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nhsuzanneMarch 19, 2007

HELLO?????? Anyone out there???

Wow, where for art thou? Please don't make me talk to myself this week!

Tell us how your weekend was.

QOD: Did you get a ton of snow and did you eat corned beef and cabbage on Saturday night.

I can answer yes to both of those questions!

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You are not alone, Suzanne! Thanks for getting us started.

QOD: While I was relaxing in Orlando, northeast NJ got a ton of ICE, but by DBIL plowed my driveway and steps before we returned last night around midnight. I did not eat corned beef and cabbage (although it's one of my favorite meals), but we did go to a great Chinese place near International in Orlando called the Peacock Palace. It was next to a Bennigans which was teaming over with drunk people wearing green! haha

Patti, I'm sorry I forgot all about calling you! We were actually in Lakeland twice to see the METS and the PHILLIES play Detroit Tigers.

Great time with my sister and her hubby. We always have so much fun with them...mostly chilling.

Did not do too badly with the eating. I must admit I behaved myself.

Check in people.


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Hi guys!

Checking in quick - Suzanne, enjoyed your pics on the other post. Dee, glad you enjoyed the vac and were good.

Right now with my Dad we are caught in a contest between docs - totally frustrating. He needs a biopsy and we are trying to get that done to see exactly where we are. My furbaby Lacey goes in 4/11 for the removal of her kidney stones. Too much at once!

Patti - I sent you an email a while ago but got no response. I am your unbirthday buddy..have some stuff but not everything, will definitely get to you. See above for my insanity!!

Hugs to all who need them! Will check in later.


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Spring is here!!
Time to wish Patti

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ahem..........................(cough, cough).....


Patti, you (and Dave) are an inspiration in never giving up and I admire you. Hope today is happy, safe and healthy!

You go girlfriend!!!!


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Happy Birthday Patti, Have a wonderful day!

QOD, NO ice, No corned beer and cabbage. oops, beef and cabbage.

I have my exercise back on track and am now trying to keep track of my eating. Why does weightloss have to be so frusrtrating.


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Happy Birthday dear, dear Patti! I hope you have a wonderful day today and a wonderful year! This SS Sister loves you very much! Have a wonderful day.

QOD: What is your middle name? Do you like it?

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QOD: Donna "Marie", and yes I like it very much. It's a real Jersey Girl name. LOL!!!!!!

Marci, I've finished "Plum Loving" which was not bad for a plane trip read. Send me an e:mail if you'd like it!

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Hello???????? Let's get Patti's party started!!! Where IS you all??

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Love, Besh

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Hello all,

I know I have been MIA again. Last week I was out of work for a couple of days with a dreadful head cold. Life just gets crazy and I end up reading and not posting.

QOD: I don't have a middle name and I am happy about that.

Suzanne, I loved the pictures. Are you planning on getting some new little chicks for Easter?

Dee, I'm glad that you had a good trip. I don't know that book. Who is the author?

Old QOD: Yes to the snow and ice, no to the Irish meal. We did go out though, I had prime rib and wine (I'm not Irish)!

Got to fly again. DS is at lacrosse practice and I must pick him up.

Anyone watching American Idol? Once again, I am hooked.

Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Patti. Hope it was GREAT!!!!!

Donna - sorry I deleted your address. I resent you an e-mail requesting it. I just don't pay attention sometimes!!! LOL.

QOD: Yes on the Corned Beef and Cabbage and I even had a green beer.

QOD: Middle Name: Marie.

Besh - I am also hooked on American Idol. Sorry but Sanjay has to go or I will boycott watching it. (at least I will try). What is your take on him?

Take care


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Your package should be on the way by the weekend or early next week.

QOD: Lee -- it's OK.

Lynn - if I don't email you tonight will tomorrow.

Take care - Donna

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Dear Sweet Wonderful Patti - Happy Birthday sister!!! I am glad Dee did the honors of singing. You have been around here longer than I have and am so grateful for every moment that we have known each other. You are so special - I hope your birthday was filled with love - you deserve it.

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Good morning all,

Patti, let us know how your birthday was/is. Will you be celebrating all month!! LOL

Besh, good to see you here - don't stay gone so long! Yes I will be ordering new chicks soon but probably not have them in time for Easter. I can't wait actually.

Raeanne, you are quiet this week. You didn't answer the middle name QOD - do you have one? Do you like it? What is it?

QOD: my middle name is Suzanne!

Where is everyone?

