problem with samsung rear projection

knightnanancMarch 9, 2009

Bought a used tv, had to replace the lamp and now the tv will stay on for awhile and then the temp light on the front goes from green to red and it shuts off. As soon as the tv cools down it will work again. The fan is running, so I don't think that's the problem.



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The most common problem that causes these sets to go into an over temperature shut down is a dirty air filter for the lamp cooling fan. This can also lead to premature lamp failure.

Look on the back of the set near the fan area and you should see a removable grill with a filter in it (some sets have a filter on the air outlet as well). Remove the filter(s), clean it off with a vacuum and reinstall.

Also, if by chance anyone touched the bulb, you may want to wipe it off with a kleenex dampened with a little alcohol and let dry. Oils from the skin on the bulb can cause it to overheat and fail.

One other thing: If you live in an area where you occasionally lose power, it's a good idea to plug the TV into a UPS backup supply like you'd use for a computer. You're not looking to power the set, but just so you can turn the set off and let the automatic cooling fan still run until it turns off by itself.


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What brand lamp did you replace it with? Sometimes that is the problem. Use only a Samsung or Philips lamp.

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