to just got this machine from my mom and has only been used very little. I am not sure how to get to the forums mentioned above. Would someone please tell me. I am terrified to touch the actual machine until I learn more. I do have the original manual and will start reading it but would love to find more and I really wish there was a video. Thank you for any help you can give. There is nothing I can find on youtube

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Hi Mindy:
I haven't had much time to devote to my Innovis 4000D as of yet, but as winter approaches, I see more time to work with it. However, I have started going through the Operation Manual step by step, while at the machine and doing each step along with the manual, and am finding that to be very helpful. There are also some good tutorials in the machine itself. I couldn't find any really helpful videos on you tube etc. or in my local area, but I'm just digging in myself. Since we're starting about the same time, we could compare notes as we go. Just a thought...good luck:))

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I just found this forum, and while I'm not a big particapator in forums, I do want to offer my very belated comments about the 4000D. I love mine! I've had it for several years and have found it to be easy to operate, problem free and it sews beautifully. I did do a quick read through the manual, but more of a scan than a thorough read. I don't know why Brother keeps changing such a good product. I can understand new features, like the built in scan on the Duetta 6000, but this machine is wonderful as it is. : -)

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