Sooo frustrated!!! Futura 100

momcat07May 16, 2007

Mother's Day was coming. So I bought a white button down shirt for my mom , thinking I would embroider the names of her granchildren on it. I get such a bobbin thread mess, that I actually end up cutting the shirt to free it from my Futura. The second try, everything worked out great, so I thought whatever I had done wrong, I had fixed, even though I had NO IDEA what I had done wrong.

My best friend was coing to my house, so I bought a t-shirt and was going to embroider "World's Best Aunt" on it because I thought I had the problem solved. On the last word, the thread is pulling, and there is another bobbin thread mess, and a hole in the shirt!

I'm trying again with a "junk" shirt. I am sitting here waiting because it is taking this long to transmit a simplle cirlce from my computer to the machine.

Does ANYONE have a Futura that they have used mostly trouble free , consistantly, without making holes in the material being embroidered?????

PS the Singer Sewing machine tech, said there is nothing wrong with my bobbin or bobbin case (he's not authoriszed for the embroidery unit).

I am sooo frustrated!!!!!

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I do not have a futura, however I have been so frustrated with my bernina that I wondered why I even bought it.

My experience with tangled bobbin/top thread that something is not threaded just right. These machines are very finicky.

I have had to go back to the manual and start from scratch
to find a simple error with my set up, more than once.

EVERYTIME you start to embroider do a test piece, first. This will tell you if your set up is right.

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