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Sorry Suzanne - I was a bit rushed when I posted, but wanted to got a bday greeting to Patti. Yes, my middle name is Rae (hence the Raeanne). I think I needed more letters or something when I signed on here. Everything I could come up with was taken and I wasn't feeling too creative LOL.

I have just been busy at work this week.

donna - sorry to hear about the frustration you are experiencing - I know how that feels.

Glad to see so many people came out to celebrate Patti's birthday - don't stay away so long from now on.

I still think of Joanne, Gretchen, BJ, Maddie, Amy and others. John you have been in and out awfully quick lately too.

Patti - I am coming to Orlando on the 17th, but they have already booked us a room for 3 nights on an island somewhere - so who know's what else is in store for us. As it get's closer I will email you, maybe something will work out to meet you.

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Besh, Plum Loving is by Janet Evanovich. It's a between-the-numbers Stephanie Plum novel. Not as funny as the rest, but a new love interest! ;-)

Patti, hope your birthday was special for you.

Donna, hope you have better luck.

Marci, feel better.

Gotta run..........I thought I had everything under control before I left for vacation, but my director has informed me that he'll be here next week (he's based in the UK). Now I need to rush some projects I thought I had more time for.....YIKES!

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Thank-you for all the well wishes, birthday wishes, & all of the love. I love all of you, too.

I didn't have corned beef & cabbage. I am doing the "Fat Flush" diet so I'm sure that I had something not nearly as good as that! LOL

My middle name is Elizabeth & I really like it but I usually use my maiden name these days. Dave says that I had such a regal name until I married him & then it went to the dogs. LOL He's pretty much right but I still love him & wouldn't change my last name for anything. I could have decided to go back to my maiden name but I don't think that would have been very nice to him. I understand that some people have reasons to do that but I didn't have a reason at all.

I didn't post yesterday b/c I was sick all day long but I thought about you all day. Dave is sick today. He was told that the flu is going around the compound.

Does anyone know what has happened to Tikanis? Has anyone been in touch with her?

Be good to yourselves b/c you are worth it! Patti :)

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I forgot to say that I am also hooked on "American Idol". Howard Stern is trying to get everyone to vote for Sanjaya so that the one that sings the worst will win this year. There is also supposed to be a web site somewhere to go to that begs for your votes for him. That is what I know about it. LOL Patti :)

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OK, confession time --- I am also hooked on American Idol and Survivor.

I'm voting for Jordin because I think Melinda will get most votes. I was a huge Kimberly Locke fan and she came in 3rd. Jordin reminds me of Kimberly with a much better voice. I enjoy Blake and Chris Sligh too, but I'm thinking there will be 2 girls in final.

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Good Evening,

Just wanted to say hello and try not to stray too far away from you guys.

OK, after last nights performance, Sanjaya must go. If he doesn't go tonight, that means he will be on the summer tour and on the CD. Can you imagine paying decent $$ and having to sit through that. Yuk. I realize he is only 17, but I think he realizes he needs to go also. I also am a Jordin fan, but I think she is too young to handle it all. I also like Haley even though she probably won't win. My real favorite is Stephanie. I think she is a little bit of an underdog because of Melinda and Lakisha, but I really like her and I like her style. Do I sound like some sort of fanatic? I can't believe I remembered all those names. As far as they guys, the bald guy creeps me out a little and the one that looks like Jack Osbourne has a real attitude problem. The beat box buy annoys me, although I thought he was really good last night. I also like the rocker girl, but I don't think she will win. That is my professional opinion and recap. LOL I'm looking forward to tonight!

I also watch Friday Night Lights every Wednesday night with DS. I love that show. DS plays football so that is how we got started. But there is much more than football going on in this show. Love it!

That is about it for me.

Love, Besh

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OK. Can you believe that Stephanie was kicked off & Sanjaya is still there? I couldn't believe it. I kept saying, "this is SO wrong, this is SO wrong!" I didn't think that Chris was bad either. I thought that it would be either Sanjaya or the bald guy. I am hoping that Lakisha gets it b/c she needs it more but I know that Melinda will get a recording contract too. I also, hope that Jordin will be right up there with them. I like the "beap bop" guy but I just like jazz & I really like his style. I took a test not too long ago & I came out that I knew as much of the things that the teenagers knew if not more than what the older people know. I really think it was about half & half. I think that I got all of the questions right. It was pretty awesome though. I like to keep up with my kids. :) Well, another week of Sanjaya. I think I'm going to check out Howard Stern's site & see what he says. Supposedly, Simon said that he would quit this year if the worst one won. Patti over & out. LOL

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Dee~Thanks. Blake is who I was trying to think of but I have music going & I cannot concentrate on both of these things. LOL I love my music. I can type all right but I cannot think of the names very well. Patti :)

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Go to this site & see what it says. I couldn't get it to print out so that all you had to do was just click on it. Sorry. Patti

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Are you all going to leave me out here to talk to myself? I am lonesome now! LOL I was thinking that someone would have something interesting to say.

QOD: What book are you reading now?

I am reading, "The Measure of a Man--A Spiritual Autobiography" by Sydney Poitier. I am learning a lot & I really like the book.

Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Where is everyone? Come out, come out, wherever you are. It is no fun to play alone. Tomorrow is Friday. I hope that some of you will choose to show up then, please. Patti :)

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Good morning goils--

Yes, I am among the living, and have missed you all like crazy!!! I have finally gotten a computer for me at home (I can't log on at work, and trying to get to the library is close to impossible!)So, I get to check my emails, and play on here to my heart's content--

Life is good, but so swamped. The company that I work for is a division of a larger corp, and the women that started it are wanting to separate from the main company and run it themselves. Since I am the financial guru, I've been putting in 80 hours weeks since January, and there is no end in sight. I am in the interviewing process for software vendors/tech support, and I am in over my head on this, as I am so not good with computers. However, since the accounting/HR software will make or break my working life, I want to be in on the discussions. One of the CPAs is giving me a fit, but apparently she was like this to my predecessor (which was a big factor in her leaving), but I just won't take it and roll over. We spent an hour on the phone yesterday day about something she screwed up with our AP, which resulted in us almost getting a utility cut-off in one of our group homes. My boss told me to put the bills on the company credit card because we didn't have much choice, and I did (I paid the bill through our weekly AP; corp screwed up the payment; we don't know where the check actually went to; and the utility was due to be shut off on this past Monday. I never heard a peep from corp until yesterday morning (Thursday) when she called b!tching that she has spent all of this time (?? wtf?)working on this issue, and then found out that I had put it on a CC. Alrighy, the the games begin....) I'll be glad to get rid of that insufferable cow.

I'm still auctioning; we have one tomorrow. It's huge, but I'm tired, and not looking forward to it. Well, kinda--I just know it's going to be a loooong day.

Well, I've lost 15 pounds since the beginning of February, and I am down about 25 pounds from my highest known weight. I bought a pair of jeans last fall that fit a bit loose, but now I can pull them down over my hips without unzipping 'em. My BIL is getting married on Memorial Day weekend (well, the last I heard), and I want to be down about 15 more pounds. (I'm trying to be realistic here).

Let's see--I am trying to buy a car. Good Grief. What happened to car prices? I haven't bought one since '96 (Rog got the truck in '01), but geeze louise--10 years car loans? Why?! I'm looking at a used Camry because I want to pay cash (I hate car payments wit ha passion), but I just laugh at some of the prices. (No, I don't want to buy the real estate that the lot is on, I just want to buy a car.) I may have found one, but it's white (which is the one color I specifically did not want), and with this work schedule, I can't get up to the dealer to see it. Rog's cousin owns a dealership (yep--more $$$ than above, and a nice guy to boot), but for some inane, really stupid reason, hubster doesn't want to go to him. (It was OK to see cousin when *he* wanted the truck, but ohhhhnooooo, we can't go when *I* want a car. Go figure.)

Hope this finds everyone well--happy birthday Patti! (Dee--lovely job; I couldn't have sang better myself! LOL)

Love and hugs,


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Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I'm jealous at all the weight loss. Congrats! You need to hold your ground there at work. You can come here and celebrate when the "cow" (?LOL!) is gone. I'll even sing for the event.

Patti, thanks for holding us together this week.

QOD: I'm reading a Meg Cabot novel "Size 14 is not fat either". My 19-year=old niece loaned them to me (first one was "Size 12 is not fat"). It's really easy, fun reading...nothing too heavy for me lately in the reading department.

DH has to work this weekend, so I've decided to finally tackle the clothes closets. Want to get rid of the stuff that we just push aside to get to the articles we actually wear.

Need to take care of some issues here at the office before I start my weekend. I'm heading to a produce stand and then Trader Joe's for my grocery shopping this week. Want to rid the house of most of the junk that I eat. DH refuses to get rid of his snacks....that little @&%# eats Frito Scoops dipped in full-fat sour cream. He still has a 33" waist. I told him that someday I will murder him in his sleep!! LOL!

Make today count and WELCOME BACK MADDIE!

Now where is Tikanas, Marci, Amy, John, the rest of you????

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MADDIE - is that really you??? I couldn't believe my eyes - so glad we didn't lose you for good. Boy, did I miss your stories, so thanks for giving us a couple LOL. Congrats on the loss.

Suzanne - I just sent you an email. thank you...

QOD - Creeper by David Morrell - I don't normally do any suspense or scary ones, but this one was highly highly recommended to me.

I am also an American Idol watcher. However, I like the bald guy LOL. I also can't believe Sanjaya is still on and I think that if it were me and I knew I should've been out, I would've dropped out by now - it's just not fair to the others. I like Blake - I think he is very entertaining and has a nice voice. I'm with Dee that there will be 2 girls in the final - they are very strong this year. I haven't made up my mind who I want but I think Melinda may be the one that will win - she hasn't had a bad week yet.

Enjoy the day!

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Maddie~I'm so glad to see you back. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Don't work toooooo hard tomorrow & come back here as soon as you can. We certainly miss you when you are gone. Congrats on the weight loss.

Dee~I feel like I should welcome you back too. LOL I know what you mean about not wanting to read anything heavy. I have some books for that as well.

Raeanne~Same goes for you. Welcome home, my SS sister! LOL I agree that it will come down to two women--not certain which ones. Stephanie has been on several of the talk shows & she has handled herself with grace & honor. I know that she will end up with a record deal despite this upset. I just feel it. Even Lulu said that she reminded her of Beyonce. I probably didn't spell that right but I tried.

Well, be nice to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)
We have a block party tomorrow that is a picnic & I don't know if I will carry my own food or if there will be anything that I can possibly eat there? We'll see. Hope to see the rest of you posting here this weekend.

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Hi all,

Maddie((((((HUGS)))))). Great to see you. Glad you got a new computer and I am sure you will find the right vehicle. We never buy brand new cars because the prices are just crazy. You can find some really nice used cars for about 1/2 the cost, insurance and excise tax! Good luck and welcome back.

I am very bummed out about Stephanie leaving AI. That was my girl! I wish I had seen her on those talk shows. I'm sure that she will be doing something with that great voice. And she is young. I just have a feeling that Sanjaya will be there for a couple more weeks. The teeny bopper girls love him and lets face it, who do you think is doing most of the voting?

QOD: Nothing right now. Can you believe that? Not that I am without books, just have not had the time. I guess a Librarian that is not reading is like the cobblers kids that don't have shoes????

Got to go and bring my dog to the vet. I think she has an ear infection. Just like the kids only worse, because she has no health insurance!

Love, Besh

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Good morning all-

Dee--to call her a 'cow' is tacky on my part, but since I dislike her, I can pick out all sorts of annoying behaviors on her (just like she can on me, I'm sure) like when she talks to you, she stretches her neck out long and towards the person she is speaking to. (Also, I read where 'cow' is an acronim for 'co-worker'.) Actually, I call her Vampira. LOL!

The auction was a smashing sucess--mucho buckos, but it was a 12+ hour day, and I went to bed before 9 last night. We sold some really great stuff--I didn't buy anything though, b/c all the stuff that I wanted, everyone else wanted, too! LOL! I am spending the day with some more auctioneers today, so this should be fun, too.

The weather here is gorgeous--sunny, and 70s. Just perfect!

When i have more time, you all will have to hear about my BILs upcoming wedding. (Outside, Memorial Day weekend, in the South, and she wants all of us to dress up like Medeivel people. Good--only if I can be Queen, though! LOLOL!!)



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Maddie~I can hardly wait to hear about your upcoming BIL's wedding. Does this mean that he will be moving out of the MIL & FIL's house? LOL Or will she just move in? I'm so glad that you are having so much fun with the auctioneering.

Besh~Cannot believe that you are not reading right now. I finished my book & have started, "The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. I'm sure that most of you read it already but I didn't read it when you were reading him. He is very funny.

I was awakened with a migraine headache at 6:15 a.m. yesterday so I had Dave give me an injection & I didn't go to the block party but he did & he had lots of fun. He was pretty funny. He won some socks. He came home & said that someone had won $1000. He should have had a chance at that but they didn't tell him about it. He said, "I'm sorry that all I won was these man socks & not $1000." He went to sleep around 8:00 or even earlier than that so I don't know what they did to wear him out. He has been sleeping all day today as well. LOL He is a funny man. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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